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Fw: Friday, August 30, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    . . . . . . . . Highlights #1182 Friday, August 30, 2002 Editor: Gloria Lee Thought for the Day Eman8tions@aol.com The farther we follow the path the more
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      Highlights #1182  
      Friday, August 30, 2002   
      Editor: Gloria Lee  
      Thought for the Day
      The farther we follow the path the more powerful it becomes, the more
      fearsome, more intense, until suddenly there is freedom, no responsibility at
      all or whatsoever.

      This keeps happening again and again.

      It is a cycle, a pendulum, day, night, open, closed, fearful, brave,
      desiring, free from desire.

      Until both exist all the time in the most profound paradox of all eternity.

      The master is a child before eternity.

      And he is wise beyond the ages.

      There was a flute that played only three tones.

      Those three notes when played by the master shimmered into the darkness and
      the light produced beautiful new shadows of new realities. New insights came
      into sound and a carving was made.

      The knife cut sharply into the poetry of something that had never been said.

      His smile gathered slowly like the sunrise and rose, over the mountain he had
      carved, into the heart he had loved.

      As the flute played in the one endless moment, I became an etching.

      The mountain stretched into me and I became the stillness of the mist.

      I walked away changed forever, carrying nothing.

      All is within me now, weighs less than nothing, and so I float.

      The master sinks to the bottom, breathes deeply, exhales stars.

      Copyright © 2002  by John MacEnulty
      Gill Eardley
      Spiritual Friends
      A friend sent me this poem this morning, and I thought I would pass
      it along, it really touched me. Apparently, June Jordan died in June.

      What Great Grief Has Made the Empress Mute

      Because it was raining outside the palace
      Because there was no rain in her vicinity

      Because people kept asking her questions
      Because nobody ever asked her anything

      Because marriage robbed her of her mother
      Because she lost her daughters to the same tradition

      Because her son laughed when she opened her mouth
      Because he never delighted in anything she said

      Because romance carried the rose inside a fist
      Because she hungered for the fragrance of the rose

      Because the jewels of her life did not belong to her
      Because the glow of gold and silk disguised her soul
      Because nothing she could say could change the melted music of her space
      Because the privilege of her misery was something she could not disgrace
      Because no one could imagine reasons for her grief
      Because her grief required no imagination

      Because it was raining outside the palace
      Because there was no rain in her vicinity

      Dedicated to the Empress Michiko and to Janice Mirikitani

      June Jordan


      NDS Re: Satsang with Clara Llum = Bullshit

      I don't know anything about her. I just post the URL as I receive it and
      people can take it from there. Here's the home page and it leads to other
      pages she has: <http://www.geocities.com/clara_llum/>

      She seems to dress up nonduality a bit, and maybe she doesn't seem to come
      from the cold, bland nagual of nonduality. But who does, really?



      I hear what she is saying a little differently
      than some of you.  I hear someone who
      is saying she can go in and out of samadhi,

      apparently at will,

      as 'rare' as that may be.  (And indeed,
      it is.).  And I hear her saying that when
      you're in a room with her when this happens,

      you....any 'you'.... will be affected.

      I was particularly struck by her saying
      elsewhere regarding her training:

      "All these experiences converge
      in what I am now and how I teach or coach.
      Although I am just a walker of the Path,
      I have always found people that come to me
      in search of advice, love or instruction.
      My feeling is that they get some benefit,
      peace, clarity, confidence or resolution,
      so I decided to continue my sharing,
      not forgetting that -to me- all are mirrors of Wisdom."

      And I really appreciated this:

      "May the lineage of the Siddhas
      reactivate in me for the benefit of beings.

      This I say to clear all my faults
      and strengthen my pure connections
      with the Noble Congregation."

      I hear the voice of someone who
      strives to assist others with impeccability...

      who is in attunement with Life, as it
      lives thru her.

      And I bow to that.


      I'm sure she is of benefit to people. I don't know if any two teachers or
      gurus give off the same vibe of personality. So she has her own thing going.
      If you visit any guru, things other than drop dead enlightenment will occur.
      All kinds of improvements in one's life could happen even while
      self-realization hasn't. Clara recognizes that and makes her company
      available. It seems simple and unoffensive to me.

      also, where's the sense of celebration that once existed on this list, where
      everyone was a guru, someone to be bowed to, to be celebrated for their
      uniqueness and for what they offered, even if they were difficult personalities.
      We busted our asses to keep the difficult ones here. Those days are gone, and
      I'm not going to go out of my way to support difficult people anymore. I'm too
      old for that. My tolerance is zero. But i'll try to keep things open and alive
      here. I don't believe in supporting difficult people and I'm not going to uphold
      a culture where there a small number of local heroes who figure they know it

      Equal Bullshit for all!

      Went to visit my parents way out in the country. Their neighbor runs
      cattle... partly on my parents' property. One day, we caught a young
      bull can't-be in their garden. He was a bit put out when we went out
      to try to shoo him away; he let out a wonderfully deep belly moo.
      Then he clomped away. Bulls are heavy. The earth shakes when they
      run. Somewhere along the way, he dropped a cow poo. Nothing better
      than cow poos for gardens. We might as well have left him standing in
      the garden, if pooing was all he was doing. Would have saved us a poo

      Maybe that's all Clara is up to. Fertilizing. Poo transmission.

      This is not to poopoo anyone else's opinion of what kind or which way
      the shit is flying from Clara or around here. Hope I haven't stepped
      in it.


      Jerry Katz
      hi JP. We talked about Memento not long ago here. Which is okay, discussion
      on a topic never ends. I'd like to see whatever you might write about the
      movie. Some people in Hollywood are seriously into nondual teachings, but how
      much can they talk about it? Yet they can't keep it out of their creative
      work either, so we get movies like Memento, Jacob's Ladder, The Matrix, even
      Endless Summer, which is on my mind because I just saw Blue Crush and loved
      the wave and surfing scenes, and the simple but well told story, and many
      other movies. Check out the list here:

      Mazie Lane
      About Adyashanti

      After a series of transformative spiritual awakenings, Adyashanti
      began teaching in 1996, at the request of his Zen teacher with whom
      he had been studying for 14 years. Adya's teachings have been
      compared to some of the early chan (zen) masters of China as well as
      teachers of Advaita Vedanta in India.
      However, Adya says, "If you filter my words through any tradition
      or `-ism', you will miss altogether what I am saying. The liberating
      truth is not static; it is alive. It can not be put into concepts and
      be understood by the mind. The truth lies beyond all forms of
      conceptual fundamentalism. What you are is the beyond – awake and
      present, here and now already. I am simply helping you to realize

      "Striding the path of Zen like a lion. Then one day, the lion dies."

      "In truth, there is no birth, life, or death.
      Only the unborn eternal Self"

      Let Everything End

      There is a great momentum of suffering and confusion that every
      spiritual seeker encounters. It is the momentum of ignorance which
      manifests as the experience of conflict and confusion and which
      causes suffering. In order to discover the perspective of Liberation,
      which alone transcends this entire movement of ignorance and
      suffering, one needs to let everything end.
      "Letting everything end" means to stand in the moment completely
      naked of attachment to any and all ideas, concepts, hopes,
      preferences, and experiences. Simply put, it means to stop
      strategizing, controlling, manipulating, and running away from
      yourself--and to simply be. Finally you must let everything end and
      be still. In letting everything end, all seeking and striving stops.
      All effort to be someone or to find some extraordinary state of being
      ceases. This ceasing is essential. It is true spiritual maturity.
      By ceasing to follow the mind's tendency to always
      want 'more', 'different', or 'better', one encounters the opportunity
      to be still. In being still, a perspective is revealed which is free
      from all ignorance and bondage to suffering. From that perspective,
      eternal Self is realized. The eternal Self, the Seer, is recognized
      to be one's true nature, one's very own Self.
      This is an invitation to let all seeking end, all striving end, all
      efforting end, all past identity end, all hopes end, and to discover
      That which has no beginning or end. This is an invitation to discover
      eternal, unborn, undying Truth of Being. The Truth of your Being,
      your own Self. Let the entire movement of becoming end, and discover
      That which has always been present at the core of your Being.


      Mazie & b
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