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Tuesday, December 3, 2002

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  • Michael Read
    If I had it to do all over again, I would just sell water down by the river. Non Duality Highlights Tuesday, December 3, 2002 issue #1277 editor - michael
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      "If I had it to do all over again, I would just sell water down by the river."
      Non Duality Highlights
      Tuesday, December 3, 2002
      issue #1277
      editor - michael
      --- In NondualitySalon@y..., "JP Poffandi" wrote:

      "Dr. Laing, I still don't understand the theoretical basis of your
      therapeutic approach to schizophrenia. Could you please explain

      R.D. LAING:
      "Certainly. The basis is love. I don't see how you or I can be of
      any help to our clients in a visionary state unless we are capable
      of experiencing a feeling of love for them. Therapy, as opposed
      to mere treatment, requires that we have a capacity for
      lovingkindness and compassion."

      GRADUATE STUDENT (perplexed):
      "But Dr. Laing, what is your clinical methodology for developing
      this approach?"

      - Overheard at a talk given by R.D.Laing in New York


      We read - we write - sharing our shining hearts together. We
      learn together. The wisdom flows within each heart to each
      heart. One to one.

      Sometimes on lists like NDS, we read words from hearts and
      minds that may seem to be tormented, disjointed,
      confused. We may quickly search for a label - a pathology - to
      categorize or dismiss the person.

      We each in our own way - have experienced the agonies of living
      and dying - of feeling torments and confusions.

      We may look for a way to distance ourselves - protect ourselves -
      push the strange "other" away. Look for a way to close our hearts
      from a fuller encounter with another human heart.

      Perhaps our encounters with each other - in our diversity and
      eccentricity - in our intellectual or visionary expressions  - help
      in deep ways to open wider our hearts - accept the awesome
      beauty of Life expressing through each and every one of us.


      "Few people are aware that the "schizophrenic break" - when not
      artificially blocked by medical intervention - is a temporary
      phenomenon. The acute visionary phase naturally lasts for about
      forty days, after which the psyche gradually returns to a normal
      state of consciousness.

      The interesting thing is that the visionary content of the acute
      phase centres around the destruction and reintegration of the
      ego, symbolised not only by powerful hallucinations of personal
      death and rebirth, but also by an overwhelming subjective
      experience of Apocalypse and the end of time.

      Jung's trailblazing approach to schizophrenia as healing
      process has since been brought to fruition by a growing number
      of mythologists, anthropologists, psychiatrists, psychologists,
      artists, and visionaries whose investigations into non-ordinary
      states of consciousness make it quite clear that there is a kind
      of inner Apocalypse which some human beings may sometimes
      have to undergo in order resolve the crises which naturally occur
      along the path of life.

      Since the human species is now approaching a global crisis,
      the time has come to face this psychological counterpart to the
      end of the world, the Apocalypse within. This text attempts to
      show why, if it is our serious intention to develop a sustainable
      form of civilisation before it is too late, we shall need to restore
      the visionary experience to its proper - indeed sacred - place in
      our private and public life.

      Allowing ourselves to experience the inner Apocalypse may be
      the best medicine to prevent an external one."

      Michael O'Callaghan

      --- In GuruRatings@y..., "Betsy"  responded to:
      > On 2 Dec 2002 20:41, Jan wrote:

      > That has
      been one of the incentives to write the story - knowing
      > how a bag of
      concepts rarely leads to what is termed "clear light,
      > primordial mind".
      The problem is that way too much is 'known'. People adopt
      these tidbits of wisdom and add them to their properties.
      This for the purpose to enhance their concept of themselves,
      which in this case applies to seeing oneself as spiritually
      enlightened. Even 'Clear Light' and 'Primordial Mind'
      can be concepts, arising from the desire to escape one's
      actual reality. Writing a story to share this wisdom will not
      help people, if anyone understands it then they will just add
      it to their intellectual collection. In the end these steps have
      to be experienced. One has to see for themselves why they
      adopt these concepts, and later how they cling to all self
      expression for the main concept - that to survive.

      > In a discussion, terms like
      "ego" soon will behave
      > like ping-pong balls...

      Just to clarify, that the term 'ego' doesn't have this
      behavior... It's people identification with their
      own interpretation, and their need to defend it,
      that creates the affect. There must be more
      responsibility, ownership and desire to question
      one's own reactions.

      > The mind
      has a full time job already - interpreting
      > observations and experiences
      according the opinions,
      > (forcibly) accepted since early childhood (like
      on playing
      > in the mud). When the mind is "at leisure" again, perceives
      > without interpreting/judging activity like it did shortly after
      > birth , there's the proverbial "aha" :-)

      Only there is one's interpretation that comes from one
      past growing experience. What counts is how one responds
      to that. If one is full-time identified with one's reactions, then
      one is full-time turning around oneself, much like playing in the
      Is it a fact that there can be perception without interpretation?
      Isn't it more like you have an interpretation, which is your 'view',
      and from this you can respond in a more creative way if you are
      not identified with what *was* your view? I don't know if this
      is the case or not, because it is dependent on one's need to
      defend oneself.  Where are you in this picture?


      Unnatural Possiblities
      Mace Mealer
             The drive to dominate
             is the core of desire,
             and the anathema
             of enlightened compassion,
             in animals, it is a predisposition
             determined by their nature,
             in humans it is a tragedy
             that precludes the possibility
             to be more than an animal.

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