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Highlights, Sun., Sept 19

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Newcomer Cyndy introduced herself and her M.O., then shared an afterlife joke: I ve been sitting in the bleachers eating popcorn for quite a while now,
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      Newcomer Cyndy introduced
      herself and her M.O., then
      shared an afterlife joke:

      I've been sitting in the
      bleachers eating popcorn for
      quite a while now, listening,
      learning, laughing, generally
      enjoying the game. I receive
      the digest version of the
      Salon so even if I feel like
      replying with my own little
      bits of sarcasm or insights,
      I don't, because I'm afraid
      my response will be out of
      sync with a thread long gone.

      The comedy thread over
      the last day was fun and
      another rip off from another
      list happened my way today.
      I'll use it as my attempt as
      an intro and a "thank you" to
      all of you.


      A couple made a deal
      that whoever died first would
      come back and inform the other
      of the after life. The woman's
      biggest fear was that there was
      no heaven. After a long life,
      the husband was the first to
      go, and true to his word he
      made contact.

      "Mary... Mary.... "

      "Is that you, Fred?"

      "Yes, I have come back like we

      "What is it like?"

      "Well, I get up in the morning;
      I have sex; I have breakfast; I
      have sex; I bathe in the sun,
      then I have sex twice; I have
      lunch, then sex pretty much all
      afternoon; I have supper, then
      I have sex until late at night;
      sleep; then start all over

      "Oh, Fred, you surely must be
      in heaven."

      "Hell, no! I'm a rabbit in

      Rony contributed a pithy pointing
      about the ego:

      If you can't find it it's either
      because it doesn't exist or
      because you are it.

      An sweeping and intriguing
      statement from Jan:

      In some way, the manifest has to
      arise from the unmanifest. Whether
      called desire or disharmony, it
      starts with an unnoticeably small
      change. When disharmony exceeds a
      certain limit, a movement sets in
      to the unmanifest.

      Andrew responded poetically:

      A stirring in stillness, a tiny
      turbulence, explosion of being.
      Again and again.

      Kristi held forth on the ego --
      and death:

      The ego is.....oh, so many
      different things to so many
      different people. The construct
      that I like is: the false idea
      that we are separate....or the
      aspect of self which develops
      through time and experience and is
      the source of our identification
      with the unreal...it is the
      grasping, attaching, part of mind
      ....the source of pain, fear,
      anxiety, offense...it is that which
      we realize never existed except as
      illusion when we walk into the
      Source or the awakened mind....or
      that "that which always was." So,
      you're right, I guess, it's not
      really there....but it has effect
      until we choose an allegiance
      elsewhere....I like this story......
      about the illusory yet powerful
      quality of ego.......A much beloved
      master died and his student/ascending
      master (Yogananda, I think this is a
      true story) cried and cried. A
      neophyte approached him and said...
      "but teacher, you have always taught
      us that death is an illusion....why
      do you grieve?" Yogananda said, "Yes,
      but it is the most painful illusion
      of all."

      This from Jerry:


      Whenever you assert something --
      anything -- ask yourself, "What do
      I mean?"

      Having said whatever you say next,
      again ask yourself, "What do I
      And again.
      And again.

      Continue to challenge yourself in
      this way until every explanation,
      justification, opinion, belief,
      and defense of self falls before
      the question,

      "What do I mean?"

      Finally, you will have no answer to
      your self-questioning, and you will
      admit that you do not know what you
      mean, that everything you say and
      believe is robotic, conditioned,
      and obsoletebefore the last word is
      out the door.

      You will be silent.
      You will remain silent.

      That silence is meditation,
      the heart of wisdom,
      the center of the universe.

      ...and this from Phil:


      They never said self-realization
      would be fatal to poetry --
      as words come seldom to that One
      that relishes the silence. That
      is why there are occasions in which
      the tranquil water must be stirred --
      if only to enjoy the aberration of
      being another One.

      Petros on sex:

      Ah yes, sex . . . a topic near and
      dear to my heart.

      You see, it's ALL sex. The birds do
      it, the bees do it, the bees do it to
      the birds, even the little atoms 'n'
      molecules do it. It's all one
      continuous giant megalo-cosmogasm.
      Every cell and atom of my body is in
      continual andgasm. (That's what I
      believe in, not "or-gasms," which are
      exclusive, but "and-gasms," which are
      nondual.) The Universe is just an
      excuse for God to have sex with

      (I tried to explain all this to a
      priest, but he kept mumbling something
      in Latin and holding his crucifix up
      in my face. Go figure.)

      Jan apparently demurred:

      No, God is just plain easygoing.
      Instead of having continuously to
      create, enjoying a continuing soap
      opera of auto-multiplying meat eating
      meat. For that reason, God made the
      urge in humans so strong that they'll
      risk anything to satisfy it in the
      name of God and never get the idea of
      being hoodwinked :))

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