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Tuesday, August 10. 2002

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  • Michael Read
    #1193 - Tuesday, September 10, 2002 Editor: michael Home: ... A Place to Start If beginners studying Zen fear they have as
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      #1193 - Tuesday, September 10, 2002

      Editor: michael

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      A Place to Start

      If beginners studying Zen fear they have as yet no place to start
      and no direction, even so, there's nothing else to say but that you
      each have an original face, which you have never recognized.
      This original face is one with all buddhas: twenty-four hours a day,
      as you are speaking, silent, active, quiet, walking, standing,
      sitting, and lying down, all of this is due to its empowerment.
      Just recognize this inwardly, and there you have a place to start;
      there you have direction.

      ~~~ Wei-tse (d.1348)

      The Subtle Path

      The subtle path of buddhas and Zen masters is not an irrational
      creation of knotty problems, nor is it eccentricity or wierdery.  And
      it is not something that is very lofty and hard to practice: it is
      what you presently use all the time in your everyday activities. If
      we have to give it a name, we might call it the natural real Buddha
      in your own nature, or the master within your own self.

      In everyday terms, at all times and in all places, you see and hear
      with Shakyamuni Buddha's eyes and ears, you speak and breathe
      with Zen founder Bodhidharma's tongue and nose. In ultimate terms,
      the individual lives of all the buddhas and Zen masters of the ten
      directions are all in your grip - whether to gather them together
      or let them disperse is all up to you.

      ~~~ Wei-tse

      >From Teachings of Zen, translated by Thomas


      Avadhut Gita

      chapter 2 verse 23:

      A guru gives the gift of wisdom

      To both the wise and the foolish man;

      But only he crosses over this ocean

      Who attains the knowledge of truth for himself.



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