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Sunday, September 8, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    Highlights #1191 - Sunday, September 8, 2002 - Editor: Gloria Lee Home: photo by Alan Larus Diana Being_One Between the
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      Highlights #1191 - Sunday, September 8, 2002 - Editor: Gloria Lee 
      photo by Alan Larus
      Diana  Being_One
      Between the banks of pain and pleasure
      the river of life flows. It is only when
      the mind refuses to flow with life, and
      gets stuck at the banks, that it becomes
      a problem. By flowing with life, I mean
      acceptance - letting come what comes
      and go what goes. Desire not, fear not,
      observe the actual, as and when it
      happens, for you are not what happens,
      you are to whom it happens. Ultimately
      even the observer you are not.

      - Nisargadatta Maharaj
      Gabriele Ebert  SriRamana

      Samsara is nothing but our thought.
      Those who live spontaneous and thought-free
      May seem to dwell in a body bound
      And moved by Fate, but they in freedom
      Roam in the boundless space of true Awareness.
      Muruganar: The Garland of Guru's Sayings, v. 616
      Claire  Being_One

      It [the dream] appears to be beginningless, but in fact it is only now.
      From moment to moment you are renewing it. Once you have seen
      that you are dreaming, you shall wake up. But you do not see
      because you want the dream to continue. A day will come when you
      will long for the ending of the dream, with all your heart and mind,
      and be willing to pay the price; the price will be dispassion and
      detachment, the loss of interest in the dream itself. Wanting it to
      continue is not inevitable. See clearly your condition, your very
      clarity will release you. 
      Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 
      Michael Being_One
      Several weeks ago, my wife and I traveled to Las Vegas for a
      clothing trade show.
      For years, black youth have inspired the fashion industry. Much of
      American fashion comes from the inner city.
      As we passed the main entrance, I noticed a group of models. There
      were ten or twelve black youth still-posing, all wearing this years
      latest statement.
      They were hardly noticed by the on-rush of convention goers.
      We walked past like the rest, but then I returned and stood in front of
      "Oh my........You're all so beautiful".
      I hadn't intended to say those words out loud.
      It felt a little awkward.
      I watched for any reaction from the group.......................
      three seconds..............six seconds...... nothing............no one
      moved.........no one blinked.......
      damn.............that was a stupid thing to say..........
      I was about to turn away when the young lady, third from the left,
      looked into my eyes..........and broke out in the most wonderful smile.
      You know........like sometimes when the sun breaks free from the
      clouds and rushes over you with warmth.
      I was familiar with The Smile, but everytime It comes...........the
      world disappears.........
      My wife returned to where I was standing and put her arm under
      We turned into the crowd...
      "Did you see that smile?" I asked.
      "Oh yes" she said........and smiled at me.
      Gloria  Spiritual-Friends
      It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
      A dunce once searched for a fire with a
      lighted lantern.
      Had he known what fire was,
      He could have cooked his rice much sooner.

      -   Joshu Washes the Bowl, The Gateless Gate #7
      Zen Flesh, Zen Bones,  p. 176
      Translated by Paul Reps and Nyogen Senzaki


      Diana  Being_One
      A leaf on the river cannot dictate the rivers course.
      If nations are destined to collide......individual puppets have no
      power to intercede.
      And yet we act, Michael. Puppets, or instruments? Your 'involuntary'
      remark, heard by that child, who can say how that smile will
      reverberate through her life and that of those she touches?
      A very long time ago, i read a story "complete on these two pages,"
      in Reader's Digest. It was about a lady and a skunk. The skunk had
      trapped its head in a discarded Yoplait container. You know the ones
      that narrow at the top? And the lady had all the reluctance and fear of
      dealing with it. She called around to all the places she could think of,
      to no avail. With no assistance forthcoming, she steeled herself and
      went out and by holding the container, allowed the skunk to wiggle
      itself free. She wrote there was that moment, in which they regarded
      one another. And then the skunk turned and made its way back to the
      woods. And she realized that sometimes, you are the agent God has
      placed to do what must be done.
      In all these years, never have i forgotten this story, complete on those
      two pages.
      All love
      Jerry Katz NDS
      Enough Day
      from Vyoma: <http://www.livejournal.com/users/vyoma/>
      (i learned about this from fireceremony and iamom):

      September 11: Enough Day. Dubya, acting upon a joint
      resolution of Congress, has declared September 11 to be
      Patriot Day. According to his proclamation, we're
      supposed to "...observe this day with appropriate
      ceremonies and activities..." and to "...display the
      flag at half-staff from their homes and observe a moment
      of silence at 8:46 a.m. EDT," this in honor of the
      Americans who died in the terorist attack.

      You know, personally I think this just stinks to hell. I
      have a better idea, so I'm making a proclamation of my
      own, which of course is completely unendorsed by any US
      politicians I'm aware of.

      I'm declaring September 11 "International Enough Day."
      Enough flag-waving, enough violence, enough nationalism.
      Enough already. September 11 was not an American
      tragedy, it was a human tragedy. It was a tragedy not
      just for the people in the US who died, but for every
      innocent person killed as a result of the US reaction to
      the attacks as well. It was a tragedy for the human
      spirit, regardless of nationality, religion, and
      anything else.

      On September 11, let's say "Enough." No more killing.
      Let's remember not only the victims of the hijacked
      airplanes in the US, but of the embassy bombings in
      Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Let's remember all the
      Israelis killed by Palestinian bombers and all the
      Palestinians killed by Israeli troops. Let's remember
      all the innocent people slain by Union Carbide in
      Bhopal, India in 1984. Let's take the day to contemplate
      the people who've been victims of genocidal warfare in
      Africa, and the ones who've starved to death because of
      political games as well. Let's remember the victims of
      the Holocaust and of the firebombing of Dresden, too.
      Let's not forget those who were slain in the Mai Lai
      Massacre. Instead of waving the flag of one nation and
      thinking only about our own dead, let's make September
      11 a day to remember all the people who've died at the
      hands of someone else's political agenda through no
      fault of their own, and let's say enough. We should
      stand up and disavow this, no matter what country we're
      in, no matter what religion we are, no matter our
      political affiliation or status or race or anything

      If we had a moment of silence marking the time of every
      attrocity ever committed in the name of nationalism,
      religion... every attrocity committed in the name of the
      artificial borders that try to make us forget that we're
      all human, all in this together, all fragile creatures
      whose lives can be snuffed out in an instant through no
      fault of our own... then we would never speak again.

      So we here in America should, I think, observe September
      11 as the day when the nightmares that humans around the
      world have been living with for decades came lumbering
      ashore on the East Coast of the US. We should see it for
      what it is; the day the US truly experienced the horror
      that rings like a bell around the globe, from South
      America to the Middle East to Micronesia, the day we
      joined the human race at a most profound and fundamental

      There should be no "Patriot Day," no day to further
      emphasize thaty we're different. Instead, let's say
      "Enough." Enough of putting the interests of any one
      nation above the interests of the human race. Enough
      dwelling on our small differences. Enough killing each
      other over them. Enough hate, enough fear, enough
      hunger, enough violence, enough bombing, enough enough
      enough ENOUGH.

      We should each find our own way of expressing this. A
      moment of silence... or perhaps a day of silence.
      Meditation, art, whatever it is that you do... do it.
      Take the day to celebrate the lives of all of us --
      wherever we're from and whatever we believe -- who are
      still here, and think on those -- wherever they were,
      whenever they were and whatever they were -- who weren't
      so lucky. Take the day to remember the fragility of
      human life and all the nightmares wrought by those who
      wanted to impose their will upon the whole of humanity.
      Commit no act of violence, however small. Let go of any
      hatred and prejudice and thirst for revenge and, for one
      day, see yourself in the other and the other in

      Do whatever you do, and do it to say ENOUGH.

      John Metzger NDS

      David Loy - Nonduality of Good and Evil, Buddhist Reflections, New Holy War

      Michael Read  NDS

      Re: enlightenment of earth

      ah, no - not really
      don't see the need for all that

      a dab of love and a touch of respect
      seem enough, basically what else could be needed?
      clean food and water would be good
      interesting things to do

      should be enough - michael

      oh, and fresh duffnutts alzo! yes?

      James Traverse    DirectApproach
         I have studied directly with both Jean Klein and B K S Iyengar -
      so I may be able to shed some light.
           Here is the way I reconcile the approaches of both Jean Klein
      (direct) and Iyengar (progressive) - they are extreme poles of the
      same thing - Yoga (and each has a hint of the other in it).
           Yoga means Union - it is a marriage of what appears to be
      separate things - like the journey and the destination - these are
      extremes of the SAME THING (each has some of the other in it).
           Yoga is the journey AND the destination.
           Yoga is like a Mountain with many paths.
           Without the Mountain - there are no paths.
      Since the Mountain already exists - the goal is already
      accomplished, *all-ways* attained, and yet the only way to resolve the
      mysteries/paradox of Life is to embrace the journey (to SEE the
      paradoxical nature of One - it appears as two).

      Love and Gratitude,
      Mazie Lane HarshaSatsangh

      Ram Gopal - The Sleepless Saint

      "The devotee inclines to think his path to God is the only way," he
      said. "Yoga, through which divinity is found within, is doubtless the
      highest road: so Lahiri Mahasaya has told us. But discovering the
      Lord within, we soon perceive Him without. Holy shrines at Tarakeswar
      and elsewhere are rightly venerated as nuclear centers of spiritual
      The saint's censorious attitude vanished; his eyes became
      compassionately soft. He patted my shoulder.
      "Young yogi, I see you are running away from your master. He has
      everything you need; you must return to him. Mountains cannot be your
      guru." Ram Gopal was repeating the same thought which Sri Yukteswar
      had expressed at our last meeting.
      "Masters are under no cosmic compulsion to limit their residence." My
      companion glanced at me quizzically. "The Himalayas in India and
      Tibet have no monopoly on saints. What one does not trouble to find
      within will not be discovered by transporting the body hither and
      yon. As soon as the devotee is willing to go even to the ends of the
      earth for spiritual enlightenment, his guru appears near-by."
      I silently agreed, recalling my prayer in the Benares hermitage,
      followed by the meeting with Sri Yukteswar in a crowded lane.
      "Are you able to have a little room where you can close the door and
      be alone?"
      "Yes." I reflected that this saint descended from the general to the
      particular with disconcerting speed.
      "That is your cave." The yogi bestowed on me a gaze of illumination
      which I have never forgotten. "That is your sacred mountain. That is
      where you will find the kingdom of God."
      Christiana  NDS
      Greetings Gene.. 
      First I am moved to say that your response to Eric had a poignancy which 
      touched me. If what passed through me added any discomfort, may I  apologize.
      Through all movements and nonmovements with you, over all  these years,
      there is always this return to a centrality of acceptance,  gratitude, openness,
      love and abiding. 
      And it is to this essence of movement that I segue with your interesting 
      offerings of Steiner's vision. It has been a long time since I studied Rudolf 
      Steiner, but have often felt that his complex system offered one of the  threads
      which lead me to Advaita. A continued perception and witnessing of  the 'forces'
      inherent in our incarnation.. balanced by 'abiding' the Interval..  or as Steiner
      refers to It - the Christ impulse. I wondered why you didn't  mention that facet of
      his 'metaphor'. As Steiner states or indicates below.. the  "world could not exist"
      without these forces; and it is through the Grace of  abiding (knowing the Christ
      impulse) that "man" overcomes himself... and  the 'world' is seen through living
      empty eyes. 
      It seems here that these rhythmic 'force' movements of extremes also occur  as
      potentia in both Anthroposophy and Advaita. One risking the contraction  of
      minutia, the other risking the expansion of noninvolvement. We see this  rhythm
      on lists as well, through ourselves, in how we, as individual nodes of 
      consciousness steer or interact with 'the conversation'. Each moment an 
      opportunity for balance of clear seeing. 
      Yesterday you wrote: 
      "I find it curious, however... that the nondual is seemingly
      ignored in the arguments proffered in the recent threads...
      instead, cautionary statements, similar to mine above, are
      In the sight of the nondual, the MATRIX topic is already
      resolved... it is 'merely' the ongoing conversation between
      elements of the dual... and thus symptomatic of the 'virtual
      separation' perceived to also be included in the nondual...
      If we propose an 'ending'... either good or bad... we dishonor
      the greater whole... whose growth-dynamic and evolution
      may require every painful step that we see... to judge that
      one or the other of the opposing forces be 'stifled' or
      disempowered, is to fall prey to taking the metaphor of
      symbolic communication, to be 'real'.
      the This is not to say... that we cannot observe and discuss the
      ongoing conversation that the vast universe entertains within
      itself. Indeed... our own communication... is an outpicturing of
      this powerful talent... and would that it be seen as such... "

      As you are endeavoring on your new list to shake off the linguistic flotsam 
      which tempts automatic embedded responses, I wonder as well, if a 
      'conversation' might eventually be heard from which we have stepped back  far
      enough to observe the larger patterns unfolding, even as we wander the 
      occasion cul-de-sacs of dual forces. Steiner also refers to these forces as 
      temperatures, a language model a bit less charged. Ram Dass once said, the 
      balance is when one arrives at a place of observation where one can note  "Ah,
      there's sadness. Ah, there's joy. Ah, note how they reveal the Center".  I often
      use temperature readings to discern the force being activated. Ah, too  much
      heat there. Ah, the frigidity of indifference or arrogance there. Ah, the  vital
      warmth of the still flowing river." 
      Perhaps we each observe these movements and do not speak them. Perhaps  it
      is redundant to do so. Still, I wonder if a greater seeing of the system might 
      unfold in doing so. 
      Below are a few Steiner quotes relevant to this thread. 
      Much love, Christiana 

      To this day there has been much talk about Christianity and the Christ impulse,
      but man has not yet gained a clear understanding of what the Christ impulse has
      brought into the world as the result of the Mystery of Golgotha. Certainly, it is
      generally admitted that there is a Lucifer or an Ahriman, but in so doing, it is
      made to appear that from these two one must flee, as if one wished to say, “I
      want nothing to do with Lucifer and Ahriman!” — In yesterday's public lecture
      (see Note 1) I described the way in which the divine-spiritual forces can be
      found. If these forces did not want to have anything to do with Lucifer and
      Ahriman, either, the world could not exist. One does not gain the proper
      relationship to Lucifer and Ahriman by saying, “Lucifer, I flee from you!
      Ahriman, I flee from you!” Rather, everything that man has to strive for as a
      result of the Christ impulse must be seen as similar to the equilibrious state of a
      pendulum. In the center, the pendulum is in perfect balance, but it must oscillate
      to one side or the other. The same applies to man's development here on earth.
      Man must oscillate to the one side according to the luciferic principle and to the
      other according to the principle of Ahriman, but he must maintain his equilibrium
      through the cultivation of Paul's declaration, “Not I, but Christ in me.” 
      The Christ, however, towers in the middle as the One who is carrying the
      Parcival principle into the new age and who, not through His power but through
      His very being, induces others to overcome themselves, rather than being
      overcome by Him. <snip> There has to be a clear understanding that we cannot
      turn our attention just to the Christ, but must set our sight on the threefold
      configuration: Christ, Lucifer, Ahriman. I can only hint at this, but spiritual
      science will eventually bring to light the full content of the mystery, Christ in
      relation to Lucifer and Ahriman. 
      from Rudolf Steiner's The Fifth Gospel 
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