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Saturday, September 7, 2002

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  • John Metzger
    Highlights Saturday, Sept. 7 ... cee livejournal want them taunt them nurture and employ them ignore them adore them imagine and destroy them * the concept
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2002
                                                          Highlights   Saturday, Sept. 7

      cee  livejournal
      want them
      taunt them
      nurture and employ them
      ignore them
      adore them
      imagine and destroy them
      the concept of "others"
      is no good reason
      to make an "i"

      Bob Rose  meditationsocietyofamerica
      Ya know, I think that sometimes people have a realization that there
      is nothing "real" about the ego persona they have developed over the
      years, and stop there, and just look at things and just see same ol,
      same ol. You know that Zen thing that goes "First there is a
      mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is." Well, these type
      "realizers" have something like "There's a mountain." And that's
      where they stop. And they may tend to just insist that "Hey - wake up
      - there's just a mountain here. Nothing else. No God, no bliss, no
      yada,yada,yada." And almost all of these mountaineers tend to think
      that their experience is the only "real One", and that everybody else
      is on the wrong path. Unlike "unrealized" people who may see a
      mountain, and then go through many inner gymnastics like labeling
      things about the mountain, figuring out how the mountain may benefit
      or harm them, remembering things about previously known mountains,
      projecting how mountains may affect them in the future, and on and
      Then we have the Enlightened people. They see the mountain, and then
      there is no mountain...as it disappears and it's real essence, the
      same eternal essence of everything and everyone everywhere presents
      itself...Then they see the mountain. And they may point to the
      mountain and say "Keep looking. There's more to it than stones." And
      they radiate the bliss they experience, knowing the loving essence
      that they and the mountain and everything are at one with. And then
      there are the people who are so unattached to an individual ego and
      so identified with the essence that that's all their experience is.
      Often can't or don't even talk about, move about, feel about It. And
      sometimes it's part of our fate, karma, "Thy will be done"
      demonstrated right before our eyes nature to act, react, interact
      with all of them. And then, having benefited in whatever way the
      universe intended us to, go on to the next experience of life.

      Brother Void   salon.com
      "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."
      -- Jean-Paul Sartre

      From the beginning you are the victim of circumstance. You're born, kicking and screaming, into an unknown family. As a child, you soak up influences that mold your mind in certain ways. When you finally get a drivers' license and move out of the house, you think you're free -- but you marry someone who looks like your mother and drinks like your father. By the time you figure out who you are or what you want, a life has already been forced upon you. But it's never too late to change. Although you can't begin again from scratch, you can make a splendid ragout from the mishmash of damaged goods in your cupboard.

      I choose how to live a life I didn't choose.

      Krishnamurti  http://www.kfa.org/bookoflife_sep.htmhttp://www.kfa.org/bookoflife_sep.htm

      September 7

      The unguarded intellect
      You can know yourself only when you are unaware, when you are not calculating, not protecting, not constantly watching to guide, to transform, to subdue, to control; when you see yourself unexpectedly, that is, when the mind has no preconceptions with regard to itself, when the mind is open, unprepared to meet the unknown.

      If your mind is prepared, surely you cannot know the unknown, for you are the unknown. If you say to yourself, "I am God", or "I am nothing but a mass of social influences or a bundle of qualities" — if you have any preconception of yourself, you cannot comprehend the unknown, that which is spontaneous.

      So spontaneity can come only when the intellect is unguarded, when it is not protecting itself, when it is no longer afraid for itself; and this can happen only from within. That is, the spontaneous must be the new, the unknown, the incalculable, the creative, that which must be expressed, loved, in which the will as the process of intellect, controlling, directing, has no part. Observe your own emotional states and you will see that the moments of great joy, great ecstasy, are unpremeditated; they happen, mysteriously, darkly, unknowingly.

      Gloria and Drew   


      Drew: Frankly I don't expect people to believe my submission "The Actual
      Plan for the Matrix."  But I felt obligated to send the information
      out and I appreciate your comments.  In my history of activism this
      happens to me all the time.  Just recently one of my bosses
      said "Yeah we should do what Drew had said."  Unfortunately what I
      said had been stated three years ago and it was too late now!  At
      that time noone took me seriously so what did I do?  I just continued
      on in my research (and my meditation).

      Now I honestly believe that people should live as simply as possibly,
      while at the same time pursuing theory and practice of nondualism.

      Also my message is based on the foundation of the self-luminous
      delight of nondualism.

      Gloria: When Jerry first floated the idea of nondual activism here, the response was ratherunderwhelming. Same with my save the environment posts, which were booed as too political. There seems to be some difficulty with connecting nondual theory to the practicalities of how one lives in this world. It's good to see you making theattempt. It would be heartening to see some discussion here of activism, especiallyhow such issues can be brought to attention of more people. If there is any conspiracy that hardly needs proving, its the near total blackout of real news here about how life actually is for the billions not living in the privileged economies. Is it just rosy idealism for me to imagine more people would care if they truly knew the price of suffering that others pay to give us our way of life? Not a rhetorical question. Did anything come of your  paint throwing demonstration to publicize sweatshop conditions?

      With regard to the Matrix and elitist conspiracy theories, again I would say that what is already obvious simply by looking at conditions of people and the environment is sufficient cause for concern.  Whether it's being orchestrated on purpose or is just the expected outcome of the current state of human evolution vis a vis political and economic results of our "thinking" - isn't it obvious there is a problem? If the powerful elites control all the resources and systems, whether secret conspiracies are behind it or not is almost a moot point. That "almost" is not meant  to dismiss your research and work, what I am getting at here is how much trouble it would be to convince the public via that approach as compared to simply dealing with the realities in our face. I'm only being practical here, as even on a nondual list, your paper's ideas are met with such skepticism.
      My son recently moved in with us and happened to bring along a couple books he was reading. One is  The Secret History of the CIA and the other is Body of Secrets, Anatomy of National Security Agency. These are fairly mainstream, with well documented sources, you can get them in libraries even. An example of one chilling revelation was a plan to set up a phony staged attack on American civilians in order to "sell to America" going to war against the country responsible. That was Cuba, 1959, under Eisenhower, approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. There's enough in this CIA book to make your conspiracies seem quite plausible, given what's already been done in Vietnam and Chile -  for these guys, life is cheap when
      it comes to winning.

      The Onion





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