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Tues-Wed., November 12-13, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] SAM dive in jump pull aside the curtain brush it away and see the clear world shining...
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      dive in


      pull aside the curtain

      brush it away and see

      the clear world shining...


      Issue # 1256 - Tuesday/Wednesday, November 12-13, 200 - Edited by Jerry

      This is a Giant Double Issue, like the old double issue comic books that came out once in a while and sold for a quarter instead of the usual dime. Hopefully the reader will feel this issue is worth the quarter!



      Once you clearly understand that there is nowhere to go
      and nothing to achieve, then you have arrived. That's
      when you begin to see the perfection of the eternal
      present moment and the 'what is'. Any thought or image of
       some paradise Island, for example, only takes you away
      from the perfect here and now.

      There was a time when I day dreamed about far away,
      exotic, exciting places [and visited some of them]. Now
      these places seem forlorn and alien to me. I am only
      comfortable in the here and now. [And it matters not
      where that 'here and now' is or what is going on there!]
      In the here and now I belong, in the here and now I AM.
      Elsewhere I am in limbo, trapped in the labyrinth of the


      Have you ever considered that the here and now, as you
      speak of it, is just another style of arising objects,
      with its own kind of appearance? "What is" is never
      anywhere but here.

      You are not giving full credit to those moments that are
      filled with frustration, ego, with supposed "me-ness" and
      other stuff.

      Being in the here and now is not a mental, psychological
      thing. It's not a time when things feel nice and
      un-constricted. It is not a time when there feels like
      "I" am out of the way. Rather, it is inescapable, and
      mixed into all times and places.

      So even when it feels like Jan is in the middle of
      things, and things suck, THIS TOO is here and now!
      Basically, you are never out of it, even when you think


      HERE in Hong Kong, NOW clicking the Send button :-)


      Hi all,

      I'm new to this list. I experienced a powerful awakening
      earlier this  year, which was truly beyond words, however
      after a few days I  realised that there was "nowhere to
      go and nothing to achieve" and  felt a deep sense of
      peace and happiness. Things/ideas/opinions which  seemed
      to important before, just melted away and I became quite
      child- like (not "child-ish"). This allowed me to go back
      to my every-day  life, but as a changed person with a new
      all-encompassing perspective  on life. Thanks for the
      post Jan:)

      still staring at the sun,



      from Alice's Restaurant

      This past weekend, I enjoyed a relaxing evening with my
      kodoh cup comparing several of the Aloeswoods that David
      recommended. I started with Tsukigase...my first
      impression was sweet and sour with a touch of dignity. I
      then heated some Ogurayama which initially seemed sweet
      like a blossom, then deepened more like the sweetness of
      a rich dessert. The Hakasui, of course, was  wonderful...
      opening like a sublime adventure, spicy and  uplifting.
      Finally, I brought out my tiny piece of Green  Kyara...
      just a sliver on the mica plate...it opens like  a
      majestic vision and remains.


      Transmutation Stone IV, by Fred Casselman ("inspired by
      our  trip to Nova Scotia in September 2000.")

      from NDS

      Do not engage in the search for reality through concepts,
      but to be in the world  of living reality.

      Japanese Zen master Dogen said, "All phenomena are mind,
      mind is all. Mind  contains rivers, mountains, moon and
      sun." In Zen experience there is no longer  an object of

      Nagarjuna's Treatise of Great Understanding
      (Mahaprajnaparamita Sastra i.e.  commentaries) says:

      "All phenomena can be understood to be in two categories:
      mind and matter.  On the conceptual level, we distinguish
      mind and matter, but on the level of  awakening, all is
      mind. Object and mind are both marvelous. Mind is matter,
       matter is mind. Matter doesn't exist outside of mind.
      Mind doesn't exist outside  of matter. Each is in the
      other. This is called the nonduality of mind and matter."

      When we discriminate between subject and object, we're
      removed from Zen  and its guiding principle of

      An awakened person lives in the material world the same
      as everyone else.  When she sees a rose, she knows that
      it's a rose, like everyone else. But she is  neither
      conditioned nor imprisoned by concepts. Concepts now
      become  marvelous skillful means in her possession. An
      awakened person looks, listens,  and distinguishes
      things, all the while being perfectly aware of the
      presence that  is the perfect and non-discriminative
      nature of everything. She sees deeply the  nature of

      As long as our activity is based on conceptual
      discrimination, it's not free. The  free person sees all,
      because he knows that there is nothing to be seen. She
      perceives all, not being deceived by concepts. When she
      looks at things, she  sees their true nature. When she
      perceives things, she penetrates their nature of
      interbeing. Thus while living in the world she possesses
      the secret of the arising  and manifestation of
      phenomena. This is the only way to arrive at awakening.
      Free of errors caused by concepts, she lives in peace and
      freedom, even in the  world of karma. Using skillful
      means, she realizes her calling of awakening in  this
      conditioned world, without thinking whether the world is
      conditioned or  unconditioned.

      Excerpted from ZEN KEYS by Thich Nhat Hanh.


      from Sufi Mystic

      * Something Invisible *

      Once I asked my Master,
      "What is the difference
        Between you and me?"

      And he replied,
      "Hafiz, only this:

        If a herd of wild buffalo
        Broke into our house
        And knocked over
        Our empty begging bowls,
        Not a drop would spill from yours.

        But there is Something Invisible
        That God has placed in mine.

        If That spilled from my bowl,
        It could drown this whole world."

      I Heard God Laughing: Renderings of Hafiz
      by Daniel Ladinsky

      Jim Lo Scalzo <http://www.usnews.com/usnews/photography/portfolios/loscalzo/portfolio_scal.htm>

      from Daily Dharma

      "Hold the sadness and pain of samsara in your heart and
      at the same time the power and vision of the Great
      Eastern Sun. Then the warrior can make a proper cup of
      --Trungpa Rinpoche

      "Buddha has chosen one of the really very potential words
      - shunyata. The English word, the English equivalent,
      "nothingness", is not such a beautiful word. That's why I
      would like to make it "no-thingness" - because the
      nothing is not just nothing, it is all. It is vibrant
      with all possibilities. It is potential, absolute
      potential. It is unmanifest yet, but it contains all.

      In the beginning is nature, in the end is nature, so why
      in the middle do you make so much fuss? Why, in the
      middle, becoming so worried, so anxious, so ambitious -
      why create such despair? Nothingness to nothingness is
      the whole journey.

      --Osho Take it Easy, Volume 1 Chapter 5


      from See What Is

      eyes of an onlooker

      Seeing oneself
      as an onlooker
      is self-importance.

      Seeing oneself
           through the eyes of another
      is indulgence--
           diminishing perceived stature
           to fit limitations
           ascribed to others.

      True freedom,
           being non-local,
      transcends consideration
           of stature and position.

      Slavery is obeisance to recollection.
      Liberty is freedom of identity.

      See every nuance of identity
      as a convenience of expression.

      While one is likely to feel
      as one is thought to be,
      one cannot be
      who one is thought to be.

      ~ tomas



      This one's for you, Sarlo....

      The Sleeping Teachers List

      As I was lying down for my afternoon nap, I'll be darned
      if a funny  thought didn't pop into my mind. It would
      give me no peace until I  got up and drug myself to the
      computer and composted , excuse me,  composed,...the
      following. Note to myself: Need to get a  following....

      Rules for Becoming A Sleeping Teacher

      l. Don't miss nap time. Milk and cookie prasad is given

      2.  Never use the word drug as in "I drug myself to the
          computer. " To  be a Sleeping Teacher you must not
          use the word drug unless you are  slyly insinuating
          that you knew Don Juan personally, not to mention
          Jon Lovitz.

      3.  Refer to the Sleeping Teacher list often...at least
          every time  you turn over or turn your mattress. Say
          to yourself and to anyone  who will listen..."The
          Sleeping Teacher List is a doozie" (as in  snoozie).
          I often get my most unenlightened thoughts right in
          the  middle of my spiritual siesta.

      4.  Never kick an awakened teacher. Those of you who are
          awakened  teachers know who you are. Cover your
          famous fannies.

      5.  As as a Sleeping Teacher (not to be confused with a
          Schlepping  Teacher, that's a whole `nother schtick
          entirely, having to do with  toting your own karma)
          communicate no deep thoughts to recalcitrant
          students. Rem (Rapid "I") movement is to be taken as
          the teaching.

      6.  Wipe your mouth. You "Dozin' Zengis" are moistly
          slobbering in  your sleep.

      7.  This is not a rule but an encouraging memo to
          Sleeping Teachers:

      At last count, awakened teachers had reached the
      quadrillions. Some  are no longer in the Milky Way but in
      a galaxy far, far away. Thank  God.

      8.  The Sleeping Teachers List is motivated by honesty. A
          good  Sleeping Teacher never lies...unless he is
          sleeping, which doesn't  count, does it...

      9.  Time to get up--time to make the donuts. Jerry Katz
          is waiting.  We doze but we never close.

      10. If you would like to become a Sleeping Teacher, the
          rules of  admission are strict. But I forget what
          they are.

      A few of you reading this may be of the so-called
      Awakened Teacher  persuasion and think that being a
      Sleeping Teacher just might be  easier...and you get to
      wear jammies instead of those miserable  loincloths. I
      know what you're thinking.....can I aspire to become a
      Sleeping Teacher?.....in your dreams!

      Vicki Woodyard



      You ask, "What is the difference between a realized
      person and one who is not realized yet?"

      The difference between a realized person and an
      unrealized person is that the unrealized person sees a

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