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Thursday, September 12, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] from Southeast Asia Poster Art
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      from Southeast Asia Poster Art


      #1195 - Thursday, September 12, 2002 -  Editor: Jerry - Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>

      from NDS



      Speaking of arising, a few moments ago I got up from
      bed, the possibility of sleep eradicated by a cyclonic
      mental party that began promptly at 3:35am. Snapped
      awake to a wild, drunken fest..

      Oddly enough, the party was full of chatter similar to
      the above exchange: this that this that.

      (Does friction eventually polish the surface?)

      Not that there is friction between 'this and that'. That
      would mean that the 'this and that' are logically
      oppositional, which they aren't. 'This and that' is
      stream of thought... keeping the conversation going
      because that is what one does at a party.

      (So then, what surfaces are rubbing such that I feel


      "You don't have to be imprisoned by the inevitable,
      repetitive flip- flop between pleasure and distress for
      the rest of your life. You can  harness energy from
      unexpected sources, such as the flip-flop process
      itself! ... and live freely." Anon


      Battered by my guests' poor social graces, I eventually
      sit in the corner and withdrew focus, attention,
      engagement. Gone for a ride, surfing over the banter,
      wondering when the guests will pass out or get tired and
      go home, but not really caring.


      Most venues, where humans gather, are like a cocktail
      party. Everyone  plays a part, and the parts intermix,
      and the music is delightful -  if only people could SEE
      what was really happening...


      The Party - Phil Ochs

      The fire breathing Rebels arrive at the party early,
      Their khaki coats are hung in the closet near the furs.
      Asking handouts from the ladies, while they criticize the lords.
      Boasting of the murder of the very hands that pour.
      And the victims learn to giggle, for at least they are not bored.
      And my shoulders had to shrug
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      The Hostess is enormous, she fills the room with perfume,
      She meets the guests and smothers them with greetings.
      And she asks "how are you" as she offers them a drink,
      The Countess of the social grace, who never seems to blink.
      And she promises to talk to you, if you promise not to think.
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      The Beauty of the hour is blazing in the present,
      She surrounds herself with those who would surrender.
      Floating in her flattery, she's a trophy-prize, caressed.
      Protected by a pretty face, sometimes cursed, sometimes blessed.
      And she's staring down their desires, while they're staring down her
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      The egos shine like lightbulbs, so bright you cannot see them,
      Blind each other blinder than a sandbox.
      All the fury of an argument, holding back their yawns,
      A challenge shakes the chandelier, the selfish swords are drawn.
      To the loser go the hangups, to the victor go the hangers on.
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      They travel to the table, the host is served for supper,
      And they pass each other down for salt and pepper.
      And the conversation sparkles as their wits are dipped in wine,
      Dinosaurs on a diet, on each other they will dine.
      Then they pick their teeth and they squelch a belch saying:
      "Darling you tasted divine."
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      Wallflower is waiting, she hides behind composure.
      She'd love to dance and prays that no one asks her.
      Then she steals a glance at lovers while her fingers tease her hair.
      She marvels at the confidence of those who hide their fears.
      Then her eyes are closed as she rides away with a foreign legionaire.
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      Romeo is reeling, counting notches on his thighbone,
      Searching for one hundred and eleven.
      And he's charming as a cherub, as he leads you to his web,
      Seducing queens and gypsy girls in the boudoir of his head.
      Then he wraps himself with a tablecloth and pretends he is a bed.
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.

      Ahh, the party must be over, even the Losers are leaving.
      Just one doubt is nagging at my caustic mind:
      So I snuck up close behind me and I gave myself a kiss,
      And I led myself to the mirror to expose what I had missed.
      There I saw a laughing maniac who was writing songs like this.
      And my shoulders had to shrug,
         As I crawled beneath the rug
         And retuned my piano.





      R.K. SHANKAR
      from the I Am list

      viruppAsai thunbinbu mElumivai pOlva
      viruppavAm buddhi yiruppA - liruppillAth
      thookkaththi lindradhanAR sondhamavai pundhikkE
      yOrkkugavAn mAviRkA mO.
      Fondness, desire, sorrow, happiness,
      and additionally, such as these,
      do(!) abide, because of the abidance of the intellect.
      In the sleep without the abidance (of the intellect),
      (these) do not abide.
      Hence, they belong to the intellect alone.
      Do (they belong) to the Self? Investigate.
      Translation of Atma Bodha Verse 23 by Sri Bhagawan


      from NDS

      Sri Ramana used to say that either one has to enquire
      steadfastly about the arising of the aham vritti (the
      'I' thought--the feeling awareness of I AM) or
      surrender entirely to the Guru that is one's own Self,
      the very Heart of one's existence. In either approach,
      the ego, the sense of identity, the 'I'-ness
      merges in the Heart and the Self.

      Bhagavan often made the point that one cannot go
      beyond a certain point with effort alone and that
      Grace is needed. When asked, how could one obtain
      Grace, Sri Ramana would say that Grace is
      ever-existent and always there. One only needed to be
      aware of It. That is why Ramana Maharshi often brought
      attention to the Heart, that the Self is Always
      Realized, and that the Grace is always there. So one
      makes the sincere effort, and then Grace takes over,
      some Power, the Power of the Self---that takes the
      mind and merges it in the Heart.

      The Heart is the magnet. The words of the Guru are
      Grace because they make the devotee aware. When
      meditation is ripe, and all the effort that is
      possible has been made, through Grace alone, mind and
      Shakti travel to the Heart and merge in it. That is
      the Supreme Silence.

      Love to all

      You can read some of my writings on the Heart at the
      following link.



      from NDS

      I like how the women keep urging the men to just go
      meditate already! The most famous qigong master of
      China, Yan Xin, teaches the "Child Longevity
      Meditation" -- visualizing the age of six for women and
      seven for men. By the way Master Yan Xin gave President
      Bush Sr. eight personal qigong treatments at the White
      House and the President declared Yan Xin to be the
      world's greatest living sage.

      But please let me toss out some more words on meditation
       technique. Very concretely Nisargadatta (sp?) states
      that he thinks "I AM" is preferrable to "Who Am I?" I
      know that at the end of his life Nisargadatta kept
      emphasizing how important life-force was -- and how he
      didn't have any.

      If you read Master Nan, Hua-Chi he talks about the
      different levels of emptiness/energy -- he is very
      specific about this esoteric information and it's very
      important I think. Anyway he states that a person can,
      for instance, stop all thoughts in their mind and think
      they have achieved nondualism. Ramana Maharshi talks
      about this very same problem -- a trance.

      Another problem Ramana Maharshi talks about is that when
       people practice nondualism they think that simply
      repeating the thought "Who Am I?" is the practice. He
      stresses that a person doesn't use the mind -- but the
      consciousness or the energy that is between and behind
      the thoughts. Master Nan emphasizes this as well and
      states that this "lip-service Zen" was an epidemic

      Master Nan states that not only is the Mind pure
      consciousness but so is the Body and the universe. So
      if a person truly achieves nondualism the body should
      be emptied out as well -- even if they are not attached
      to the energy. Ramana Maharshi actually experienced
      physical death -- and it was several years after his
      first feeling of death that lead to samadhi. In
      otherwords during his practice the life-force
      completely transformed his physical body. This is also
      described in detail in a wonderful book: "Opening the
      Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard."

      "I" prefer "Who Am I" to "I Am" because the "Who" is
      like the meaningless sound -- the Zen shout or slap --
      that drives the logic of the mind back to its
      emptiness/energy source. This helps to move past just a
      mental repetition -- a conceptual verbal
      self-affirmation. It also helps to focus and keep
      moving the ego back to its source until it is
      completely emptied out (mind/body/universe).

      Master Chunyi Lin's password to his Spring Forest Qigong

      "I am in the Universe. The Universe is in my body. The
      Universe and I combine together." He teaches that above
      all: Use the consciousness to go into the emptiness and
      keep it simple. He teaches this mainly by transmission
      of energy. He teaches the four elements to practice
      are: Mind, Sound, Posture, Breath. He has tapes that
      guide anybody through easy but powerful exercises.

      Thanks for letting me share some words about practice --
       even though I'm just a beginner. drew


      from NDS


      The below final nondual activist statement of Debray
      emphasizes the problem of equalized inverse
      proportions as the basis for western measurement
      (Metis/Maya).  He incorporates nondual meditation -- I
      believe -- into this statement.  "Zero" in the below
      can be read as Kali.

      The apocalyptic future of westernized global
      techno-civilization as the conclusion of Debray's
      "Critique of Political Reason":

      "The overall process is dialectical in its logical
      principle of the unity of opposites, but it is not
      dialectical in terms of temporal progression. The
      reassuring model of thesis-antithesis-synthesis is not
      applicable to the historical spiral. According to that
      model, the local archaic moment would be followed by
      a-modern-world negation, the process being completed by
      the negation of the negation in the serenely Japanese
      form of a society in which the robotization of work is
      tempered by ancestor worship. The synthesis is not in
      fact homogeneous with the thesis; it is not the
      Aufbehund of the first two stages. At bottom,
      dialectcial reason contains a guarantee of recuperation,
       whereas historical evolutionism contains something
      irrecuperable, in the two senses of irremediable and
      uncontrollable. Social time gives us vertigo: not that
      of (combinatory) iteration or (dialectical) progress,
      but of the exponential. On the one hand, we have the
      curve of 'the release of religious energies', on the
      other that of 'the domestication of natural energies'.
      Universalization of subjects =  tribalization of
      subjects. Re-established at every stage of evolution,
      the old equilibrium produces a new disequilibrium. An
      equation with inverse but correlative values can see its
       values increase to zero. Tension rises until the final
      zero is reached. By then the various hostile tribes will
       have discovered nuclear fire." (p. 345)



      This issue of body energy and mental discrimination is
      magnified and clarified under the world's worst military
      regime: Burma.

      Just to remind people that I did alot of Burmese
      activism, working with refugees who had to flee the
      country. There has been a fascinating book published on
      meditation and politics in Burma and it's on the web at
      "Mental Crisis in Burmese Culture."

      The basic message of this book is that the dominant
      practice in Burma has been Vipassana or insight
      meditation. This practice emphasizes mental
      discrimination and not energy. But the military generals
      have been using slave labor to build meditation centers
      and promoting them to the West. There is a big increase
      in meditation tourism and the military generals are
      using it to justify their regime: "Look see how many
      foreigners enjoy our peaceful country." Some have
      criticized Vipassana because it makes people complacent.

      The elected democratic leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, keynote
      speaker for the UN Global Women's Conference, and Nobel
      Peace Prize recipient, practices Vipassana meditation
      everyday. But her teacher was being promoted and
      utilized by the military general so much so that the
      teacher has tried to set up a separate practice.

      Also the military generals have sought out their own
      meditation masters that emphasize "concentration"
      instead of "insight." The military generals want to
      focus on generating energy as powerful magic -- instead
      of focusing on discriminating insight.

      Of course these separations are very fuzzy but this type
      of meditation struggle is well-documented in other Asian
      countries. Dr. Stanley Tambiah has researched the recent
      issues of this nature in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Some of
      the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka even had powerful guns
      stored in their monasteries.

      It's worth mentioning that the International Forest
      Monastery in Thailand has faced similar problems. Their
      teacher Ajahn Cha emphasized mental focus on the heart
      -- no posture or body energy focus. Westerners are
      readily attracted to this more intellectual approach.
      But even though there has been a highly regarded western
      monastery in Thailand (well-supported by the local women
      and the government) the head of that monastery had to go
      to Britain just to practice serious meditation! Why?
      Because the local villagers were cutting down so much of
      the Forest that the monks had to devote most of all the
      energy on doing forest activism -- not meditation.

      It is predicted that soon one out of ten people in
      Thailand will be HIV positive. There's one monastery
      that does focus on body-energy. One westerner with AIDS
      flew all this way to Thailand -- close to the Burmese
      border -- just to hope to be successfully treated.
      Hundreds of Thais learn this body-energy meditation with
      the hopes of treating their AIDS. But the monk that
      teaches them emphasizes that they can't stay long at the
      monastery because it is not a hospital.


      posted to many lists

      9/12/02    "Abundance"
      Several weeks ago a man and his wife came to our house
      to take a look at our truck for sale. We connected so
      beautifully with them that we won not only a completely
      seamless business transaction, but a pair of friends as
      well. The woman, in the knowledge that our baby was due
      anytime, called us up a day or two later and said, "I
      just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to meet you
      and your family the other day and to let you know that
      you can call me if there is anything I can do for you."
      I laughed joyfully, thanking her from my heart, and told
      her that if she'd like to take up residence in our
      kitchen and cook for us, that would be a dream come
      true! She said that when the baby came she would be
      happy to make us a meal and we both hung up with smiles

      The next day we all gathered around our blinking
      answering machine (such a big event!). It was our new
      friend. She was reporting that she had eight meals lined
      up for us from people in the community who didn't even
      know us! I was so astonished. I laughed out loud and
      then when the gratitude hit me, I got a lump in my

      Every other day since the announcement of our baby's
      arrival, beautiful ladies (young and old) have brought
      warm meals to our door. After many years of serious
      experimentation with different diets I now have only one
      simple criteria for what makes an awesome dish and that
      is how much the cook enjoyed preparing it. I must say
      that as a result of the these strangers' generosity,
      lately our family has been feasting like king


      from NDS

      I did a search for the word "nothing" today and got
      26,300,000 hits on  Google. One of the first was
      Adbusters' page promoting this year's Buy  Nothing Day,
      at http://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd/.

      Nondual activism!
      DIY nondoing!
      Non-partisan politics!
      Non-drivel creativity!

      To buy or not to buy, that is the kvetch.

      Love, Sarlo

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