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Monday, October 14, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Sea Charms 1200 x 900mm, Colin Perini Colin Perini has two new free online books available: You can also view
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      "Sea Charms" 1200 x 900mm, Colin Perini

      Colin Perini has two new free online books available:


      You can also view his seascapes.



      #1227 - Monday, October 14, 2002 - Edited by Jerry - Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm


      Your Invitation to and Information About Ramana Yukio's
      Visit to Chicago

      Radical Awakening with Ramana

      Chicago, Week of Oct. 21–27

      Three Evening Events / Weekend Intensive / Private

      For more info on Radical Awakening:

      The above material was edited/prepared for us by John

      David McMullin (708) 383-9154



      Dubious 'bringers of enlightenment'

      If a man has some awareness of higher levels and knows
      that he is  free to be anywhere in the universe, he may
      then seek to justify  taking part in a physical game.
      The most self-flattering way to disguise  his appetite
      is to see himself as a bringer of enlightenment, of
      purity,  of virtue. No one, not even he, will question
      his motives and results:  isn't he doing what he says he
      is doing? If others fail to reach his  height, it's not
      his fault—and thus he keeps the game going forever. It's
       self-renewing as long as he is unwilling to see that
      his own vibrations  emphasize the evil and ignorance he
      sees. The more he hates evil,  the more evil there is to
      hate. The more he advises people to resist  the material
      world the more he binds them to it.

      And even these comments are the consequence of my own
      resistance  to the "error" of resisting evil. This is a
      perfect example of how we  are always guilty of what we
      condemn in others. What we see is  always ourselves. It
      is useless to correct anyone's behavior.

      --Thaddeus Golas

      (as posted on The Other Syntax )


      Most mammals are born, equipped with a so called
      'pleasing' behavior. This implies a type of behavior
      often labeled as "learning". It shows well in certain
      breeds of dogs, and some dogs are unhappy without having
      learned a few things to please their master. House
      training is an example of changing behavior.

      The pleasing tendency has to override an initial "yuck".
      This suggests there is a balance, and regarding
      "enlightenment issues", a dynamic one as suggested by
      Purohit Swami too. Hence what looks like "correcting"
      from one perspective  is but the dynamic balance between
      the inborn tendency to learn and please, from another

      As to no surprise, "pleasing the gods" isn't a term
      without meaning. But like the old fox who can't learn
      new tricks anymore, humans having lost the ability to
      learn, having been filled to the brim with  do's &
      don'ts, thanks to upbringing and education, can't change
       behavior even if they themselves would want too.
      Whatever the effort then is to no avail, leaving
      suffering as the last teacher.


      Thomas Merton, The Silent Life, published in 1957:

      "...in our desire to be `as gods'...we seek...a relative
       omnipotence: the power to have everything we desire, to
       demand that all of our wishes be satisfied and that we
      should never be frustrated or opposed. It is the need to
       have everyone else bow to our judgement and accept our
      declarations as law. It is the insatiable thirst for
      recognition of the excellence which we so desperately
      need to find in ourselves to avoid despair. This claim
      to omnipotence, our deepest secret and our inmost shame,
       is in fact the source of all our sorrows, all our
      unhappiness, all our dissatisfactions, all our mistakes
      and deceptions. It is a falsity which rots our mortal
      life in its very roots because it makes everything we do
       more or less a lie. Only the thoughts and actions which
       are free from contamination of this secret claim have
      any truth or nobility or value in them....

      Those whom  we agree, among ourselves, to call `sane'
      are those who  keep their personal claim to absolute
      perfection and  omnipotence repressed and disguised
      under certain  accepted mental symbols, and who only
      assert their claim  in actions which are rendered
      acceptable by apparent  outward harmlessness and social

      There are many  acceptable and `sane' ways of indulging
      one's claims to  divine power. One can be, for example,
      a proud and  tyrannical parent -- or a tearful and
      demanding  martyr-parent. One can be a sadistic and
      overbearing  boss, or a nagging perfectionist. One can
      be a clown, or  a dare devil, or a libertine. One can be
      rigidly  conventional, or blatantly unconventional; one
      can be a  hermit or a demagogue. Some satisfy their
      desire for  divinity by knowing everybody else's
      business; others by  judging their neighbor, or telling
      him what to do. One  can even, alas, seek sanctity and
      religious perfection  as an unconscious satisfaction of
      this deep, and hidden,  impurity of soul which is man's



      Enlightenment, then, is the direct realization of the
      dual nature of the glory of God as the inherent
      perfection of all things and a ceaseless imperative to

      But the evolutionary journey is a perilous one, and the
      blossoming of the human spirit can go terribly wrong.
      When the ecstatic embrace of the evolutionary imperative
      is not firmly grounded in the profound knowledge of the
      inherent perfection of all things, the consequences can
      be disastrous. Why? Because the ego's insidious and
      deadly investment in domination and control can easily
      be fueled by the tremendously empowering discovery of
      the evolutionary imperative unless one is first firmly
      grounded in the awakened knowledge of the inherent
      perfection of all things. Indeed, without that
      grounding, inspired passion easily becomes fertile
      ground for the ego to identify itself with that which is
      Absolute, thereby enabling our darkest impulses to
      masquerade as the greatest good.




      Consider the birds:

      Do the birds worry, do the birds cry?
      Do the birds wonder, "What would happen if I couldn't fly…?"
      Do the birds hesitate, do the birds doubt?
      Do the birds struggle with "What is this life all about?"

      No, they just fly-y-y and they sing!
      Just being a bird gives them everything, everything.
      And all is well.

      Consider the flowers:

      Have you ever seen a lily trying to be a rose?
      Pouring on perfume in a desperate show…
      Have you ever seen a daffodil turn from the sun?
      Hiding its face saying, "No, no, I'm not a worthy one…"

      No, flowers just open so happy to be
      Graceful expressions of natural beauty and purity,
      Pure beauty.

      Now consider your self:

      Who is this looking out from your eyes?
      Who is this shining beyond all disguise?
      What is this so present, so obviously here?
      What can't be denied 'cause it's closer than clear?

      You are the precious jewel, you are the One!
      You are a fresh breeze, free as a bird, pure as a meadow flower
      Wherever you are, you are at home,
      You are home,
      Forever home.

      -Ananda Sky, June 2001

       Beloved, we are One



      Here in the urban sprawl of Toronto - on a cool October
      night - I  sat with my father and brother - and I
      watched with wonder and  gratitude David Suzuki's
      beautiful sharing from his heart -  "Sacred Balance".
      Thank you for the reminder.

      Perhaps you may have felt some of the following in your
      heart -  as I did in mine:

      As our living planet continues to die - as thousands of
      species  become extinguished - as living waters and air
      become  poisoned...

      As the human technosphere expands - warlike and
      feeding-frenzied - against the natural ways of the

      Does a glimmer of hope yet remain for humans to awaken
      from  our collective dream and insanity of hell - a
      dream that is  bringing death and chaos onto our own
      selves and every  creature - in an orgiastic nightmare
      born of a sense separation  and duality - a fevered
      forgetfulness of our Oneness?

      "Eat, drink and be merry - for tomorrow we die!" As long
      as me  and mine are okay. As long as I am "enlightened"
      - I'm okay.

      Perhaps the time will be forced upon humans when we are
      faced with extinction - when humans will individually
      and  collectively say: I AM ALL THIS.




      How can anyone flee and separate from their own body?
      How  can one part say it is more important than another?

      All of us: inseperable living parts of a living,
      breathing,  experiencing organism named Earth.

      All of us: inseperable living parts of a living,
      breathing,  experiencing organism named the solar
      system, the galaxy, the  Cosmos, the Multiverses, the
      Universe, the Awarenessverse.

      All of us as embodied beings: interdependent aware parts
      of the  One.

      All of us: Living Light, Living Love - in every form,
      every creature,  every element, every teardrop, every
      broken heart, every leaf,  every grain of sand.

      Will humans and life on Earth survive by awakening to
      the  nondual, interdependent nature of Life - of all
      beings and  creatures?

      Or refuse the clear and ever-clearer evidence of the
      nondual  interdependent nature of Life - and die in our
      dreams of hell - of  individuated self importance,
      greed, hatreds, divisions - of  individuated escapist
      enlightenment - of disrespect and denial of  our own
      bodies, each other's bodies, the bodies of all
      creatures,  the body of Earth, the body of the Cosmos?

      What a dream! What a world!

      What an infinite unfathomable Love in which all is
      perfect - a  Love that flows through every heart!

      Grain of sand JP

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