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Saturday, July 27, 2002

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  • John Metzger
    Highlights ... jan One of the funniest things in these forums has been that no one asked for the why of the label enlightened - would you know? (you may
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2002

      One of the funniest things in these forums has been that no one
      asked for the "why" of the label "enlightened" - would you know?
      (you may speculate too!)

      The mechanism of intense suffering is that it paints all experience with the color of pain.
      Only when that remains as irrefutable in the mind and the consequences taken, that inevitably
      leads to what is termed "enlightenment". This description doesn't take away the mystery but
      moves it to "how could "it" have been overlooked??" Having been through it, i could easily write
      a lengthy commentary on the Kathopanishad, in English, without "funnies" like "suppression" ;-)

      The "marriage" between mysticism and QM is too obvious to be overlooked: for instance,
      applying the required amount of energy to an electron encircling a nucleus, brings it to an
      orbit of higher energy and when the electron "falls back" it transmits a discrete amount of
      energy (specific color), a property used in fireworks before the mechanics were known.

      With the human mind the same applies: emptiness the "ground state", all "human issues"
      encircling it. Applying the required amount of (psychic/life) energy and as a figure of speech,
      a specific issue goes into a higher orbit and only then, can be fully known. When unfamiliar
      with the mechanism, resistance shows as pain.The analogy then is like trying to heat water
      in a kettle that hasn't been put on the furnace: the house could burn down instead.

      The basic issue is "emptiness" which invariably shows up when convinced, manifested life
      when taken as "the only reality" cannot truly satisfy and hence, is but a reminder of deep
      unhappiness. For males, the issue "lives" in the mind as arguments causing pain (emotion)
      and for females, "lives" in the mind as emotions, causing arguments.  (Another take at the "Krishna/Radha" archetype)

      John Duff   CentreOfFriends

      Dan Berkow   ConsciousnessIsAll
      Hi Atagrasin,

      Conceptuality involves seemingly adding
      something, through removing, or making
      background, what that something is not.

      Conceptuality, which includes perception
      and time, involves a foreground/background

      The idea of absolute truth is merely another
      aspect of conceptuality, being an aspect
      of the foreground/background situation
      with relative truth.

      You have formulated an idea of absolute truth,
      and then propose that you can't know this
      idea. But you yourself invented it.

      In truth, you can't know anything, because
      you can't know yourself.

      Yet, you know yourself fully, by simply being

      You are totally unknown, knowing nothing as object,
      and thus having no knowledge that pertains, to
      which knowing could be attached.

      So this not-knowing is perfect knowing, perfect peace.


      sandeep   Yearning

      cee   livejournal
      Ten women went on a hike. Coming to a wide river they all had to ford their way across. When they got to the other side they counted to see if everyone was there. Each of them counted and each of them came up with only nine. Everyone was sad because they had lost one woman. A wise woman came along and saw their dilemma. She counted each woman giving them each a big hug-- one, two, three, ... all the way to ten. Alas all were safe and sound. Each woman realized her mistake. She had forgotten to count herself!
      This is a new rendition of an old Vedantic story. It is a story for those who want enlightenment. The purpose of the story is to turn our attention inward. We normally go about our everyday lives assuming we are some person with a history in a solid world. We react and respond to everything around us and forget to bring awareness to ourselves. In fact most of us live our whole lives without ever knowing who we really are! Like the women in the story we tend to see everything else except our own existence. And that existence is actually the key to permanent peace and happiness.
      Unlike what you may think or have been told, enlightenment is completely possible in this lifetime for any woman who has a keen desire for it. It is a matter of finding out who we REALLY are. Our existence is much vaster than being a mere woman in a world. Our existence is Absolute. When we clearly see all the forms of ourselves that are fleeting and temporary we come to rest as who we truly are. Who we truly are is undying and ever ever free. May all come to this Understanding.

      Dave Mason   livejournal
      a man is walking down a dusty road
      he is alone
      he keeps looking over his shoulder,
      suddenly, we know why he does this.
      he is looking for the leader!
      we want to say to him
      why do you look back there?
      and he seems to answer,
      that's the only place a leader can
      come from, it's the only place I know.
      and we find ourselves saying,
      but you are the leader, there is
      no one else in front of you.

      as if from nowhere
      a voice says
      turn your face into the wind, friend.


      I imagine a lot of people on the list have seen Jacob's
      Ladder. The guy who wrote the screenplay is Bruce Joel
      Rubin, who studied with Rudi in the Nityananda lineage. His
      website is at <
      Rubin is a teacher himself and he sounds as nondual as
      anyone in the documentary available on the Jacob's Ladder
      dvd. One of Rubin's students, you'll discover on the
      website, is visual effects producer on Matrix 2 and 3.

      Jacob's Ladder is very intense and violent in parts, but it
      has lightness as well, and was inspired by the common human
      journey, the key to understanding the journey, and the role
      of Kundalini (symbolized by the chiropractor).

      It's been recommended many times on this and other lists,
      and I can recommend it too, now that I've seen it.


      A Net of Jewels
      Ramesh S. Balsekar

      July 27

      It is a curious fact that one's chances of survival are best when there is no anxiety to survive.  There is a special effectiveness or power of virtuality that is available to those who do not exhaust and dissipate themselves with anxiety.  The subtlety, however, is that anxiety also includes any positive effort to eliminate anxiety--and this is precisely where true understanding comes into its own by accepting wholeheartedly whatever life brings without resistance or recoil.

      Edition # 1148
      Saturday 27, 2002


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