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Friday, August 9, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    Highlights Thursday, August 8, 2002 Issue # 1160 Editor: Christiana art: Crystal Buddha / Richard Stoddard http://www.crosslink.net/~stodart/ ... from
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      Highlights Thursday, August 8, 2002
      Issue # 1160
      Editor: Christiana
      art: Crystal Buddha / Richard Stoddard http://www.crosslink.net/~stodart/

      ~~ Tykal
      definition after definition after definition then one day you
      come upon the undefinable and the edges that were so clear
      cut before begin to shake somewhat, crumble into what I'd
      imagine would happen if the intellect were to undergo no
      less than a groundbreaking illusion awaking consciousness
      shaking earthquake
      and then the crumbles begin to merge and take on a life of
      their own that smells oh too familiarly of the one you thought
      you could lose
      ~~ chakralila
      "True love of God means surrender to him, wanting nothing,
      not even salvation."
      Can I add this...
      My mind falls and sinks deep, cold and trembling, in the dark
      blue void thing of the...Unknown!
      Bitter memories of dreams shattering that 'I' stood to be the
      pillar of eternity completely disappeared into infinity...
      Rivers afloat with tear pools running downhill full of tadpoles,
      the gutters shivering with moss hiding the gems of the hard
      My spine cracks at every thought withheld within, so many I
      fought endlessly through the tunnels to gasp for breath and
      sing gospels...
      Liberation is not there yet sincere the heart seems to forget
      Achingly the Soul delivers the 'I' so ardently engulfed in the cry...
      The wind blows towards this desert! Loneliness and
      awareness wash the hurt from the dusts that cluster the
      strong ties of surrender...
      ~~ caiti
      "It is time"
      mind freaks out and tries to lead me the other way the silent
      nothing calls no way to fool myself any longer I pretended in
      eons it is time time to see there is nothing outside nowhere
      to go no one to ask no one's hand to hold it's cold no
      begging no food
      I linger on the surface I do not want to go in there i have been
      there since I was born
      but how long can I keep waiting i sit and breathe I try to stay
      open I try to do thousands of other things no energy this
      ground is calling when will I give into it and let it swallow me
      without regret without reservation without condition
      cease to be in order to become

      The Opposite of 'Alienation-Identification' [quote]
      "Much material that is our own, that is part of ourselves, has
      been dissociated, alienated, disowned, thrown out.
      The rest of potential is not available to us. But I believe most
      of it *is* available, but as projections.
      I suggest we start with the impossible assumption that
      whatever we believe we see in another person or in the
      world is nothing but a projection.... We can reassimilate, we
      can take back our projections, by projecting ourselves
      completely into that other thing or person....
      We have to do the opposite of alienation-identification"
      - Dr Perls

      Piano Music
      Last night when the moon heart was full I bent to touch my
      head upon the earth and fell into the sky Tavern to be the
      piano of Love. My chords and strings, hammers and
      keyboard all became unhooked to be a silent sounding of
      that music.
      Hooting like a fog horn soul ran naked to emptiness, and
      then the music wrote it out as Her score, like melting poetry
      that is placed under a divine tongue for a bird of paradise to
      O, I should like to give you this music, this poetry that only
      comes from nothing. To see the glory of your smile as the
      mouth of absence turned you into Majnun making love to
      Leili, and then your sweet surprise as that embrace turned
      into the invisible kiss that steals every heart away to be the O
      of Love.
      Yet today, I am back in our orchestra fiddling with notes to
      warm a sleepy singer up. I should like to say a few words
      and set them to music so that this dance becomes wild with
      delight. So that our heads can dance with our feet like dizzy
      lovers playing with invisible keys.
      Would that the stage of this opera house raise its curtain to
      let the sky music in, but my piano has fallen from the roof and
      can only play around in the garden like a happy yapping
      puppy its wooden legs wobbling and chasing after a tale told
      by its Mistress.
      This love sick piano may seem to play, but look closer, every
      joint in its frame has become unhinged, by a music making
      that never saw a score sheet. By a jingle jangle melody sung
      by a starlight cabaret that holds it together with heart songs
      that only Love can hear.

      Nina asks, Jody responds NondualitySalon@yahoogroups.com
      Nina: Is getting beyond personality even a possibility?
      Jody: We are always beyond the personality, despite our
      seeming to be caught up in one.
      Who we are lies underneath, above and around this sense of
      an entity, closer than our own breath.
      It's Maya's cruel sleight-of-hand that keeps us from "seeing"
      this, but there are some things we can "look" for.
      When you have found within an utter lack of any special
      significance whatsoever, you are on target.

      deja who?
      You've probably heard of "deja vu," the illusion of having
      previously experienced a situation that is happening now.
      Here are some related expressions
      Feel like I've...
      ...milked this cow before: deja moo
      ...seen this strange animal before: deja gnu
      ...smelled this bad odor before: deja phew
      ...visited this menagerie before: deja zoo
      ...scared this person away before: deja boo
      ...read this mystery book before: deja clue
      ...been in this courtroom before: deja sue

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