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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    NONDUAL HIGHLIGHTS # 1266 Saturday, November 23, 2002 Edited by Christiana Tapestry: Wings Yael Lurie, Pierre Larochette ... Panhala@yahoogroups.com What to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2002
          NONDUAL HIGHLIGHTS # 1266
          Saturday, November 23, 2002
          Edited by Christiana
      Tapestry: "Wings"
      Yael Lurie, Pierre Larochette

      What to Remember When Waking -- David Whyte 

      In that first
      hardly noticed
      to which you wake,
      coming back
      to this life
      from the other
      more secret,
      and frighteningly
      where everything
      there is a small
      into the new day
      which closes
      the moment
      you begin
      your plans.

      What you can plan
      is too small
      for you to live.

      What you can live
      will make plans
      for the vitality
      hidden in your sleep.

      To be human
      is to become visible
      while carrying
      what is hidden
      as a gift to others.

      To remember
      the other world
      in this world
      is to live in your
      true inheritance.

      You are not
      a troubled guest
      on this earth,
      you are not
      an accident
      amidst other accidents
      you were invited
      from another and greater
      than the one
      from which
      you have just emerged.

      Now, looking through
      the slanting light
      of the morning
      window toward
      the mountain
      of everything
      that can be,
      what urgency
      calls you to your
      one love?  What shape
      waits in the seed
      of you to grow
      and spread
      its branches
      against a future sky?

      Is it waiting
      in the fertile sea?
      In the trees
      beyond the house?
      In the life
      you can imagine
      for yourself?
      In the open
      and lovely
      white page
      on the waiting desk?

      Psalm 93 translation by Stephen Mitchell 
      God acts within every moment
      and creates the world with each breath.
      He speaks from the center of the universe,
      in the silence beyond all thought.
      Mightier than the crash of a thunderstorm,
      mightier than the roar of the sea,
      is God's voice silently speaking
      in the depths of the listening heart.
      Today, like every other day, we wake up empty
      and frightened. Don't open the door to the study
      and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument.
      Let the beauty we love be what we do.
      There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

      Web archive of Panhala postings at

      I would like to work with others to deliberately
      manifest a global, and eventually interstellar, network
      of conscious 'connectivity', with several layers;
      physical layers, for talking, and email, etc, and
      non-physical layers, for sharing simultaneous
      conscious awareness. Such networks now exist, but
      typically, humans are unaware of them. Humans, it
      seems, are unwilling to comply with the protocols of
      existing networks, and thus, exclude themselves from
      the cosmic communion available; further, humans
      typically have to re-invent, and then 'ownership and
      control' are issues. Yet, anyone is free to join with any
      of the existing non-proprietary, cosmic networks.
      Freya asked: "protocols of existing networks"? can
      you explain a bit further please?
      Gene: Certainly. Or I will try...
      Existing networks are associated by affiliation.
      Each affiliated grouping of individuals is connected to
      a local node; and each local node is connected to
      each other local node. (Anywhere anyone is is 'local'
      to that person.)
      Each node has a natural king or queen; this individual
      by nature and duty, must strive to connect to all other
      All of this configuration is usually beneath the level of conscious awareness; but it is referred to as 'The Net of Indra'. The internet is merely an outpicturing of this natural network of individuals, nodes, and patterns of interconnected nodes.
      We find 'evidence' of this natural order, in the ancient rites of the Maypole; in square-dancing, and other
      such rituals.
      The Siberian Shaman, dressed as a
      woman, conducted 'interconnection'
      ceremonies, using the 'magic' mushroom
      Amanita Muscaria as a means of banishing
      ordinary, banal foreground consciousness. The
      big, powerful 'already-always' organizing principle
      is able to exert and imprint itself on masses of
      individuals, thus creating the deepest affiliation; in
      this case, the Shaman is the node 'queen'.
      Protocols... are rules. The primary rule seems to be
      that a person must at least temporarily suspend
      'temporal' or acquired, individual identity, and submit
      to connection. This moment requires both openness
      and ability to accept control by what to all intents,
      seems to be an 'outside' force.
      The fact is, that it comes from 'inside', but as long as
      'inside' is under 'individual ownership', defense and
      resistance is the norm. Issues of pride, shame,
      resentment, revenge, etc, all essentially alert the local
      node, to query the individual. The local node, if it is
      unable to heal the individual, is able to isolate the
      individual for the purpose of protecting the local
      Human systems of 'logic', as reflected by language,
      enable the commander of the local node, to conduct
      'cyclic redundancy checks' on any individual. An easy
      example of this is the common medical psychiatric
      interview, which may employ commonly understood
      homilies, such as asking the meaning of 'a bird in the
      hand is worth two in the bush'. Serious errors which
      go undetected by the individual are diagnostic of
      lower-level logic system breakdowns, which may
      have already erupted as 'psychosomatic disease'.
      When the individual has long practice in allowing to
      be subsumed into the network, it becomes possible
      to carry certain aspects of 'individuality' as
      information, into the network. This is a fairly rare
      event, but is known by the seers of the ancient Toltec
      Don Juan and Don Genaro's insistence of a 'heaven'
      is revealed to be perpetual and conscious 'existence'
      as coherent 'information of the individual' living in the
      grand network. Such accomplished persons are able
      to be anywhere, anytime, because the network
      extends to any place there is life, even of the 'lowest'
      sort. Not only that, but such 'persons' are able to
      powerfully influence the commander of most any local
      node. This allows updating the information and
      capabilities of any node; and this allows the more
      likely healing of any afflicted 'individual'.
      That is probably enough for now...
      photo: loom, studio Yael Lurie, Pierre Larochette

      Michael W. Munn, Ph.D. 
      Retired Lockheed Chief Scientist, Astronautics Division 
      A Dark Path
      The path is one of darkness
      To all that we hold dear
      Others have passed this way
      And learned the art
      Of deflecting arrows
      Emanating from desires
      And so, in darkness
      A night dark
      To sense and soul
      Is found the way
      A secret way
      Found by few
      Beyond all desire
      Beyond all delusion
      Beyond all anger
      A way where mentors
      Arise also in secret
      Unknown to the questing mind
      But found in quiet stillness
      In the same darkness
      On this way
      A discovery occurs
      In which debris 
      Misunderstandings and Misconceptions 
      Accumulated through the years
      Must be abandoned
      For in that abandonment
      Lies the end of enmity
      And the beginning of 
      Abiding kindness
      Showered upon all beings
      Union Restored
      Wisdom from above
      Ancient teachings
      From the east
      The time is short
      Teachings to be given
      Vast as the sea
      A great shift
      From one sided views
      Of domination 
      And competition
      The time is short
      The moon arises
      Veiled and hidden
      But her light
      Penetrates to every
      Corner and place
      Bursting forth
      Upon a world
      Divided in confusion
      The time is short
      Yin and Yang
      United once again
      A balance long lost
      Restored once more
      The time is short

      Question: Sri Bhagavan often says that Maya
      (illusion) and reality are the same. How can that be? 
      Sri Ramana Maharshi: Sankara was criticized for his
      views on Maya without being understood. He said
      that Brahman is real, The universe is unreal, and The
      universe is Brahman. He did not stop at the second,
      because the third explains the other two. It signifies
      that the universe is real if perceived as the Self, and
      unreal if perceived apart from the Self. Hence Maya
      and reality are one and the same. 

      Dan and Jan GuruRatings@yahoogroups.com
      Dan: When lost in your own mind,
      the exit signs all point backwards 
      Jan: in the still of mind
      thoughts and feelings roar along
      like motorized guests
      racing through the empty space
      each one on a barren quest
      Dan: Thoughts like feeling billiard balls,
      trying to cause reactions
      a barren quest to transfer themselves
      from one empty frame to another
      Nothing more to say or know.

      Coleman Barks has released a new CD, "I Want
      Burning, The Ecstatic World of Rumi, Hafiz, and
      If you'd like to hear a sample (which includes a
      reading of today's Panhala posting) from the CD,
      click on this link:
      Seeing oneself
      as an onlooker
      is self-importance.
      Seeing oneself
           through the eyes of another
      is indulgence--
           diminishing perceived stature
           to fit limitations
           ascribed to others.
      True freedom,
           being non-local,
      transcends consideration
           of stature and position.
      Slavery is obeisance to recollection.
      Liberty is freedom of identity.
      See every nuance of identity
      as a convenience of expression.
      While one is likely to feel
      as one is thought to be,
      one cannot be
      who one is thought to be.
      ~ tomas

      The world appears to you so overwhelmingly real
      because you think of it all the time; cease thinking of
      it and it will dissolve into thin mist. 

      The Tao of Thanks Giving, Chanukah, Advent and the gift of Presence.

       Stephen Mitchell

      Tao Te Ching, Part Four

      The Tao is like a well: used but never used up.

      It is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.

      It is hidden but always present.

      I don't know who gave birth to it.

      It is older than God.




      Tapestry: "Shalom" - Yael Lurie, Pierre Larochette

      May each of you be blessed during this seasonal pause as we reflect on That for which we are giving Thanks, and That within which we abide. Some of us will commence the rituals of interior candle lighting for Chanukah (sunset 11/29) and Advent (12/1) 

      Here is one of the 'brachot' (blessings) spoken on the first night of lighting the Chanukah Candles:

      "Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has given us life, and has sustained us, and has brought us to this time."

      Reflection on Advent: In rural areas, there are often signs to watch for deer. The sign may be there, and we wonÂ’t necessarily see a deer, yet it is important to watch out and keep focused on the road and the ditches. In other countries people have to learn what a landmine sign looks like and to watch for those! In Advent, we look for signs of Christ - interior light signs of wisdom, peace and love.

      Lori Erhardt
      Sunset United Church, Regina, Saskatchewan


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