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Friday, September 13, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    Nondual Forum (photo sent in by Robert O Hearn) #1196 - Friday, September 13, 2002 - Editor: Gloria - Home:
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      Nondual Forum  (photo sent in by Robert O'Hearn)
      #1196 - Friday, September 13, 2002 -  Editor: Gloria - Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>
      [Yen Hui said,] "May I ask what the fasting of the mind is?"
      Confucius said, "Make your will one! Don't listen with your ears, listen with your mind. No, don't listen with your mind, but listen with your spirit. Listening stops with the ears, the mind stops with recognition, but spirit is empty and waits on all things. The Way gathers in emptiness alone. Emptiness is the fasting of the mind."
      -- Zhuangzi

      Root of Heaven roamed on the south side of Mount Vast. When he came
      to  the bank of Clear Stream he met Nameless Man and asked him.
      "Please tell  me how to manage the world." 

      "Go away you dunce." Nameless Man said. "Such questions are no fun I
      was  just about to join the Creator of Things. If I get bored with that, I'll
      climb on  the bird Merges with the Sky and soar beyond the six directions.
      I'll visit  Nothing Whatever town and stay in Boundless country. Why do
      you bring  up managing the world to disturb my thoughts? '' 

      Still Root of Heaven repeated his question and Nameless Man responded 
      "Let your rnind wander among the insipid, blend your energies with the 
      featureless, spontaneously accord with things, and you will have no room 
      for selfishness. Then the world will be in order." 




      Here's one of master Hsu-yun (1840 - 1959)

      You've traveled up ten thousand steps
      in search of the Dharma.
      So many long days in the archives, copying, copying.
      The gravity of the Tang and the profundity of the Sung
      make heavy baggage.
      Here! I've picked you a bunch of wildflowers.
      Their meaning is the same
      but they're much easier to carry.




      Thanks for this great post. I have some friends who teach the same ages
      that you do and they feel similarly about how wonderful it is to be in their
      joy-filled presence.

      My 4-month-old daughter has been brightening more and more each day,
      and I find myself laughing in spite of myself when I see the looks of
      astonished, excited wonder that light up her face when the seemingly
      most mundane things happen: A colourful toy brought into her field of
      vision excites her tremendously; when I pick her up from a nap, her
      expression explodes into joy just at the sight of me.

      Being in the presence of young children is a tremendous reward, I agree.
      Thanks again for your post and for being here.


      PS: Here's another chance for me to plug my website which is filled with
      pics of our little girl:




      Thank you dear Jerry. Yes - from the Vastness of Love - all arise
      and return. How? Shrug. I dunno.

      And yes - some say - go even beyond Love. Go into Nothingness
      - Emptiness. Only Emptiness. That's fine - for any who may want that.

      To any human being who can truly and authentically remain 24
      hours a day in a perpetual state of nondual awareness - I fold my hands.

      To any human being who can be aware of the nondual unitive state and 
      also simultaneously - be fully human in body, mind, emotion - living 
      amidst all this - all the seeming contradictions - all the joy and suffering - 
      beauty and brutality - creation and chaos - knowing and unknowing - 
      without seeking to escape from this - or creating a false duality - without 
      denying her/his full humanity - while seeing the awesome mystery of 
      Love in all and seek somehow to relieve suffering - I fold my hands. 

      The dualistic world is referred by the beautiful and honest
      Leonard Cohen as "Boogie Street" in his latest CD of mystic
      poetry/song Ten New Songs. He now studies, as you know, with
      Ramesh B.

      Leonard shares:

      "Boogie Street to me was that street of work and desire, the
      ordinary life and also the place we live in most of the time that is
      relieved by the embrace of your children, or the kiss of your
      beloved, or the peak experience in which you yourself are
      dissolved, and there is no one to experience it so you feel the
      refreshment when you come back from those moments.

      As my old teacher said: "Paradise is a good place to visit, but you
      can't live there because there are no toilets or restaurants." So
      we all hope for those heavenly moments, which we get in those
      embraces and those sudden perceptions of beauty and
      sensations of pleasure, but we're immediately returned to
      Boogie Street."


      Sometimes, one can spend years and years trying to integrate  the
      unforgettable awesomeness - looking for a human way to  contextualize it
      and conceptualize it - searching for an  explanation - plunging deeply into
      the quagmires of dualistic  experience/feeling/thinking and an agonizing
      sense of confusing  separation. 

      Trying to reconcile the unitive vast Love with the human horrors  and
      sufferings in the world - and within one's own psyche.  Experiencing what
      Kazantzakis called through the wise and  earthy Zorba the Greek, "the full

      Some teachers on the "enlightenment circuit" claim there is no  such thing
      as an experience of a "dark night of the soul". There  is for some. There
      are so many different experiences. Many  diverse experiences and

      Everyone is doing what they can to be happy. I feel everyone is  both a
      teacher and a student. Even amidst the nightmares. All  held tenderly in

      Inside, along with you - into Love,



      Since I have some Sicilian ancestry - I've changed "Who Am I?"  to
      "Wazza Matta You?"

      You gotta problem wit dat? :))))


      ROB SACKS on RamanaMaharshi

       Q: Now what exactly do I focus on when I hold the "I"?

      That's the million dollar question, isn't it?  The Talks
      book is full of people who asked the same question.
      Bhagavan never seemed to give a straight answer.  Maybe
      he answered the lucky ones by staring into their eyes
      and stopping their minds.

      Maybe there's a hint in the following paragraphs, which
      I just ran across in David Godman's new book, volume
      3 of Power of the Presence:

      "....Many western visitors came for Sri Bhagavan's
      darshan.  One of them, Mr. Maurice Frydman, a Polish
      Jew of subtle intellect, plied Sri Bhagavan with ingenious
      pleas for practical guidance on Self-Realization.  Sri
      Bhagavan followed his arguments with keen interest
      but kept silent all the time.

      "When pressed to say something, Sri Bhagavan only
      quoted from the Bible, 'Be still and know that I am
      God,' and added a rider that the Lord said 'know' and
      not 'think that I am God.'" (page 114)

      "Know" not "think"?  Maybe it's a hint?





      great! just a couple other responses to why did the chicken cross the road. In
      good humor, of course. I hope everyone can laugh a little at themselves.

      Harsha: "If crossing is good for the chicken, it's good for me. If staying is
      good for the chicken it's good for me. Whatever it does is good for me."

      Jan Barendrecht: "Fellow chickens hearken, Not once is a road alone, In the
      chicken show, The road thinks Go? Stay? Why? Nothing but practice for the road.
      Nothing but soup, to Yama."

      Drew: "My latest research shows there is a link between the chicken, the road
      and the freemasons. The chicken is completing a 3:4:5 triangle, based on the
      Golden Section and the Major Third music interval, in an effort to rule the

      Judi Rhodes: "The fucking chicken disgusts me."

      Jerry Katz: "Hey, I'm just glad chicken is here. It doesn't have to cross. It
      can sit there and eat a donut for all I care. It's already on the other side."

      Gene Poole: "When you hatch you'll find out."

      Bruce Morgen:
      I don't find it easy to
      relate to chicken crossings, especially since
      historically chickens
      were not very much of the road
      and not elitest/legalist like
      the turkeys.  This is a
      Kentucky fried distortion, one of

      It's important to remember
      that, in his own time, the chicken
      was a popular Jewish reformer
      but was not followed by the
      vast majority of "the chicken
      hearted," who simply went
      through the motions of their
      ancestral faith and were
      content to leave crossing the road to
      the priestly class  and/or to
      the followers of itinerant

      David Bozzi: so rich corporate
      could continue to suppress
      alternative resources
      and creativity
      that would otherwise appeal
      to our dear Mother Earth
      and Provider...

      David Hodges: "It seems to me the chicken is on its way to New Haven, where
      there are two things going on of note: One is the return of the Yale students.
      Second is the New Haven Road Labor Day Race, a national level 20k race that
      attracts chickens from all over the world."

      Jan Sultan: "If crossing is good for the chicken, it's good for me. If staying
      is good for the chicken it's good for me. Whatever it does is good for me."



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