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Saturday, February 1, 2003

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    Nondual Highlights Issue #1337 Saturday, February 1, 2003 Editor: Christiana ... More Verses from Ikkyu (1394-1481) From Crow With No Mouth, translated by
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      Nondual Highlights Issue #1337
      Saturday, February 1, 2003
      Editor: Christiana

      More Verses from Ikkyu (1394-1481) 
      From Crow With No Mouth,
      translated by Stephen Berg. 
      my monk friend has a weird
      endearing habit he weaves
      sandals and leaves them
      secretly by the roadside 
      if there's nowhere to rest at the end
      how can I get lost along the way? 
      oh yes things exist like the echo
      when you yell at the foot of a huge mountain 
      we live in a cage of light an incredible cage
      animals animals without end 
      sick of it whatever it's called
      sick of the names
      I dedicate every pore to what's here 
      no words sitting alone night in my hut eyes closed
      hands open wisps of an unknown face 
      my death? who was it anyway always where he was never
      no not once ever seeing himself an eyeball speaks

      Dr SANJAY GROVER, Extracts from the novel Nine Days To Nirvana
        "Nirvana is not some indifferent state of unconcern—but at
      the same time it is. Detached, yet involved—that’s nirvana.
      Inaction in the midst of action—that’s nirvana. Eternal rest in
      the midst of restless activity—that’s nirvana. Not the cold,
      indifferent state of the glacier, but the warm tears of love
      make nirvana. I’m glad to be the rain, to join the stream and
      give it the strength to seek the sea. I’m not afraid to be the
      stream once more, for even as the stream I can say, "I am
      the ocean. I, the vapour." 
      "Just as Jesus said, ‘I and my Father are one,’" I added. 
      "He should have said, ‘I and the Holy Ghost are one,’"
      exclaimed Vivek. "You must realize that you are not apart
      from what you seek. You are a part of it. For You are the
      Truth, the Truth is You; tat tvam asi—that art thou. There is no
      distance to be covered. So there is no path, no seeking.
      Anyone claiming to show a path is himself misled. All that is
      required is the sharpening of awareness, the removal of
      veils, the unconditioning of oneself. No guru can know you
      better than you yourself—provided you are honest and
      sincere enough."
      "I have been honest and sincere. And I have been endlessly
      tilling the soil of my mind and soul, preparing the ground for a
      seed of truth to fall on it and grow."
      "Ah! No seed of truth can you nurture! When the truth arrives,
      it arrives not as a seed but as a garden in full bloom!"

      Gene Poole - Extracts from a dialogue at NondualitySalon@yahoogroups.com 
      The battle is for possession of 'memory'. 
      In our lives, specifically what information inhabits our
      memory, our bookshelves, our hard drives? 
      There is a battle for possession of 'memory space' which is
      going on right now. Think about it... whose ideas occupy your
      From our abstract ideas we pick only tiny fragments, their
      source is the universe itself. 
      Thinkers even more advanced, consider that our own
      universe, is actually a synthetic universe, a 'model', which is
      being observed right now. 
      There is evidence to support that view; science has recently
      discovered what may be a 'shell' of 'dark matter' surrounding
      our universe. This 'shell' exerts a force which is causing our
      universe to EXPAND at an increasing rate. Perhaps
      someone is hastening the pace of the experiment? 
      Error is the primary food of a self-learning system! 
      In human memory-system... in your memory... there is conflict
      between 'versions' of memory... interpretation VS 'what
      actually happened'. Humans have not yet awakened to this
      awesomely obvious fact; it is this, and this alone, which is
      what makes the human machine 'psychotic'. 
      Who is entitled to confer the label of veracity, on any or all
      frames of memory? Who is the approving agency? This is
      the real issue.
      The entire universe is here to serve us right now. 
      The 'trick' is to obtain 'administrative privileges'! 
      You are already being served, as a 'validated user'. 
      Truth be told, this is what the whole 'enlightenment' enchilada
      is actually about. 
      Buddha 'hacked to root'! 

      Michael A. Read TheWayStation@yahoogroups.com

      --- In NDSN@yahoogroups.com, jerry 
      The following story appeared in The Globe Online:
      Headline: Professor notes spiritual side of winter
      Date: 1/18/2003
      " What words come to mind when you think of
      winter? For Gary Schmidt, the word is spiritual." 

      no other reality
      Any intellectually conceived object is always in the past and therefore unreal. Reality is always the moment of vision before the intellectualization takes
      place. There is no other reality. 
      ~Robert Pirsig
      Art: Dennis Wojtkiewicz "Lemon" oil on canvas

      "Satsang means: always choose the company of the
      superior. The mind will lead you to choose the
      company of the inferior. Be alert and avoid this,
      because with the inferior you will become inferior.
      More and more the ray of consciousness will be lost
      into darkness. . . . The ego has to be left. Satsang
      means living against the ego, transcending the ego,
      always seeking the superior."
      -- Osho, from The Mustard Seed

      thomas murphy see-what-is@yahoogroups.com 
      On intent
      Intent embodies one's deepest yearnings
      whether notionally based, as in obeisance
      to self, family, culture; or organically
      based, as in breathing, growing, dying. 
      Intent is far from fickle wishfullness,
      though it embraces even that. 
      Intent is the momentum of an individual
      organism cradled in its milieu of
      undifferentiated consciousness. 
      Personal intent is a shallow veneer
      applied pursuant to perception. 
      To the extent personal intent
      harmonizes with universal momentum
      one thinks, speaks and acts truly. 
      This symphony is experienced as
      personal power, though in
      truth personality bears no influence. 
      Suffering is discord between
      reverberating universe and
      resonant personality. 

      ken highcountry - from his LiveJournal
      snipped reflections to the Columbia Shuttle crew
      To The Stars I’ve been trying all day to come up with what I
      want to say about the obscene tragedy that was this
      morning, and the words are still not coming easily. 
      The men and women of Columbia died while fulfilling
      mankind’s highest dream, deepest longing: to go to the
      stars. It has been the dream of the race since we first saw
      the stars in the night sky, as we huddled in our caves. These
      people represent our dreams, and they travel for us. They
      carry all of us with them, and our dreams ride quietly beside
      It is the living who are touched the most deeply by death.
      Those who go on, because they must go on. It is the living
      who must bear the terrible burden of grief, which is like an
      anchor around the soul, weighing us down and keeping us
      bound to the earth. 
      To the crew of the Columbia, what I am trying to say is just
      this: Thank You. 
      Art: "Inner Offering"  Atman Victor

      Mary Bianco  NDSN@yahoogroups.com
      Between Science and Spirituality
      By John Horgan
      Can mystical spirituality be reconciled with science
      and, more broadly, with reason? To paraphrase the
      mystical philosopher Ken Wilber, is the East's
      version of enlightenment compatible with that of the
      West? If so, what sort of truth would a rational
      mysticism give us? What sort of consolation?

      Advaita and Science: A Unified Theory of Spirituality and Science
      Mumbai (Bombay), India edited by Carla Geerdes 
      Jesus said, "That they all may be One; as thou, Father, art in
      me, and I in thee, that they too may be One in us". (11) 
      We must understand that Enlightenment is not some
      esoteric or magical process, Enlightenment does not give a
      man magical powers, nor make him a superman.
      Enlightenment is simply the disappearance of an illusion
      which made him see everything from the point of view of a
      'me', Enlightenment does not make a person all-knowing. 
      Enlightenment is a change in perspective, a change of
      focus, a paradigm shift. It is a shift from the constricting,
      individual focus of a 'me' to a view of life in its totality, a shift
      from being a circle with the illusory 'me' as centre, to a circle
      whose circumference is everywhere and whose centre is
      nowhere. Thus the knowledge that comes with
      Enlightenment is not a temporal knowledge but is rather an
      intuitive insight into the way things are in their totality. 
      How can we explain Enlightenment in medical terms? 
      To begin with, it can be shown that man's persistent belief in
      his separate selfhood is a result of his capacity for symbolic
      thought, which gives him the ability to conceptualise 'himself'
      as something over and above and apart from the body-mind.
      The actual mechanism of this illusion is also easily
      explained. It is known that the left cerebral hemisphere is
      responsible for verbal and logical knowledge and skills. One
      of its functions is to relate different events logically and make
      sense out of them. The left brain takes unrelated events and
      attempts to relate them by concocting a 'story'. It is the left
      hemisphere which does the job of selecting from the
      abundance of sensory inputs that the brain is bombarded
      with, and by it's selective editing it tries to maintain a
      coherent belief system, a 'consistent storyline.' The left
      hemisphere's job is thus to create a working model of the
      world and try to maintain it at all costs. The right hemisphere,
      on the other hand, tries to detect anomalies. 
      It is the left part of the brain which is thus responsible for the
      illusion of a 'self' and the illusion of separateness from the
      rest of the universe. The belief in a separate 'self' is
      programmed into our brains right from the early formative
      years of childhood by parents, religion and society, and it
      seems to fit in rather neatly with our linear, symbolic way of
      thinking. The left brain then builds further on this framework. 
      It, by its very nature, tends to selectively pick up and
      remember events which would seem to support this belief,
      and selectively - unconsciously - edits those which point
      against it. By this constant filtering of information, it thus
      maintains this fiction of a separate self. But there is a
      threshold level up to which this selective editing can be
      successfully carried out by the left brain. This level is different
      in different people. 
      Depending upon the level of this threshold, which is the
      strength with which a person clings to his beliefs, even
      obvious inconsistencies pointed out by the right brain may
      be ignored. But when this threshold level is surpassed,
      something dramatic happens. When the information from the
      right brain reaches this threshold, it forces the left
      hemisphere to revise the entire model and start from
      scratch. This is a paradigm shift. The left brain tries to cling
      to the existing model, the right tries to force paradigm shifts. 
      Enlightenment is a paradigm shift - the most radical that
      there can be. The entire old, individualistic, me-centred
      world-view is ripped up, and is replaced by a new world-view
      which is no more me-based, but is instead universal in
      outlook 'from no centre at all,' as J. Krishnamurti has said. 
      That is why Enlightenment is sudden though its effects will be
      gradual. It is not a question of a slow transformation, rather it
      is a total scrapping of an old model and its replacement with
      a new one. Only in this case, there is no new 'model' in the
      real sense of the word, there is no more 'storyline'. That is
      why things are seen 'as they are' and 'from no centre at all'.
      The brain has realised that there need not be a storyline. It
      no more burdens itself by constantly trying to fit things into
      the picture. 
      In conclusion, the sage is a person who has 'purged himself
      of selfness,' whose personal 'I' is dead. 
      "I live, yet not I, but Christ - the eternal Logos - liveth in me." 
      - St. Paul 
      And the 'not-I' which remains is the same as what other
      people call 'God.' 
      So then, finally, what is God? 
      God or the Truth or Reality is simply the Consciousness or
      Energy which animates our bodies and sees the Universe
      through our senses. It is another name for the Subjectivity
      which perceives all the objects through 'us'. It only appears
      as if 'we' are doing the seeing. 
      Even when 'we' talk about It, the 'It' that we conceptualise is
      not the real It. The real It is That by which we are doing this
      very conceptualising. Indeed, in reality we cannot talk or
      even think about It for It is that which is doing the talking or
      the thinking. 
      'You cannot think about God because it is He who is doing
      the thinking.'  -
      Ken Wilber 
      Can the dagger stab itself? Can the hand grasp itself? Can
      the ocean dive into itself? Can the eye see itself? Can the
      tongue taste itself? Can the flower smell its own perfume?
      Can the mirror reflect itself?  -
      Art: "Face Masks 2" Dennis Nechvatal

      The state of the Self is natural.
      Sages called it the Sahaj state.
      It means easy and natural.
      So, you have to see what is easy
      and natural for you and what
      comes natural to you. What practice
      and path are natural differ according
      to the needs of people. You need not
      seek or follow some "advaita expert
      or master" as such a person may
      simply be a novice. It is not difficult
      to sound like an advaita master.
      So do not focus on whether a path
      is direct or gradual and be in a rush
      towards enlightenment. It is all silly talk. 
      Wedded to either the "direct" approach or the
      "gradual" approach, one misses the obvious. Both
      the "direct" and "gradual" depend on each other for
      meaning and have no basis in the Reality of the Self.
      The Self Always Is. It is not seen by "another"
      Directly. Neither is it approached by "another"
      gradually. Self Reveals It Self Alone to It Self.
      You Are the Self.
      Art: SkyDancer "Rose of Sharon II"

      Readers respond
      Dear Sirs and Madames, 
      You have requested feedback from your readership...or was
      that from your reader's hip....or was it from your hip
      To get right to the point, your magazine, the Nondual
      Highlights, is popular with me because it is free. I am always
      on the lookout for a free lunch. Sometimes I spread out my
      copy of the Nondual Highlights at the bus stop and sit on it
      until the bus comes. At other times, I take it to the Waffle
      House and work your daily crossword puzzle. When I am
      moved to do so, I call perfect strangers and read it aloud
      over the telephone. 
      Your editors are surely among the most perspicacious that I
      have ever known...and I could recommend a deodorant for
      that. Their wisdom in knowing what to select and what to
      omit reminds me of a Ouija board that I once owned. I had to
      give it away when it attacked someone. But back to the
      point. Your blue pencil should be enshrined in the Crayola
      Box of Fame. I applaud you for your editing. I would like to
      invite you to attend a supermarket opening in my small
      hometown. You can cut the ribbon. I know that you are good
      cutters (and pasters). 
      Well, that about sums up my feelings for the marvelous,
      overwhelmingly free magazine. I have sometimes been
      allowed to contribute my rambling essays here. This enables
      me to tell my friends that I am a published writer. I am waiting
      for there to be a category for published readers. That would
      be all-inclusive. 
      Keep up the good work and I will keep reading you until the
      cows or Lassie come home--whichever comes first. 
      A devoted (and demented) reader 
      iamom   LiveJournal.com 
      Nonduality Salon News article This article was in this
      morning's Nonduality Salon News, and I think it's really worth
      the read. It makes me value this independent community and
      others like it, for how well we are able to express ourselves
      clearly to each other. Granted, LJ isn't mainstream media,
      but since I tend to avoid most mainstream media anyway,
      this does it for me. 
      NDS News often contains great nuggets each day, by the
      way. If you're interested in subscribing and getting links to a
      variety of interesting, alternative and independent news
      sources, you can do so here. I get the daily digest, which
      usually contains between 2 and 10 articles in a given day. It's
      maintained by the founders of Nonduality Salon. 

      "Any life is made up of a single moment — the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is."
      -Jorge Luis Borges 
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