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Thursday, October 31, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Issue #1244 - Thursday, October 31, 2002 - Edited by Jerry The following posts are from Live Journal REJUVENATION from Live Journal no search a prayer
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      Issue #1244 - Thursday, October 31, 2002 - Edited by Jerry

      The following posts are from Live Journal

      from Live Journal

      no search

      a prayer unspoken
      yet constant -
      travels effortlessly
      through even
      the darkest silence

      it echos clear
      and loud -
      penetrating even
      the deafest ears
      of man

      supreme being
      knowing - seeing
      breathing - silence
      answers truth
      with pressence.

      Just Be.


      Let there be
      no judgement,
      only acceptance -
      in the reality
      of now.

      As it is -

      Thinking this,
      or that
      changes absolutely
      of it's reality.

      Know Now
      for what it is.
      It can not
      be relived

      That is good.
      That is bad.
      No less -
      It is.



      Fear is false evidence -
      appearing real.

      Quit running.
      Settle down.
      Go through it.

      Your destiny was established
      before you ever got here.

      Look within...
      Darkness is a part
      of your journey.

      When you can not see,

      In this moment,
      you will know
      what is real
      and what is not.


      Discussion from Live Journal:

      What becomes enlightened?

      Nothing. And everything.


      Could it be said that enlightened (or illuminated) are
      very different things than awakened?

      To be enlightened means to have light transfered to you.
      To be illuminated, means to have light cast on you. To be
      awakened, means to open your eyes, and see that the light
      was there all along.

      You're right... no dust can land on and obscure the
      mirror, so polishing the mirror isn't necessary.

      It seems to just be a slight shift in focus and maybe not
      even that, just an innate acknowledgement that the
      believed persona apart from the outside (and that there
      wasn't really an inside apart from the outside) didn't
      exist as a seperate entity, that it had been a myth built
      from hearing it too many times and believing it and not
      really investigating independently and believing the eyes
      instead of so called "common sense".

      I guess at some point the independence of mind and
      observation coupled with hearing words from others was
      parts of letting the belief of an independent self go. I
      guess fear of what would happen if the acknowledgement
      took place held it back too.

      enlightenment is death. it's an end to the subject that's
      looking out at the world. it's stepping into the mirrored
      pond and becoming nothing but the pond. it's not an
      understanding. it's not an answer. it's ignoring the
      question. it's stop talking about it. it's a candle
      before they invented fire.

      and we'll all be enlightened some day.

      To me, enlightenment means that you are at
      peace with your limited but limitless understanding of
      the reality of the present moment. You are no longer
      consumed with your past, nor are you overwhelmed about
      the unknown future. You have found contentment in what is
      placed before you in any given moment. You have the
      ability to now see through things, that once was
      impossible to understand. Not because of anything you
      have accomplished, rather by what you have let go of. You
      have let go of your personal self, as it once was -- and
      became a new being. You are able to look into the eyes of
      another, and see the words and where they come from --
      within that man, rather than hear the words and determine
      their meaning with your mere ears. You are able to
      understand what "truth" is... with only silence. You
      simply are one with this divine new source of love and
      power within you. You illuminate with pure radiance.

      I don't know how to define enlightenment. Whatever one
      says is not going to be it, that's why all spiritual talk
      has been called prattle. Didn't Buddha hold up a
      flower, or something? It's a slipping into seeing things
      as they are. Once something is seen 'as it is', it is
      gone. That includes the witness, or the I Am, or the
      deepest knowledge. When everything is gone, because it
      simply IS, what is there? There's nothing seen, no seer,
      simply Being.

      I think Awesboss' question "what is it that becomes
      enlightened ?" isn't only a good question but also
      answers the question pretty well. "To become enlightened"
      is something of an oxymoron, there isn't anything or
      anyone that becomes enlightened, in the sense that there
      is something that suddenly transforms into something
      else. Instead enlightenment seems to be something of the
      opposite, something falls away and one sees that
      enlightenment has always existed, it's always been
      present and in the end enlightenment is all one sees of

      Some of what falls away is the sense and belief of being
      a person separate from the surroundings (subject/object
      relationship), of being something separate from
      God/Spirit/Tao/(definition of God) and of being separate
      from other beings. Some say time and the sense of events
      taking place falls away too, but that's talking about
      what enlightenment isn't, not what it is. It's hard to
      put into words that which is completely beyond words but
      which is what reads these words anyway. "The
      attributelessness of pure being" is one description of
      enlightenment which I like.

      Does something specific and significant happen to the
      self? Does daily life change ?

      I would say on an inner plane, not necessarily on the
      plane of appearances or career or external life,
      something does happen and that's a relief, a movement
      away from a cramped, frustrated, helpless self battling
      every emotion and thought in the narrow space between
      fear and pleasure. Something opens up and relaxes and
      breathes more easily and the battling in that narrow
      space takes on a sheen of joy whatever is done, even when
      frustrated or helpless or battling. :)) When that joy is
      significant, daily life has to change but then again, at
      the level of events, maybe it doesn't. It's not the world
      which changes but the way you look at it and more
      specifically, the way you look at yourself.

      how does one know when one is enlightened?

      Some say when the sense of self and witness is gone, when
      all emotions turn to pure awareness, when there is
      awareness even in dreamless sleep, when the body stops
      breathing but still keeps on living and a lot of other
      fun sounding stuff. I guess the answer ties in with "what
      is it that becomes enlightened ?"... it's not being
      anything, it's living empty space and free movement.

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