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Friday, November 15, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    Prayers at dawn Men pray to the Hindu sun god on Nov. 10, during the religious festival Chhat Puja in Guwahati, the main city of the eastern Indian state of
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      Prayers at dawn
      Men pray to the Hindu sun god on Nov. 10, during the religious festival
      Chhat Puja in Guwahati, the main city of the eastern Indian state of
      Assam. The ritual is performed after women break a three-day fast and
      pray for the well-being of their husbands and sons.
      HIGHLIGHT #1258
      Friday, November 15, 2002
      Edited by Gloria
      All obstructions of defilements
      and karmas of worry and trouble,
      are in origin, empty.
      All causes and effects
      are dreams and illusions.
      The great Way is empty and vast.
      It is beyond thought and deliberation.
      You, at this instant, have this
      Dharma and are without lack.
      -Fa-yung (593-657)

      The wind in the pines plays a subtle
      song, of which I have become
      effortlessly aware.
      I did not compose it, I do not perform it;
      yet it simply is as it is.
      Nor do I strain to be aware of it.
      It just is as it has always been.
      The music, strangely, is as bright as
      My Self-lit interior.
      If I tried to compose it or
      perform it, I could not do so.
      If I strained to become aware of it,
      it would surely die and fade away.
      - Ji Aoi Isshi

      The solitary moon shines on the cold spring.
      Here in the spring there is no moon.
      It is high in the sky.
      Though I'm humming this song,
      in the song there is no Ch'an.

      -Han Shan


      From: 'The Compass of Zen'
      Seung Sahn

      Correct meditation means understanding my true self. The path of
      this begins and ends by asking, "What am I" It is very simple teaching,
      and not special. When you ask this question very deeply, what appears
      is only "don't know." All thinking is completely cut off, and you return
      to your before thinking mind. If you attain this don't-know, you have
      already attained your true self. You have returned to your original nature,
      which is mind before thinking arises. In this way you can attain your
      correct way, and you attain truth, and your life functions correctly to
      save all beings from suffering. The name for that is "wake up." That is
      the experience of true meditation.

      24th chorus
      What I have in Buddhism
      is nothing.
      What I wish to attain
      is nothing.

      Let me explain.
      In perceiving the Dharma
      I achieved nothing --
      What worries me is not
      But everything, the trouble is
      But since everything is nothing
      then I am worried nil.
      In seeking to attain the Dharma
      I failed, attaining nothing,
      And so I succeeded the goal,
      Which was, pure happy
      No matter how you cut it
      it's empty delightful boloney

      Mexico City Blues, Jack Kerouac
       I'm curious, Matthew.  What does
       the term "no-mind" mean to you? ~Melody

      Melodious one,
      ..............Honestly, it doesn't mean a thing to me. I have
      experiential reference points for what I would call no-mind, though
      it may not be the same as what someone else calls no-mind. So I have
      had experiences where literally there seems to be no mind, all
      thoughts cease, internal dialogue stops, all the filters of the mind
      drop. It is a nice experience, but I don't think it is something to
      be seen as desirous of, to want to have all the time. There are some
      great stories about Meher Baba and his work with Masts. Masts are
      known as beings in various states of god-intoxication, in states of
      absorption in the divine. Well Meher Baba went through this period
      where he would seek these sadhus out and work with them, to bring
      them out of those states back into a grosser consciousness, because
      he said they were stuck there and were unable to progress
      spiritually. Now that is interesting, because the descriptions of
      those states are the kinds of states  that most people would give
      everything to be able to live there,  but to Meher Baba's vision
      these sadhus were very stuck. Also to me, the state of no-mind, is
      very different than being established in, abiding in, non-dual
      consciousness, which is not a state at all. Abiding in nondual
      consciousness, mind works quite well, even all of it's critical
      faculties. Abiding in nondual consciousness is inclusive of
      everything, including all aspects of the mind, and the mechanism (ego)
      which works to protect the existence of the physical organism.
      press in closer,
      this fog embraces a thousand faces
      as its own.
      Trees blend into sun and sun
      blends into earth, earth
      blends into grasses,
      moving not a stalk,
      singing in a thousand Hearts
      without stop - 
      everything bends inward
      in this mystical fog-light
      blending life with life,
      press in closer.
      photo by Alan Larus

      A quote from Paul Brunton on the yahoogroups wisdom list: 

      There is here no form to be perceived, no image born of the senses to be 
      worshipped, no oracular utterance to be listened for, and no emotional  ecstasy
      to be revelled in. Hence the Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, said: "In  eternal
      non-existence I look for the spirituality of things!" The philosopher  perceives
      that there is no such thing as creation out of nothing for the simple reason that
      Mind is eternally and universally present. "Nothing" is  merely an appearance.
      Here indeed there is neither time nor space. It is  like a great silent boundless
      circle wherein no life seems to stir, no  consciousness seems to be at work, and
      no activity is in sway. Yet the seer  will know by a pure insight which will grip
      his consciousness as it has  never been gripped before, that here indeed is the
      root of all life, all consciousness, and all activity. But how it is so is as
      inexplicable  intellectually as what its nature is. With the Mind the last word of
      human  comprehension is uttered. With the Mind the last world of possible
      being  is explored. But whereas the utterance is comprehensible by his 
      consciousness, the speaker is not. It is a Silence which speaks but what it  says
      is only that it IS; more than that none can hear.      (P)(28-1.115) 

      photo by Alan Larus



                       Guru Yoga

             That one should come here
             by one way, denies the many
             That one should come here
             by the many denies the one.
             Where is not here that one
             should give directions.
             When is not now that one
             should ask the time?
             What is without countless
             causes except the spontaneous?
             To take the path of
             of ultimate devotion
             without attachment,
             is rarely effortless.
             To take it as the only way
             puts the infinite expanse
             in the stomach
             of a hungry ghost.


      since winters long 
      but will not last,
      spin your cobwebs fast
      around my flame of breath 
      and beating heart
      sheltered from the northern winds
       a million rising stars
      pass us in this single night
      sunrise, rush of sparrow wings
      wake me by surprise
      taking me further along 
      in your silent dream
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