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Saturday, November 2

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  • John Metzger
    Don t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be a friend. (Albert Camus) NDhighlights #1246
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2002
      Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me,
      I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be a friend. (Albert Camus)

      NDhighlights #1246
      Saturday, November 2
      Edited by John

      Harsha   Harshasatsangh
      Although much is written about Enlightenment and
      mystical experiences and so forth, Self-Realization is
      actually a simple thing.

      As T.S. Eliot has said, and I paraphrase, we come back
      to where we started and see it as if for the first
      time. It is actually even more basic....It is a place,
      when we recognize it, we see that we never even left
      it, nor can we leave it to go elsewhere. Such is the
      beauty of Sat-Chit-Ananda. It Knows It Self By It Self
      and Through It Self.

      Almost a quarter of a century ago, through the grace
      of Bhagavan Ramana, I realized the nature of the Self.
      I remember some of the thoughts which flashed in me
      intuitively after the great recognition...."Of course,
      of course, it is only me, what else, what else, what
      else did I expect, what else could it have possibly
      been!" Paradoxically, the obvious had become obvious.

      On that day, I truly realized how ordinary I was in
      every way and it filled my heart with gladness and
      joy. And knowing my own Heart, and realizing that it
      was the One Heart, all the scriptures made sense, and
      all the teachings lost their hold. Over time, it
      seemed like my heart was some leaky faucet that could
      no longer be contained with love seeping out in
      drips.... little drops, little drops, big drops......

      If we see clearly with the mind, the nature of the
      mind, we see that the ordinary mind is the Buddha

      So there is not much to do but to breathe in and
      breathe out in gratitude, love, and awareness and go
      about your daily life.

      Ramon Sender   meditation society of america
      The Institute of Noetic Sciences annouced in
      their current newsletter the following:

      One of IONS' most popular (and groundbreaking) publications
      is "The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation:
      A Review of Contemporary Research" by Michael Murphy and
      Steven Donovan. Now this important document is live on the
      web, and its fully searchable bibliography provides
      researchers with a comprehensive overview of meditation
      research to date. Browse and search this IONS publication at
      Meditation Bibliography or

      JP Poffandi   NDS

      [Beware Those Who Weep With Realization
      He reiterated that my concentration had to be total, that
      to understand was of crucial importance, that the new
      seers placed the highest value on deep, unemotional
      To understand, one needs sobriety, not emotionality.

      Beware of those who weep with realization, for they have
      realized nothing." 
      (The Glow of Awareness THE FIRE FROM WITHIN
       Carlos Castaneda)]
      This is an interesting view - a quote from a book of
      truth-fiction that was written to share the views of those who
      follow the powerful ways of sorcery as a path towards realization.

      It is also a popular view amongst some spiritual practitioners
      from certain approaches to nondual awareness.

      The path of sobriety and complete non-emotionality may be
      perfectly appropriate for some.

      Profound realization can come through this approach - for
      those whose natures are in harmony with this approach.

      It is however - NOT the only approach - nor does it suit the nature
      of every human being.

      Beware of those who judge their approach towards realization
      as the supreme approach for all.

      Beware of those who judge and condemn others as being
      inferior in realization.

      Beware of those who condemn those who weep and mourn.

      Beware of those who feel superior to those who feel deeply, cry
      and suffer.

      Beware of those who say beware.


      There are paths in which the soul is blessed with the "Gift of

      Rumi would be considered as an unrealized fool - because of
      his weeping and passionate emotions.

      Ramakrishna would be an unrealized idiot - evidenced by his
      weeping and emotionalism.

      Jesus would be an unrealized madman - for his weeping and
      tender emotions.

      St Francis would (gladly) be viewed as a fool - for his tears and
      deep feelings.

      Shall we prefer the infinitely open and loving Ramana Maharshi
      over the infinitely open and loving Ramakrishna?

      How long must we fuel our aversions for each other - fuel our
      subtle superiorities over each other - battle with our selves -
      wage war with our emotions and bodies - judge and condemn
      those whose ways differ from our own - refuse to open to the
      infinite display of natures, personalities and approaches that are
      each reflections of the Holy One?

      How long must we fuel the dreamstuff that makes our planet a
      nightmarish hell realm of constant genocide?

      When in every heart that opens - Love is.

      Unsentimentally emotional JP

      Gene Poole   Open Source Spirit

      Incoming information is accepted as is... no
      interpretation... and response, if any, is the
      same... without preamble...

      But to the point of your question...

      Wherever I GO, there I am... the complete deal,
      history, conditioning, assumptions, illusions...

      And all of that, whether it can be considered to
      be 'me'... is what is simply around... by letting
      it be, I am undisturbed by the synthetic agendas
      which are determined by naive idealism...

      Like a sea-anemone... simply open, but configured
      to close around food that finds its way to my maw...

      The trick (if any) is to arrange for the tide to
      be 'in'... it is that refreshing flow which provides
      opportunity itself...

      Those who hold themselves to idealistic standards,
      eventually create an arrid environment... no
      refreshment allowed... a desert, devoid of juice,
      in which all inhabitants fiercy compete for each
      morsel of life-sustaining food...

      Compare that scenario to the oceanic experience of
      the anemone... simply abiding in an ever-changing
      environment, which embodies both life and death...

      So ask yourself... what 'standards' do I hold myself
      to, and why? Is there really a payoff later, for
      deprivation of myself, now?

      Why not be completely selfish?

      To be truly selfish... implies that one wants the
      best of everything... and so, this implies that
      selfishness includes the satisfaction of 'others'...
      to 'get what one wants', one must on the way, give
      to others, what they want...

      As food is eaten, so is the eater, eventualy...
      it is the acceptence of this food-chain, that
      allows true enjoyment of partipation in the flow...
      knowing that there are Beings who hunger for me,
      just as I hunger for others... that my temporary
      form, will eventually return to the stuff from
      which is is made...

      So move about, I do... not in idealism, but in
      selfishness... 'only the best' is my motto...
      why settle for anything less?

      Think about it... do you 'deserve' the best?

      If not... why not?

      I deserve the best... and why?
      Because I say so.

      I really advocate that everyone simply
      demand, and arrange, for the very best
      for themselves... so that it is OK to
      show up, warts and all, so to speak...

      If each person can recognize that the
      only way that any one person can win,
      is by everyone winning... that if there
      is one suffering loser, that the game is

      This is why my call for selfishness...
      one who does not see virture in 'austerities',
      will not force others to privation, in the name
      of good... contentment can occur for anyone, who
      is fed, and who enjoys the company of others who
      are satisfied...

      Cooperation... for the purpose of making it good
      for everyone... is an essential component of
      selfishness (which is called, by the way,
      'enlightended self-interest')... leading to a
      union of everyone, and the ability and willingness
      to make one's own lot better, by giving only the

      So no matter what seems to be expected... to
      give only what one can, and make it the best...

      There is every possiblity that such open sharing
      will take away the fear of scarcity, and the fear
      of aloneness, that operate as such relentless
      drivers of human destiny...

      Why not, I say?

      Here, there, and everywhere...

      Brother Void   salon.com

      "The stupid believe that to be truthful is easy; only the artist, the great artist, knows how difficult it is."
      -- Willa Cather

      Many of us imagine living as a work of art, but few consider the difficulties. First, you must dig down deep to where your inner artist lies trapped in a spirit-crushing day job. Having unearthed your unruly visions, you must then be willing to suffer for them. You must consent to be a rough draft much of the time. You must be prepared to destroy yourself in order to create yourself anew. You must revel in the hardness of your hammer, showing no pity to the forsaken shards littering the dropcloth of your life. Finally, having offered yourself up as the willing clay of your own imagination, you must note, with some chagrin, that your inner artist is a drunken, moody son-of-a-bitch.

      I am a difficult canvas.

      Gill   allspirit

      From: 'ZEN Teaching of Instantaneous Awakening' Hui Hai
      Trans. John Blofeld

      A monk enquired, 'How are we to interpret correctly all names,
      forms, speech and silence in order to integrate them and realize
      a state that is neither anterior nor posterior?'

      M: When a thought arises, fundamentally there is neither form
      nor name; how can you speak in terms of before and after?
      Failure to understand the essential purity of all that has name
      and form is the cause of your mistakenly reckoning everything
      in those terms. People are locked in by these names and forms,
      and, lacking the key of wisdom, they are unable to unlock
      themselves. Those clinging to the Middle Way suffer from Middle
      Way psychosis; those grasping at extremes suffer from a dualist
      psychosis. You do not comprehend that that which manifests
      itself right now is the unequalled Dharmakaya. Delusion and
      awakening, as well as gain and loss, pertain to the worldly way.
      The rising (of the thought) of creation and destruction leads to
      the burial of true wisdom; both the cutting off of defilements
      (klesha) and the search for bodhi are in direct opposition to

      John Duff   Centre Of Friends


      Aspiration to Become a Universal Citizen of the 21st Century
      by Ethan Nichtern

      Having not yet realized that cosmic superglue Union of the spiritual and the secular, without which a human being is at best a passive schizophrenic, and at worst a bloodshot receptacle for handfuls of antidepressants, I make this aspiration:

      May my eyes be propped open by haunting toothpicks.
      May they stay open because I love what I see.
      May my ears be stuffed with porous sponges.
      May the space between them retain each drop of genius.
      May my nose sniff the vapor trail of memory.
      May it not sneeze at all the subtle lessons.
      May my tongue slobber all over the face of passion.
      May it not crave the taste of celebrity lust.
      May my body exude the sweat of creativity.
      May it not be disgusted by its own organic product.
      My my mind stay unstamped by the corporate logo of righteousness.
      May it let go completely, and therefore grasp the heart.

      This simple note is left not just for those praying for social revolution,
      but for those working for human evolution.

      Mary Bianco   NDS
      The ego is a monkey catapulting through the jungle:
      Totally fascinated by the realm of the senses,
              it swings from one desire to the next,
              one conflict to the next,
              one self-centered idea to the next,
      If you threaten it, it actually fears for its life.
      Let this monkey go.
      Let the senses do.
      Let desires go.
      Let conflicts go.
      Let ideas go.
      Let the fiction of life and death go.
      Just remain in the center, watching.
      And then forget that you are there.
                                  -Lao Tzu

      David Hodges   Live Journal
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