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Saturday, February 15, 2003

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    Nondual Highlights #1351- Saturday, February 15, 2003 Editor: Christiana ... Viorica Weissman MillionPaths@yahoogroups.com Tao is obscured when men understand
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      Nondual Highlights #1351- Saturday, February 15, 2003
      Editor: Christiana
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   *   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      Tao is obscured when men understand only one pair of
      opposites, or concentrate only on a partial aspect of
      being. Then clear expression also becomes muddled
      by mere wordplay, affirming this one aspect and
      denying all the rest. The pivot of Tao passes through
      the center where all affirmations and denials converge.
      He who grasps the pivot is at the still-point from which
      all movements and oppositions can be seen in their
      right relationship... Abandoning all thought of imposing
      a limit or taking sides, he rests in direct intuition.
      Chuang Tzu

      This was sent to me by a friend, and it is really beautiful.


      Here is a relationship booster that is guaranteed to
      Every time your spouse or lover says something
      stupid make your eyes light up as if you just heard
      something brilliant. ~ Rumi

      Dear Friends:
      I just want to say a simple thank you to you.
      Nothing fancy, nothing sweet
      Just want to thank you
      For massaging my feet!!!

      Crooked Cucumber by David Chadwick (The life and teaching of
      my first Zen Master, Suzuki Roshi). 
      When my master and I were walking in the rain, he
      would say:  "Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere." 
      At the highest waterfall (at Yosemite) I saw the water coming down like a curtain thrown from the top of the mountain. It doesn't come down swiftly, as I expected; it comes slowly. And it comes down in groups. I thought it might be a very hard experience for each drop of water to come down such a high mountain from top to bottom.
      I thought our life is maybe like this. We have many hard experiences in our life. But at the same time, I thought, the water is not originally separated. It is one whole water. So we say, "From emptiness everything comes out." One whole body of water, or one whole mind, is emptiness. When we reach this understanding, we can see the beauty of the flower -- the beauty of human life. Before we realize this fact, all we see is just delusion. 
      A garden is never finished. 

      The truth can't hurt you. It's just like the dark
      It scares you witless but in time you see
      things clear and stark.  ~Elvis Costello

      The world tends to trap you in the role you play and it is
      always extremely hard to maintain a watchful, mocking
      distance between oneself as one appears to be and
      oneself as one actually is. James Baldwin 

      Stress test

      Reflections on the current world situation
      I couldn't agree with you more that war is ugly as hell.
      In a way, it is the hell that we live with as the human
      condition, and which all our attempts at control simply
      lead to new, improved expressions of.
      New improved human civilizations lead to new,
      improved ways to destroy human beings.
      There is the wish to control the other, and the belief that
      one is in a position to know what is best, and that leads
      to games of control and counter control that get
      incredibly destructive. It includes cultural games as well
      as national games of control.
      The drama is the drama of the human mind, or the
      human condition. It involves the human being -- there is
      no particular one to blame -- as soon as one instigator
      is blamed and killed, another takes that one's place,
      and we have to deal with the one who killed the killer.
      If one potential conflict is averted, another springs up in
      another place.
      On every side, every culture, every continent, there are
      these games of control, countercontrol, on and on.
      There will be massive peace protests involving millions.
      Those millions are as much part of the human condition
      that constructs wars as are the ones who are initiating
      the moves of war, the willingness to amass and use
      weapons, the willingness to blame, the willingness to
      claim truth is on one's side and evil on the other.
      The governed and the governed are the same human
      The killer and the killed are the same human being.
      That is the sorrow and tragedy of the unfolding
      dilemma, the apocalpyse that is rearing its ugly head,
      the beast generated by desires to control, which is now
      out of control.
      There is no solution for this dilemma, because the
      dilemma is the human being, is the human
      understanding, which inevitably leads to perceptions
      involved in control, which inevitably leads to
      technologies to have the advantage, which inevitably
      leads to ...
      Of course, those who see what is unfolding will protest,
      will speak out against war ...
      That is part of the unfolding drama, the holocaust which
      already is in progress -- as the involved nations,
      religions, parties, individuals all jockey for what they
      think will be the best self-serving position in the chess
      game of apolcalypse.
      In which there is no position worth taking, nor which
      game can be refused -- not even by suicide, for the
      game is the very being involved in "human being..."
      But, it's not about a "him" that's screwing everything up.
      That is how the human body-mind computer operates,
        looking where to assign blame and trying to fix
        the situation.
      We are looking at global holocaust resulting from
        various individuals and groups trying to find
        ways to fix things for themselves, and fix each other.
      Each political figure has a stake for himself,
        his group, and his understanding of the world.
      The conditions of interpersonal manipulation,
        violence, hatred and mistrust of one group by another,
        are pervasive at this point.  It is global.
      If you take in the global picture, you'll see
        there is not any actor doing it, making it
        happen this way.
      Each actor is acting out his or her part in the
        drama unfolding, and the holocaust is already
        happening -- like joining a movie in progress ...
      The outcries for "peace" can't change the scenario
        that all the humans have built together over
        centuries, but certainly those roles will also
        be acted out ...
      Self-righteousness gives away that there's an attempt
        to maintain self at the center of the proclamations.
      This is about the "self" in the self-righteous, and
        the manipulations to benefit "self" -- with all
        its ideals and high-sounding motives.
      How could it not apply to Bush?
      Global strategies, control of resources,
         seeking advantage for self and group,
         use of force to establish domain -- over centuries ...
         East and West, North and South ...
      Bush is not the initiator of global strategy, but a
        figurehead, a spokesperson, subject himself
        to manipulations and conditionings over time.
      My perception involves inevitability of what is unfolding.
      I would say, the forces involved are very large, and carry
        the weight of centuries, patterns of interwoven
        abuses across and within cultures over centuries ...
      Passivity is seen as bad -- yet it is the passive
        awareness that is receptive and knows "what is" ...
      The active awareness is certainly necessary in life,
        but if not intertwined with the passive, doesn't
      And then, we get proactivity on all sides that is
        self-serving and not listening, not hearing,
        not taking in the total picture.
      I feel that we are already in the midst of great
        tragedy constructed by the human mind intending
        to fix things and avoid tragedies (for "me")
        the ingrained condition of the human biocomputer,
        the me-center, when active and passive are not
        reconciled and there is an attempt to maintain
        an actively doing "me" --
      So, it seems important to open to the heart of human
        suffering brought about by our self-centering ...
        non-avoidance of seeing what comes about
        from our own "automatic doings" and "proactivities" ...
      I'm not totally pessimistic though.
      All that happens, is to happen.
      And following the hurricane, there is
        new light of a new dawning.
      Yet, it cannot be that there is light
        without darkness, not in this
        world of human experience.
      If there is no blame assigned, there is nothing
        to fight, and no heroic individual.
      The actors don't act from a separable position to
       make things happen, so there is merely an ongoing
       chain of events.  The only thing is that the chain
       doesn't move from the past into the future, as most
       people assume.  The chain links past, present and
       future, and is merely interpreted as if moving from
       past to future because of the structuring of the human brain.
      And this is my point -- the passive awareness takes in,
        isn't looking to do anything, so doesn't need an
        anchor in a "known"
      -- the active awareness that wants
        to accomplish something formulates a "known" -- a basis
        on which to apply knowledge toward getting something

      Context and positionality
      Gary Harmon responds to this question: 
      [I'd like to know how any of you out there are able to live
      from 'context'] 
      Here is a response to the inquiry. These terms keep
      reappearing on my 'TV' mind set today relative to
      'context'; it is 'Consciousness-without-an-object' and
      'supreme-indifference'. Terms that were picked up from
      Franklin Merrell Wolff who resided in Arizona until his
      death at the age of 98. The context is more perceptible
      when indifference is present and positionality becomes
      unconcerned, content becomes less important and
      context shines forth. 
      Jim responds:
      Gary and all...I believe that Dr. H[awkins] suggests to
      drop positionality...to surrender them. This is a beautiful
      invitation. And at first, all kinds of resistances and
      obstacles present themselves...and one can fallaciously
      conclude that one is not 'progressing' at all. Yet I
      believe that that is one of the indicators...or perhaps a
      prelude to eventual Realization. So...my suggestion for
      all of us...is not to be discouraged when resistances
      intensify...when obstacles continue to arise again and
      again. And these hindrances wear different
      costumes...yet the themes may very well be familiar and
      constant. So...what to do? Feel them...back up from
      your personal TV mind-set...feel this happening in a
      much larger, loving context...and surrender. 

      Bob Graham: The real horror with nuclear holocaust is
      the destruction of life on the the planet and no more
      Maria Luisa: There is no fear to have. Self will never
      cease to Be. Self doesn't need anything. It manifests
      continually, not depending on an earth, planet, world,
      even universe. Self is sustained in itself. And you are
      That. Universes are created spontaneously, eternally,
      from ever and for ever. These are projections of the
      Self, of You. There is no cease to it. You are that, and
      you are immortal. Reincarnation is of the tendencies of
      mind. It would be even desired not to incarnate again,
      so where's the problem here? Fear is of Ego, because
      of the false identification of self with world and the
      manifest universe. Earth may "die" but Earth itself can
      reincarnate. Fear will not stop unless you realise all
      these by yourself. 
      Pure Existence cannot die. It cannot be non-existent.
      And You are That. YOU cannot cease to BE. And this is
      the Truth. 
      Hope you accept and understand all these that has
      been said by the sages of all the eras, and Trust,
      Surrender and then realize it by yourself. 
      Bruce Morgan: Maria Luisa is correct, Bobby. Even
      Maya (the manifest universe) is immense beyond
      human cognition. This entire planet and everything on it
      is but a tiny atom of that which is immeasurable -- and
      that is only Maya, the apparent universe of forms! 
      Our Earth and the myriad forms upon it are precious and beautiful largely *because* they are transient,
      mortal. Who we really are has no qualities. It can neither be described nor incarnate nor die. When we grieve for the hypothetical future passing of certain forms, we mourn for the imaginary on account of our attachment to what we see as "I" and all that "I" enjoys -- yet, until that attachment is clearly seen and thereby falls away, our enjoyment of forms is muted and muddled by the occlusion that *is* an unobserved, transient thought pattern we call "I," the distorting perceptual lens of nominal individuality. 
      Bob Graham: Thank you Bruce and Maria. There is a
      lot of understanding there. Perhaps others on this
      thread will take this view also and draw some measure
      of comfort from it. 

      kenhighcountry LiveJournal
      The Return Of The Native
      I have just spent almost an entire week away from LJ. I
      haven't posted, and I haven't read it. What happened is
      that I was busily duct taping and plastic wrapping our
      house, as per the orders of the Fatherland Loyalty
      Bureau suggestion of the Department of Homeland
      Security, and I accidentally sealed myself into one of
      the bathrooms. It took the fire department and the
      Coast Guard a few days to get me out. (If they really
      don't want us to be anxious, they should just shut up,
      and use their huge budget to pass out Xanax on street

      David Hodges' new home
      And he said, "What is being given to you is in the
      shape of a house. But the house is the container for
      peace and contentment. I have the feeling that you are
      in the right place, that there are times, and this is one of
      them, when you are under God's umbrella and you are
      sheltered by his grace."
      There is nothing I can add to what Jonathan said except
      that I felt shivers down my spine as he spoke. Our
      conversation was a prayer as spun out by two friends
      who are not afraid of speaking of higher things. 

      Christiana's reflections on What presides

      This weekend, approaching "President's day", I found
      myself reflecting on my resistance to this president.
      Thoughts of what it means to 'preside' arose:
      President: One appointed or elected to preside
      Preside: To possess or exercise authority or control.
      Pondering the imperative for Self-governance (or inquiry
      and abiding) I remembered things read over 30 years ago
      by the psychic Ray Stanford. He 'read' and spoke of the
      Fatima Prophecies. The particular memory-link was a
      passage related to a prophecy of the assasination of a
      Pope and the papal seat being left vacant as a symbol
      of our need to abide the presidence of Self government. 
      Some passages, in a different language model:
      .. and this shall symbolize the time when men once more
      must come to know that the throne within themselves is
      empty until they bow before it and know the invisible
      Lord of Life and Master of Spirit, mind, and body who
      dwells eternal in the temple not made with hands.
      The angel of the Mother of Jesus called them-called
      all-unto that throne which is empty to the eyes of men,
      but is filled to the eye that is single. And She promised
      that as it is single, not only your own mind and body, but
      the world shall be filled with light as was promised by
      This is why it is so necessary in this time that men
      cease the striving for material satisfactions and lovingly
      do their duty in the world without grumbling. Love God
      most, whereby the burden of work and human affairs is
      lightened, as Jesus gave that it would be when He said,
      "Take on My yoke, for the burden becomes easy thereby."
      Some of you will say, "But what of the forces of Satan?"
      Do you not know that Satan is mind?
      Mind is of the nature of delusion and duality, excepting
      that it takes on the perfect pattern of the lmmaculate
      Conception: to respond perfectly to Spirit by and
      through devotion, allowing the Holy Spirit to lift it to a
      level of purity where it is not falsely identified with body.
      Then, it is up to you to have the will to respond. There is
      no hope otherwise.
      Mind is Satan. Mind is duality. The devil has been
      referred to by the number two (or deux, or such) in
      various languages. That is because it is of duality, the
      devil, Satan is mind itself, for it is that which gives you
      false identity with body.

      Day by day praise the Lord in action and in thought, but
      know that the strength may not be found to do so unless
      you go within your own closet. By devotion, still your
      mind on the 'eye that is single', as Jesus pointed out. 
      Devote yourself as best you know how, withdrawing
      your attention from the body to the 'eye that is single'.
      Call upon the Supreme Lord of Life, saying, "I perish,
      Lord. Let me see Thy Light. Let me know Thy Love. Let
      me be Thy Will and do it."
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