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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
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      from Shaivayoga list


      1 -this curve represents the waking state. 2 -this curve
      represents deep sleep or the unconscious. 3 -this curve
      represents the dream state (which lies between waking
      and deep sleep.) 4 -the dot represents the Absolute
      state of consciousness which illuminates all other
      states of consciousness. 5 -the semicircle represents
      Maya (or the veil of the world.) It separates the
      Absolute from the other three curves.

      This everpresent OM (or AUM),is the pulse of the
      universe and the source of our whole being. When we
      learn to tap into this primordial sound, it becomes a
      replenishing source of energy.

      Make a point to find a quiet moment as often as possible
      and feel this everflowing resonance within you. Feel the
      vibration and hum that is at the center of each one of
      your atoms. It is almost as if you are a tuning fork and
      are setting your frequency to resonate with Creation.
      The tranquility that comes from this resonance is the
      "peace that passeth all understanding"

      We can tune ourselves in the following manner:
      1) take a deep breath
      2) hold the breath as long as you can comfortably
      3) speak OM in a long slow exhalation
      4) pause and repeat the steps 3-4 times
      5) sit quietly and feel the resonance...feel the peaceful Silence.


      from Nondual Parent


      LH: Who attends these training programs?

      SVB: People from all walks of life. Catholics, Jews,
      Hindus, Buddhists,  atheists, scientists, professionals,
      housewives, very young people. I teach  children from
      the age of 2 or 3.

      LH: That must be interesting

      SVB: Yes, that is the most interesting part. I can teach
      meditation to a 2  year old.

      LH: And they can grasp the concept?

      SVB: They do not  need to grasp the concept. The states of
      mind are not  taught. The states of mind are caught.

      LH: So I presume with a child, then the innocence is
      there. Is that right  Swami Jii?

      SVB: Their minds are not filled with all the cobwebs.
      All you have to do,  what I do is, with a little child
      is I take meditation shawl and I hold the  child like
      this…and he catches the state of mind. Mothers can teach
      that.  The best time to teach a meditation to a child is
      during 9 months of  pregnancy.

      LH: How do they do that Swami?

      SVB: Whatever state of mind the mother maintains, passes
      into the child and  then after that, what they have not
      completed, the work they have not  completed during the
      9 months, they can complete when they have the child
      suckling on the breasts. What does the mother do with
      her breathing during  that time, what does she do with
      her mind at that time? The child catches  that
      sentiment, that emotion. If the mother is breathing
      shallow, the child  learns to breathe shallow. We teach
      the mothers to breathe deep and relax  and pass on that
      state of mind to the child.


      from NDS

      Kill the Flower Children

      The 60s.

      Peace, love,
         ...lsd and freedom…

      Flower children protested war
      and hate,

      only to become casualties
      to talons
      of an anti-entheogenic government

      that banned
      and declared war
      on every entheogen
      known to man,

      that no one might be left
      to fight and defend

      the madness...

      Because those who dared entered the hole

      clearly saw that war and violence
      were wrong…


      from NDS


      There is a scene from this movie that keeps coming to

      It is the scene in which Rose Rose asks Homer to read
      the rules hung  from a nail in the Cider House. All the
      farmhands listen as Homer  reads the list, a list which
      to this point has been a mystery to all  of them, as
      none of them can read. When Homer is finished, Rose Rose
      comments that those rules "don't make no sense!" Mr.
      Rose adds that  those rules were made for the people who
      wrote the rules... that the  real rules get written by
      the ones that have to live them.

      JAN B.

      Surely it is sad: the human body is a marvel when it
      comes to bear the effects of short term immoderation -
      when aware, a behavior of trial & error can mean a steep
      learning curve for what otherwise would be rejected and
      would remain as a lifelong conditioning. Set rules for
      maximum speed and see the skill of  drivers plummet,
      with predictable results when suddenly the driving
      conditions deteriorate. Not to mention  the interest in
      illegal on road races... Hence the Canaries aren't a bad
      place to live, unless you're a police officer not
      enlisted in beach patrolling ;-)


      from SufiMystic

      Nasrudin on knowledge

      Nasrudin was asked to deliver a speech; so on friday, he
      went up in front and addressed the people gathered: 'O
      people, do you know what I have to say to you?' they
      answered:'Nooo!' Nasrudin said, 'Then I don't have
      anything to say to such an ignorant assembly.' and he
      went away. Next friday, the people called Nasrudin again
      but they thought a way to make him speak, so Nasrudin
      again asked, 'Do you know what I have to say to you?'
      they answered, 'Yes!' Nasrudin said, 'Then I don't need
      to speak to you.' Next friday they managed to make
      Nasrudin agree to come again and devised another ruse,
      So when Nasrudin asked, 'Do you know what I have to say
      to you?' Half the assembly said 'Nooo!' the other half
      said,'Yeees!' So Nasrudin said: 'Very well, those who
      know will explain to those who don't.' And he went away.


      from Along the Way:

      Don't try to do anything out of the ordinary. Don't
      try to amend your way of life. Don't try to alter your
      way of life. Don't deliberately add anything. Don't
      deliberately subtract anything. Just carry on as you
      have been doing. What could be simpler than that?

      - Ramesh S. Balsekar

      "A Net of Jewels"
      Ramesh S. Balsekar
      Advaita Press, 1966



      Man, is it ever hot.

      Time for mint juleps.

      Crushed ice, mint leaves and hard stuff cure every
      uncivilized  (pronounce: uhn-civahlahzed) thought.

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