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monday 27 sept. highlights

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  • andrew macnab
    The NDS is changing since the new NDS chat started, fewer posts. ________________________________________________________________________ Eric wrote: Mira, ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 1999
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      The NDS is changing since the new NDS chat started, fewer posts.

      Eric wrote:


      > "....and nothing quite says it."

      I think we are in teaching / sharing mode, and not just for
      Us, Gene, Dan, glo, Melody, greg, Kristi, etc. More like Greg's
      quip about taking this out to the mainstreams, countering
      the prevalent propaganda of sleep-dwelling.

      And if it isn't communicable here, It ain't gonna work there.

      You and I may be fascinated with the past's ways, but it is clear
      We both understand without it. I don't know about you, but I
      would rather causally effect those around by being what I am,
      not honing my skills from the past.

      It is the Bodhisattva thing, My own desire is going to affect others,
      untill enlightenment of all.

      I say that we shine a purer hue of god, through our willingness to
      shine thusly. This is spontaneous, and free, and never requires cross
      referencing anything. This is a rare balancing point, and one all
      are capable of. Why post? By reflecting these moments of grace
      we feel, god speaks instantly thur this far more succinctly than even
      - -Gene Poole- -.

      Take Kristi, having been through a lot, doubting me, until I shared
      the many similarities of experience I have been through, and that
      trusting the big picture, was not mere words for me.

      Gave the 4 kids a star wars movie, and am retiring with my beautiful

      wife to make love, despite our exhaustion. :-)

      Like Dan said,

      I have no quotes,

      I love you,



      The Nonduality CLiFF Note, an study option to go along
      with the salon. Get back with me.



      Kristi and Gloria Lee wrote:

      Thanks for perceiving this as a sincere question... since I had not
      elaborated anymore than to just ask. <snip>

      CLiFF HERE: Gloria, from Harsha's Satsangh, mused about an experience
      in nature, a outward common experience. Kristi, heard and Intuited
      a sign or omen in Glo's noticing, and was moved to offer clarification,
      based on her own specific knowledge of Nature Spirits.

      ~by responding from her heart, K. offered G. transmittable knowledge
      to assist anyone listening. This saved G. valuable time (Kali) and once
      again demonstrated the unique advantage of today's internet.

      Kristi, it is a privilege to be among the few and the first to read
      your poems and stories here. You ARE a writer, no doubt.

      With much love and heart of gratitude for you all,


      ~and this above almost goes without saying...:-)+)Love dancing with


      all those thoughts...
      all those words...
      all those talks...
      all those questions...
      all those analyses...
      all those explanations...

      about every thing?
      about no thing?

      oh God...is this me?

      but I certainly enjoy the jokes
      like the humour
      enjoy how one is fooling around with only one-self
      like the keenness of words
      enjoy the depth of analyzing
      like the variety of experience
      I enjoy how one explain One-self
      but what I like most now is to scream loud in silence:

      Please stop!
      Be still and know one IS

      Afra, one just talking to one-self
      Love for ever and ever...
      :-) :)


      Dear fellow nondual list members,

      Since nonduality is the main subject of interest on this forum
      (now don't start on me about nonduality not being a subject,
      I'd like to recommend you the very nicely designed advaita page from the
      site of Jan Koehoorn.
      He's Dutch, and I don't think he knows about the existence of the
      Salon (since I haven't informed him about it yet), but if we all hit his
      page today, and leave a message in his guestbook, his web counter will
      finally show some movement and he's not gonna understand 'what hit him'.
      Only if you're interested of course.



      > Dan: Anything you say is right. Anything I understand you to say is
      > Anything you say is wrong. Anyway I interpret it is right.
      > No one ever came or went. The ones who were fooled into thinking
      > so, where are they now? What is the need for "Original Awareness" -
      > has it ever begun, or been lost, or had a name?

      No Dan, you didn't say that right.
      But this is my interpretation, so it is probably wrong.
      And since you are going to misunderstand me anyway,
      I am probably right,
      and it is your fault if you misinterpret me,
      because anything I say is wrong.

      Oh yes I've been a fool!
      When I still knew what right looked like,
      I went out in search of what is right,
      When I still knew what wrong looked like,
      I went out to battle against the wrong,
      Only to find that I will always be that fool,
      And will never again know the difference.

      Leaving the wrongs and rights behind me,
      Nowhere to go, Nothing to be done,
      Everywhere to go, Everything to get done,
      In the contentment of this moment.

      ~There is no greater high than being this Life~

      With love,



      Skye - The information you shared about
      Afghanistan shows that on a large scale,
      a culture can
      exhibit symptoms of dualistic conflict
      in the same way that this can occur within
      a town, family or individual. In a sense, it's
      the same conflict viewed at different
      "levels" of manifestation. Male vs. female,
      power vs. vulnerability, thought vs. feeling,
      impulse vs. patience, force vs. acceptance,
      judgement vs. compassion, rigidity vs. flexibility,
      belief vs. experience, authority vs. caring,
      knowledge vs. innocence, etc.
      The flames are all around us and within us.
      Clear vision is important.

      My feeling is concern,
      and awareness that my concern about such a situation
      isn't condemnation of a whole culture. Expressing
      moral outrage or using force to impose a "solution"
      hasn't "cleared this up" and I don't see that happening.
      Not expressing anything, and doing nothing also hasn't
      "cleared this up." So what to do? How to respond without
      feeling powerless and vicariously suffering?

      In looking at Afghanistan, I don't see myself as
      condemning a culture, but looking at the
      actions of individuals against others using
      belief and culture as a context. This has always
      been the case, whether it is the Inquistion, the Holocaust,
      the massacres of the Kyhmer Rouge, the Hutus and the
      Tutsis, etc. Of course, our Western "cultural position" isn't
      necessarily "superior" as we have all kinds of
      conflicts "here." So without moral outrage, I would
      like to express concern and sadness. Certainly,
      when anyone is hurt by stereotyping, prejudice,
      violent assault - it is I who am hurt.

      And it is I that does the hurting.
      Why do I do this?
      Because I need to destroy as much as I need to create and preserve?
      Because creativity needs an opposite?
      No, because I have infinity to occupy with my creations. It will never
      to full......
      Why do I destroy what I have created?

      Do I want to live forever?
      What's known is known.
      Let's move on.....
      Explore the unknown......

      ~Let's shift Globally~

      With love,
      - and philosophical inspirations today -

      I was going to reply, but then I realised all this
      theory is just not touching me! I need to get real!
      Thanks everyone for sharing with me. Have a wonderful New
      Years Eve 2000.

      Much Love, from the Skye of no Skye who is Skye too :-)

      Get real while you still can my love.......
      Enjoy and fill your hart with beautiful impressions.
      Leave the footprints of your adventures in the sands,
      Where others just like you,
      May one day find reality again.

      Beautiful impressions in the sand
      (entertaining footprints in the email)
      To be found again
      By 'others just like you'
      Who are one with me


      here's a poem i found and liked, lightly and seriously
      aleks :)

      his work was play did he play
      his play way play seriously ?

      his play was work he played
      his work was play seriously

      his work and play
      were prayer lightly and
      his prayer was at once ?
      work and play

      did he play lightly
      lightly ? and seriously
      at once.
      he played

      --robert lax

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