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Tuesday, October 1, 2002

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  • Michael Read
    The source of all light is light. #1214 Tuesday, October 1, 2002 Edited by Michael Home: ... Effective website with a good
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      The source of all light is light.

      Tuesday, October 1, 2002

      Edited by Michael 

      Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>


      --- In NondualitySalon@y..., Jerry Katz  wrote:

      Effective website with a good title, and an interesting approach which
      takes a popular self-help style and pushes it toward the nondual, sort

      "There's only Life and through it all things are possible. Even the
      perfect tan."

      "Cut that cholesterol, fight against terrorism, get good grades,
      don't talk back, make sure those kids sit in their car seats,
      don't go out at night you might get raped. But fear is a trap, a
      prison that prevents us from experiencing the majesty and
      magnitude of who we really are. We don't die because we're not
      bodies. Let's start living and see what happens."

      "I honestly believe that my childhood friend is somewhere with a
      big grin on her face---the same grin she had when we were girls
      riding in the last row of the camp bus where we could see quite
      clearly that the pain in one kid's neck was not "life's cruel
      hand," but really just another kid blowing spit balls at him
      through a straw."

      "If time is an illusion, why is my past still pissing me off?


      In Illuminata@y..., Mace Mealer wrote:

             If Rigpa is a state devoid of concept,
             what grants it the definitive parameters
             allowing it to be approached through a
             system composed of doctrine and guided action
             based in concept?

             If the sudden exclamation of PHAT! at precisely
             the appropriate time during the contemplative
             process is conducive to the heightened effectiveness
             of such process, why is considered, specific intent
             necessary for it's implementation, in that the end result
             of such process is considered to be devoid of
             temporally based cognitive predisposition.

             If a state is summoned through endeavor
             how can it be other than contrived and and it's
             purity compromised by the means with which
             it is effected?

             If all is empty from where stems  the awareness
             of emptiness?
             If all is mind, then how can it perceive other than

             Why does the moon laugh at the sun?


      In GuruRatings@y..., "Melody" <melody@s...> wrote:

      > Is it really so much
      fun putting down gurus who you don't
      understand at all?

      I wonder if it's possible to really understand
      anybody at all....guru or non-guru.

      What can we really understand other
      than our own response to what another
      does, or what they say? 

      Our own response based on experience,
      preference and expectation.

      I wonder if this is part of what Sharlene
      has been trying to communicate: the
      way our own thoughts, needs, preferences
      and avoidances are filters thru which we
      'hear' and 'see' other people.....and how
      then we wind up responding to them,

      rather than the heart of what is being
      expressed by another.

      I wonder if this doesn't better account
      for the way conversation gets deterred
      from the original focus.

      As kids my brothers and sisters used
      to place bets when our uncle would come
      to visit as to how long it would take him
      in conversation to tell a story about how

      "this reminds me of the time when I
      was in the Navy......"    There was
      absolutely nothing that could be said
      that wouldn't in some way remind him
      of when he was in the Navy.  :-)



      PEACE - michael



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