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Monday, September 30, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] #1212 - Monday, September 30, 2002 - Edited by Jerry - Home: GLORIA LEE from NDS SOUL AND THE OLD WOMAN What is the
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      #1212 - Monday, September 30, 2002 - Edited by Jerry - Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>

      from NDS


      What is the soul?  Consciousness.  The more awareness, the
      deeper the soul, and when

      such essence overflows, you feel a sacredness around.  It's
      so simple to tell one who

      puts on a robe and pretends to be a dervish from the real
      thing.  We know the taste

      of pure water.  Words can sound like a poem but not have
      any juice, no flavor to

      relish.  How long do you look at pictures on a bathhouse
      wall?  Soul is what draws

      you away from those pictures to talk with the old woman
      who sits outside by the door

      in the sun.  She's half blind, but she has what soul loves
      to flow into.  She's kind; she weeps.

      She makes quick personal decisions, and laughs so easily.

      ("The Soul of Rumi" - versions of Rumi by Coleman Barks)



      oh goat you know calm
      never is a man in peace
      whipped by thoughts with will
      turmoil daily lubricant
      yet the pristine mind is still


      from Spiritual Seeker

      simply see

      From: 'A Gradual Awakening' by Stephen Levine

      When we simply see--moment to moment--what's occurring, observing
      without judgment or preference, we don't get lost thinking, "I
      prefer this moment to that moment, I prefer this pleasant thought
      to that pain in my knee." As we begin developing this choiceless
      awareness, what starts coming within the field of awareness is
      quite remarkable: we start seeing the root from which thought
      arises. We see intention, out of which action comes. We observe
      the natural process of mind and discover how much of what we so
      treasured to be ourselves is essentially impersonal phenomena
      passing by.


      BOB ROSE
      Meditation Society of America

      A Present For You

      When you are in a bathtub with very hot water, you are aware that
      your body is warm and wet. When you leave the bathtub, the warmth
      and  the wet feeling go away. But that which was aware of those
      things remains. It never goes away. This awareness, attention, the
      Witness to the events of the present moment of life, is your Real
      Self. It is  ever-present and to be present with It is the
      greatest present. Every  "thing" else goes away. Meditation is a
      tool that removes the  obstacles and distractions that prevent
      your presence in the eternally present essence/consciousness.


      from The Other Syntax

      "When a man behaves in such a manner one may rightfully say  that
      he is a warrior and has acquired patience! When a  warrior has
      acquired patience he is on his way to will.  He knows how to wait.
      His death sits with him on his mat,  they are friends. His death
      advises him, in mysterious ways,  how to choose, how to live
      strategically. And the warrior  waits!"

      "I would say that the warrior learns without any hurry  because he
      knows he is waiting for his will; and one day  he succeeds in
      performing something ordinarily quite  impossible to accomplish."

      A Separate Reality


      from Ultimate Advaita

      Silent Awareness - Jean Klein

      It is only through silent awareness that our physical and mental
      nature can  change. This change is completely spontaneous. If we
      make an effort to  change we do no more than shift our attention
      from one level, from one  thing to another. We remain in a vicious
      circle. This only transfers  energy from one point to another. It
      still leaves us oscillating between  suffering and pleasure, each
      leading inevitably back to the other. Only  living stillness,
      stillness without someone trying to be still, is capable  of
      undoing the conditioning our biological, emotional and
      psychological  nature has undergone.



      My Past Life as a Dog



      from NDS

      This article from NYTimes.com  has been sent to you by

      Nondual activism? (In support of the Democracy?) YAY!!!!

      LOve, Mark


      Reporters Try the Silent Treatment

      September 30, 2002 By MARK HALPERIN

      The other day, something remarkable happened in the White House
      press room during spokesman Ari Fleischer's briefing: restraint.

      The issue on every reporter's mind was the same. Did the president
      really mean it when he said that the Democrat-controlled Senate
      was "not interested in the security of the American people?"

      No White House press secretary walks into that briefing room
      without first doing his own reporting about what the journalists
      who cover the White House are going to ask.

      Mr. Fleischer arrived knowing he would be grilled on the
      president's comments. And he faced a difficult choice: repudiate
      his boss's words or stand by a statement that seemed at odds with
      the message of bipartisan cooperation the president has tried to

      Of course, Mr. Fleischer also knew he had a way out if his
      carefully calibrated answer was not well received. When press
      secretaries get into trouble with the questions of one reporter,
      they turn to other reporters who, eager to get in their own
      questions or to secure an on-camera moment, raise their hands,
      shout and do whatever else is required to steal the floor. Another
      question is asked, the moment is forgotten and the press secretary
      gallops free.

      For many years, White House reporters have often undermined
      themselves and their cause by interrupting a colleague who may be
      closing in on the truth or, at least, on a nonanswer for the
      public record.

      Mr. Fleischer is adept at taking advantage of this situation, but
      the model was perfected during the Clinton administration by Mike
      McCurry and Joe Lockhart, who were expert at maneuvering the
      briefings into safer territory. But now, just maybe, this era is
      coming to an end.

      The reporter who took part in this landmark moment was Ron
      Fournier, of The Associated Press, who was invited by Mr.
      Fleischer to ask the first question. Mr. Fournier inquired about
      the president's intentions. "Did he misspeak," Mr. Fournier asked,
      "or does he really believe that Democrats are not interested in
      the security of the American people?"

      Anticipating the issue, Mr. Fleischer gave an answer that some in
      Washington would call a nonresponsive response. I'm certain there
      were reporters in the room who thought they could ask the question
      in a clever way that would have compelled Mr. Fleischer to go
      beyond his talking points. But instead of interrupting Mr.
      Fournier and giving Mr. Fleischer a way out, they sat in silence.

      Mr. Fournier continued, going back and forth with Mr. Fleischer,
      with four more versions of the same question. In the end, Mr.
      Fleischer never really answered directly whether Mr. Bush stood by
      those controversial words or not. But a point had been made.

      So I say to the White House press corps: how about a nonaggression
      pact? If one of you is on to something, let that person finish the
      line of questioning. Ari Fleischer and his successors might not
      like it, but the country would be better served.

      Mark Halperin, political director of ABC News, covered the White
      House from 1993 to 1994.



      from NDS

      Brief Quotations from Native Americans

      The following is from one of the many message boards of the Native
      American Nations group:

      When there is true hospitality; not many words are needed.

      One has to face fear, or forever run from it.

      The Grandfathers and Grandmothers are in the children; teach them

      Flowers are for our spirit to enjoy.

      Be brave where bravery is honorable.

      Friendship cannot be bought;you have to make it.

      When you have learned about love, you have learned about"The Great

      Words are the voice of the heart.

      When the wisdomkeepers speak, all should listen.

      "The Great Spirit" teaches the birds to make nests,yet the nests
      of all birds are not alike.

      Is it not better for one hundred to pray for one, than for one to
      pray alone for himself?
      (Tenton Sioux)

      All things have inner meaning and form and power.

      Teaching should come from within, instead of without.

      We are friends; we must assist each other to bear our burdens.

      It is good to tell one's heart.

      When you lose the rhythm of the drumbeat of "The Great Spirit",
      you are lost from the peace and rhythm of life.

      Inner peace and love are the greatest of "The Great Spirits"
      (Tenton Sioux)

      Life is not separate from death, it only looks that way.

      Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.



      Terms such as depression, etc., are modern terms. Prozac and other
      meds are relatively recent, I believe.

      You may be interested in knowing that Sri Ramana did once equate
      Self-Realization with madness. The Sage of Arunachala stated that
      the difference between a Jnani and a madman is that the Jnani does
      not resist his madness! :-).

      So yes, the great sages are crazy, and on top of it, they really
      like it! :-). :-). :-).

      Dan wrote a brilliant piece on HS on certain gurus like Osho,
      Krishnamurti, Adi Da who have emphasized their specialness. It was
      quite clear, funny, and insightful, I thought.

      Ultimately, it seems to me that whether the eastern tradition or
      the western tradition or the gurus are dishonest or on prozac or
      valium or whatever is not relevant. What is relevant is our own
      honesty with knowing where we are and not being distracted.


      I'm late coming in here, but I wanted to add that when depression
      becomes life debilitating, whatever it's root causes, medication
      can be an option that shouldn't be discounted. It's a very
      personal choice. But I suffered horribly for a very long time
      struggling to move beneath my depression, transcend it, come to
      know it, ride above it, surrender to it.....all the "tricks" I
      knew, all the non-dual insight I could apply........I finally
      decided this was another sort of martyrdom....and I didn't need to
      suffer this way....I could try an option...and if I didn't like it
      I could abandon it.


      from NDS

      You are the Medium. You are the Marriage. You are the Centre where
      all energies meet.

      You are the Singularity, the Child, born of the Union
      (togetherness) of all couples/opposites.

      All energies, all dimensions meet in the Centre - some call this

      The Centre is the 'Middle Way', the 'Golden Mean', the
      'WaterCourse Way', the 'Golden Rule'...it is emphasized in all
      wisdom traditions and sciences.

      You are what is called the Golden Mean, or Phi - you are
      simultaneously physical and spiritual (or whatever labels used for
      'this' and 'other') - physical existence exists at the only point
      that it can *be* - the CENTRE or 'mean' (what is the 'meaning' of
      the word 'mean' - note that it can mean either what is called
      'good' or 'bad' - it is the mean).

      OneDuality - two in One.

      OneDuality - Definite and Infinite are its qualities/poles (things
      are all-together in the  Centre and/or in Openness).

      The Definite qulaity of Love - is the 'meaning' of Life/Love
      (mortal life continues within certain boundaries of this
      'field'/mean and beyond those boundaries you no longer 'exist' as
      a localized entity - there is 'beingness' outside this that can
      only be touched/described intuitively - "Mediums" are able to get
      in touch with both 'this' and 'other'.

      When we look telescopically we see this Golden Mean or Phi in
      double spiral galaxies like our Milky Way - when we look
      microscopically we see it in the double spiral of our DNA and when
      we look with our natural vision we see it in the double spiral of
      the Breath, in sea shells, rams horns, sunflowers, our inner and
      outer ears, in the dimensions of our face, our bodies and ALL that
      we describe as 'Beautiful' (art, architecture, the relationship of
      the length to the width of our credit cards ...)...

      You are how the Infinite, which is the other quality of Love manifests  - its structure is called Phi, the Golden

      All-One Love.

      Love and Gratitude,



      Phi is the Golden Mean. (there are many sites on the Internet
      about this)

      The Golden Mean (or Golden Section), represented by the Greek
      letter phi, is one of those mysterious natural numbers, like e or
      pi, that seem to arise out of the basic structure of our cosmos.

      Unlike those abstract numbers, however, phi appears clearly and
      regularly in the realm of things that grow and unfold in steps,and
      that includes living things.  The decimal representation of phi is
      1.6180339887499... .


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