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Monday, August 19th, 2002

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    HIGHLIGHTS #1170 Monday, August 19, 2002 Editor: Christiana Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm ... Mace Mealer HarshaSatsangh@yahoogroups.com There will
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      HIGHLIGHTS #1170
      Monday, August 19, 2002
      Editor: Christiana

      There will always be one place on earth, where the
      needle of a compass will not point north, and another from
      which all directions "are" north. From my own view point
      we are speaking of the mystery of the seventh direction.
      (please excuse me for appearing smarmy or cryptic as it
      is not my intent, just an unavoidable aspect of my flawed
      At the edge of the land.
      At the edge of the sea.
      At the edge of the day.
      At the edge of tomorrow.
      At the edge of yesterday.
      At the center of the six directions.
      The mystery of the seventh is revealed,
      as the heart song of the many
      become One.
      Aubusson tapestry: River in One: Yael Lurie, Jean-Pierre Larochette

      Robert O'hearn and Mazie Lane submissions and MazieBob Oneheart sharing

      Adyashanti Interview
      Question: How did awakening and liberation occur for
      Adyashanti: I had my first what traditionally would be called
      awakening experience when I was 25 years old. This was
      very powerful and full of emotion and release and joy and
      bliss and all that it is supposed to be full of. But, because
      there was so much emotion involved, it obscured the
      simplicity of awakeness itself. Like so many others, I
      continued to chase certain ideas and concepts of what
      awakeness was supposed to be. That caused years of
      misery. Gradually over time I had the same experience
      reoccur, but each time with less and less emotion. I could
      see more and more clearly over time what was the actual
      essential element. Then finally an awakening occurred
      where at the moment of awakening, there was no emotion
      in it. It was just the pure seeing of what is. When there was
      the pure seeing of what is, unclouded by emotional
      content, it was obvious. It was very obvious that
      consciousness recognized itself for what it really is - aware
      space before any emotion or thought or manifestation.
      Question: Would you say that this is the point at which the
      distinction between awakening and liberation occurred?
      Adyashanti: No. Even though there was a freedom and
      incredible sense of fearlessness and release from not
      being confined to the dream of a separate "I", I started to
      feel somewhat discontented with that. I didn't know why I
      felt discontented, and it didn't bother me in any way. The
      discontent didn't touch that freedom, so it didn't bother me,
      but I was interested in it.
      Then one day I was sitting reading a book, and I folded the
      book to put it away and realized that somewhere in some
      magic time, something had dropped away, and I didn't
      know what it was. There was just a big absence of
      something. I went through the rest of the day as usual but
      noticing some big absence. Then when I sat down on the
      bed that night, it suddenly hit me that what had fallen away
      was all identity. All identity had collapsed, as both the self
      in the ego sense of a separate me, and as the slightest
      twinge of identity with the Absolute Self, with the Oneness
      of consciousness. There had still been some unconscious,
      identity or "me-ness" which was the cause of the
      discontent. And it all collapsed. Identity itself collapsed,
      and from that point on there was no grasping whatsoever
      for little me or for the unified consciousness me. Identity
      just fell away and blew away with the wind.
      Question: When you noticed that the identity had collapsed
      and was gone, what remained?
      Adyashanti: Everything just as it always had been. There
      was just the lack of any "I", personal or universal, or the
      fundamental unconscious belief in any identity or of fixating
      self in any place. The mind can continue to fixate a subtle
      identity of self even in universal consciousness. It can be
      so incredibly easy to miss. To say "I am That" can be a
      very subtle fixation of consciousness.
      Question: It's still a landing, a form of identity.
      Adyashanti: it's a slight landing, a slight grasping. It's very
      subtle. But when it collapses, you are even beyond "I am
      That". You are in a place that cannot be described.
      Question: And that is what you call liberation?
      Adyashanti: That is what I call liberation. Really, in the end,
      what you end up with is that you don't know who you are.
      You end up in the same place you started out. You truly
      don't know who you are because it's impossible to fixate
      the self anywhere.
      Question: But this not knowing is not the same as
      Adyashanti: It's not the same not knowing of ignorance. It's
      the not knowing that comes from recognizing that the
      whole issue of a self, personal or absolute, is fantasy. Both
      the self and the Self are interpretations upon perception,
      and nothing more. And when the interpretation ends,
      thought ends. When all identity collapses, you abide in the
      unknown. There is no tendency left to fixate identity
      anywhere - even in a universal somewhere. So, you are left
      resting in the mystery as the mystery. It is only then that you
      can be truly and absolutely free of all concerns. There is
      nothing to say. What can you say? There is nothing to say.
      Sound of OneHeart
      Each night i long to sing with this body
      pressed against yours,
      moving like a melody remembered;
      like a rhapsody rushing into the Heart.

      i want to sway like a palm frond
      on a sandy Mayan beach,
      held in your hand conducting music
      with the sunlight.
      This clarity is the progeny of the exquisite transparency of
      your touch, the way you wrap The Love You Are around
      It is the clarity of the touching itself, recognizing it is what is
      being touched, even as it touches.
      Recognizing there is nobody there.
      Nobody touching.
      Nobody being touched.
      Just the touching, touching.
      This is for everyone, All are Lovers.
      Some feel this touch upon their mind. Some feel this touch
      upon their body. Some feel this touch upon their heart.
      Some feel this touch upon their soul.
      Every being feels this touch.
      Everybody is this touching,
      This OneHeart Sound.
      "For the mind in harmony with the Tao, all selfishness
      With not even a trace of self-doubt, you can trust the
      universe completely.
      All at once you are free, with nothing left to hold on to.
      All is empty, brilliant, perfect in its own being.
      In the world of things as they are, there is no self, no
      If you want to describe its essence, the best you can say is
      In this "Not-two" nothing is separate, and nothing in the
      world is excluded.
      The enlightened of all times and places have entered into
      this truth.
      In it there is no gain or loss; one instant is ten thousand
      There is no here, no there; infinity is right before your
      ~ From "The Mind of Absolute Trust"

      This time, I thought I'd try something different. Instead of
      dancing around the house like an idiot trying to distract her
      from her own crying, I decided to try plain quietness, and
      stillness. I nestled her against my neck, making low,
      soothing sounds, and rubbed and patted her back
      patiently. She disintegrated further though, screaming so
      hard into my neck that I had to check to make sure I wasn't
      smothering her. I wasn't, and so I continued for a few more
      minutes like that, until I thought I felt her gearing down a
      Then I held her up in front of me to look her in the face. Her
      whole head was red, she was crying sadly but more softly,
      and her eyes were squinched up tightly, squeezing out
      rivers of tears. I laughed, and held my forehead against
      hers, looking right into her eyes. "You're okay, silly," I told
      her gently. "You're gonna be fine. Let's just calm down and
      take some deep breaths together." Her eyes opened a
      little, our faces so close that we could barely make out
      each other's eyes clearly, and after another minute or so,
      she stopped crying altogether and panted her gasping
      breaths that she uses to recover from a huge fit. I brought
      her back to my shoulder, and she was fast asleep within
      another 30 seconds or so. This time, the whole process
      lasted 5 minutes from start to finish.
      photo of Dustin's daughter Zoe

      Journal Entry - August 19 - tosime
      Focus on deeper physical relaxation, practicing
      acceptance and practicing attention.
      I practice attention by waiting alertly for the next stimuli.
      I practice acceptance by not reacting to whatever comes
      up. A wide variety of things come up. I assume that
      whatever comes up is a direction on a path. When I react
      strongly to something it dissolves and I loose that path.
      When I fully accept what comes up, I am taken along that
      path. Today's path took me to two waves of bliss which
      were different from other waves (hard to describe since
      there are few words that are accurate enough).
      Physical relaxation is so deep I notice I sometimes drool. I
      am learning not to react to this as part of the acceptance
      I find observing the memory creation process fascinating.
      Things that happened the previous day are "associated"
      or linked with different things so that if I ever think of the
      these things it will automatically bring up what happened
      The skills and attitudes I develop during meditation are
      very useful in day to day situations because they help me
      to stay calm, stay focused and understand the deeper
      processes that are happening in my mind.
      Dear Tony, This is a beautiful example of what meditation
      is about and how it segues and benefits our moment to
      moment life. Thanks for sharing. Bob 

      from Xan
      Discard every self-seeking motive
      as soon as it is seen
      and you need not search for truth -
      truth will find you.

      --Nisargadatta Maharaj

      (ed note: this weekend, Jerry Katz and I enjoyed silent, clear, empty and playful fellowship with our dear friend, cee in present nonexistence, at her lovely new center)
      There are many modern spiritual teachings that say "now
      is the reality," but it (now) is a far, far cry from the truth of
      your own Existence. Go deeper than what you see. Go
      deeper than what you hear. Don't take even "now" as the
      Reality. The now comes and goes. The final perfect
      enlightenment in the Advaita is called "no creation." There
      is no birth or death. There is no bondage and no liberation,
      nothing has been created. No human forms and no world.
      That doesn't leave a void. That leaves perfect
      consciousness. It's silent. It's vast. And it is perfect,
      unutterable bliss. And you will see that past is just mind,
      the future is just mind, the now is just mind, and mind as
      such does not exist.
      But the perfection of your self, THE
      Self, IS.
      more from cee..
      "my" consciousness
      cee: i kept trying to figure out how "my" consciousness is
      the same as everyone elses, but, if the "my" dissolves, that
      is not really a question.
      nome: here's a funny thing. within the limitlessness of your
      own consciousness, where we really don't see a boundary
      or a size or shape, within that consciousness there
      appears as it were a wave an illusion of certain ideas. one
      of those ideas is "i", some of those ideas make up what
      you commonly call a personality or a mind-- whatever
      seems to mark you off as a separate being.
      you are the consciousness and you have these ideas of a
      separate being, and then marvelously enough you imagine
      you stand as the separate being and refer to the
      consciousness as if it were your possession. isn't that a
      funny thing? that's very strange.
      first we set something apart from ourselves, then we step
      into it as if it were ourselves. and look back at ourselves,
      thinking that we are a stranger to ourselves. but none of
      that is true, none of that is actually happening. there is
      really no such thing as "my consciousness" or "your
      consciousness". "mine" "your" etcetera, these are just
      ideas, and all ideas or thoughts are inert.
      the consciousness is the living part. now if you look right
      directly into your consciousness it doesn't have an "i" or a
      "you" or a "yours" or anything else like that.
      upstream of all thought, in your consciousness where you
      know nothing other, where you know no thing whatsoever,
      there is no illusion.


      mind the memories
      empty as space without jar
      peace of mind is still
      feelings die out by themselves
      i won't pay their storage bill
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