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Wednesday, September 4, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Gene Poole (left) and Jerry Katz (of Advaita polka fame) #1187 - Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - Editor: Jerry - Home:
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      Gene Poole (left) and Jerry Katz (of Advaita polka fame)

      #1187 - Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - Editor: Jerry - Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>

      from Ultimate Advaita list

      There are lots of models for women to entrain their
      identity within,  but the most alive nonidentity model
      of this era has been one in  which women have tasted the
      freedom, joy and respect for the sharing  of essence in
      and beyond form.


      There are endless standards subscribed to as 'ideal'
      around this globe. This is an Advaita list. We are a
      minority in understanding social constructs; how they
      trick the mind into forming a version of reality; and in
      our unlayering of the the mind-shrouds which occlude the
      truth of what is always here. If I speak of what this
      "cell in the body of One" has opened up to, it changes
      nothing contextually, as there really is no context.
      Yet, perhaps, one voice resonating a non-standard,
      echoes the potentia for change in the larger perceived

      All that you speak to, including the American standards,
      seems predicated upon the whims and fears of masculine
      libido. Perhaps, when men mature and stop lusting,
      fearing, and objectifying women, a day may come when a
      woman could walk topless and form would simply be
      appreciated as form. Not likely to happen any time soon.

      Yet, it seems you guys are waxing between personal angst
      and social imponderables. Which arena do you want to
      speak about here, and towards what end?

      Hoping I'm not too far out on a limb, and meaning no
      harm.. Christiana


      on NDS

      GREG: I was body surfing in the 60's, and skateboading
      as  well. Have you seen the great documentary "Dogtown
      and  Z-Boys"? The birth of extreme sports! Now we've got
      "Blue Crush!

      JERRY: I love surfing movies, but haven't seen that. I
      loved  the ocean feel of Blue Crush. Endless Summer is a

      ANDREW: A thick narrow little hardwood board with a
      green racing stripe *Sidewalk Surfer* decal and little
      narrow steel wheels that made a clattery roar and
      clakety clack over the cracks in the sidewalk and when
      they hit a big crack they'd get stuck and  send you
      flying :-)


      from Daily Dharma list

      "Often our attachments take over our lives. It is as if
      we are possessed by our possessions. We want success so
      much that we give up our real lives. We want beautiful
      things so much that we only see the imperfections in
      what we have; we become so attached to others that we
      try to control or own them; we become so attached to
      somebody that we become totally dependent and forget who
      we we are...Everyday problems teach us to have a
      realistic attitude. They teach us that life is what life
      is: flawed, yet with tremondous potential for joy and
      fulfillment...Until we learn this lesson, we are burned
      again and again by our unrealistic expectations."~~Lama
      Surya Das


      The human mind is constructed to need a meaning in order
      to accept what otherwise couldn't. So even if behavior
      looks nonsensical, violent or contradictory, the mind
      invents pseudo  explanations to find a "use" to it, as
      humans are social animals. Non-acceptance of such
      behavior would undermine that and become a burden to the
      group. Hence what often looks like a double moral, and
      remarks like "god's ways are unfathomable", are but a
      glue (biological conditioning) to maintain society's
      integrity. Bonobos display a similar behavior but there,
      sex in all possible  varieties is the 'social glue' to
      defuse conflicts.



      Through lots of reading of lots of "masters" I have come
      to believe that, as there is a very broad variety of
      personalities and styles to every seeker, so must there
      be a broad variety to the methods used by the various
      gurus and teachers that arise. I can say that some
      teachers, such as Adi Da, do not work for me but how can
      I say that they are false or to label them? I presume
      that their message works for others, just as the
      teachers that I resonate with (Wei Wu Wei, Franklin
      Merrell-Wolfe, Ramana Mararshi and, yes, even Wayne
      Liquorman) work for me along my path. Two of those
      teachers, Depak Chopra and Leonard Jacobson, warn of the
      dangers of judgment, and I take their warnings to heart.


      R.K. SHANKAR
      from I Am list

      The indiscriminate one will evaluate the Self being like
      the doer, seeing the function of the instruments (of
      sense-organs), (just) akin to the senseless one's
      saying that only the moon runs, seeing the speedily
      going cloud.

      Translation of Verse 19 of Atma Bodha by Sri Bhagawan


      from Meditation Society of America



      Here is an infallible barometer to find out the degree of your
      spiritual progress. How would you feel, if:

      Your clean hands or best clothes are stained.
      You stumbled down or commit a blunder and are laughed at.
      You are hurt accidentally or stung by an insect or scorpion.
      You suffer from illness or pain.
      You do not succeed in your efforts.
      You do not get a thing that you want, or find that some thing you
      possess is missing.
      You are kept waiting for a long time by some other person.
      You are insulted or abused for no reason.
      Others fail in their duties towards you.
      You suffer a loss or bereavement.
      If none of these can disturb your peace of mind and you are
      indifferent to them, you have won the struggle and achieved 50% self
      control. God sends trials and troubles to strengthen your character:
      Greet them and test yourself.

      Swami Sivananda


      from Nondual Parent

      Today is Day 4 alone at home with Zoë, and we're still
      kinda of getting into a groove with each other. We
      totally click sometimes, and other times, not. This
      morning, she gave me a little lesson about selflessness.

      I wanted to put her down for a nap after her first meal
      of the day, but she didn't seem as sleepy as I thought
      she should be after having eaten. I played with her for
      about a half-hour, noticed that her eyelids were getting
      droopy, and eventually I put her down to sleep in her
      crib. After her breathing became slow and regular, I
      left the room and retreated to my study next door to
      work on the computer. Working on the computer was what I
      wanted to do this morning.

      However, Zoë didn't seem to think this was a good idea,
      for she awoke within minutes with a loud yell. She has
      an occasional habit of doing this -- waking up instantly
      from deep sleep and immediately starting to yell -- and
      the best way to soothe her is to pick her up immediately
      for cuddling. I did this, and she calmed down, but I
      haven't been able to put her down for more than 20
      minutes since that time, which was several hours ago.
      Just fifteen minutes ago, she finally fell asleep in her
      sling, and after doing some household chores I finally
      came up to work on the computer.

      Her lesson to me about selflessness was regarding my own
      priorities. Lest I forget that she is our number-one
      priority, she maintains an almost constant awareness of
      her needs from one moment to the next. I'm beginning to
      appreciate this though, when I once sort of resented it.
      I think that giving her the attention she asks for is
      really important. I want her to be an open and honest
      communicator, and I believe this trait can be developed
      through lots of good discussion.

      Heh -- that's what I've come to regard her occasional
      screaming sessions now -- "discussions." She just has a
      lot more to say than I do at the moment



      i would love to kiss my gurus feet, or even touch  them
      but he will have nothing to do with that kind of


      from The Other Syntax

      "What do you mean by cleaning and reordering the island
      of the  tonal?" I asked.

      "I mean the total change which I've been telling you
      about from  the first day we met," he said. "I've told
      you countless times that  a most drastic change was
      needed if you wanted to succeed in the path  of
      knowledge. That change is not a change of mood, or
      attitude, or  outlook; that change entails the
      transformation of the island of the  tonal. You have
      accomplished that task."

      "Do you think that I've changed?" I asked.

      He hesitated and then laughed loudly.

      "You are as idiotic as ever," he said. "And yet you're
      not the  same. See what I mean?"

      The Strategy of a Sorcerer
      Carlos Castaneda

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