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Thursday, July 25, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Moth Invasion, from #1146 - Thursday, July 25, 2002 - Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm
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      Moth Invasion, from <sprott.physics.wisc.edu/ fractals/collect/1999/>

      #1146  -  Thursday, July 25, 2002  -  Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      from The Other Syntax list

      Guardians of Eternity

      The strange sputtering noise happened again. It seemed
      closer and  louder. I listened carefully. The more
      attention I paid to it the  more difficult it was to
      determine its nature. It did not seem to be  the call of
      a bird of the cry of a land animal. The tone of each
      sputter was rich and deep; some were produced in a low
      key, others in  a high one. They had a rhythm and a
      specific duration; some were  long, I heard them like a
      single unit of sound; others were short and  happened in
      a cluster, like the staccato sound of a machine gun.
      "The moths are the heralds or, better yet, the guardians
      of  eternity," don Juan said after the sound had

      An Appointment with Knowledge
      Carlos Castaneda



      Here is an excerpt from an article by Emilie Conrad
      called "Life on Land"

      If Martians were looking at us through some interstellar
      resonating  device, I am sure they would marvel at how
      our plnet has arranged us.

      "Look, look," they would say, "Their bodies are mostly
      water, and yet they move about the earth in this
      apparently solid way."

      "Just look at how each organ is maintaining its link
      with all of its undulating strands."

      "They are like fish out of water, but they carry it with

      "How amazing these creatures are!"

      I have worn a path searching for a spiritual link that
      was not offered in the world around me.

      My spiritual struggle and my theories of movement are
      like the  Caduceus-eternally ntertwined, facing each
      other, falling into ecach  other, then distancing for an
      embrace later on.

      The question i asked myself when pushed to the walls of
      my own  psyche, was in what unknown ways are we in
      rapport with our  atmosphere? And if we were to
      experience this unknown "rapport", would it matter?

      The question rose and fell. it made me tired just to
      have it linger  in my neural catacombs.

      The question haunted me for years. From the tenements of
      New York,  to the huts of Haiti, to the Spanish stucco
      of Los Angeles, the  question grew more urgent.

      In what ways do we commune with our biosphere? And how
      would we know?

      A voice comes to us, a pressure on a shoulder, a message
      in a dream,  a person in an airport--innocent moments
      glistening like eggs in a  sea of fertility. An idle
      remark, a shadow from the eyes--an  orchestration of
      creativity takes place in the magical moments of the
      unseen, between the lines.

      Discovery takes place within a context of circumstances
      in which  mysterious forces guide us, prod us, and
      invigorate our darkest  moments.

      The unknown is the invitation come enter come closer


      Reality is simply the loss of the ego.
      Destroy the ego by seeking its identity.
      Because ego is no entity it will automatically
      vanish and Reality will shine forth by itself.
      This is the direct method.
      Whereas all other methods are done,
      only retaining the ego.
      In those paths there arise so many doubts
      and the eternal question remains to be tackled finally.
      But in this method the final question is the only one
      and it is raised from the beginning.
      No sadhanas are necessary for engaging in this quest.

      from Talk 146


      from K-list

      Hi all
      Paul I read your post on "waking life". I for one have
      not seen  waking life. But, there is a movie that
      everytime I see it, I learn  something about well my
      path. "legend of Bagger Vance" I know its a  golf movie.
      I for one am not a big golfer although I have been known
       to play a bit. I have watched it four times. The movie
      has alot of  deeper meaning, more so than one would
      think just watching it once. I  never before thought
      that life was like a game of golf, and sometimes  real
      insight can come from a hollywood movie. But I look for
      enlightenment anywhere I can get it. It is a spiritual
      movie. Anyway,  if your looking for a good movie to
      maybe entertain and possibly make  you think you might
      wanna check it out. Just my two cents. be blessed in


      from K-list

      Dear Ami,

      It's very interesting you found The Legend of Bagger
      Vance deeper than most Hollywood movies...it's really
      not about golf! It is the story of the Bhagavad Gita and
      the "golfer" is Arjuna. Bagger is Lord Krishna. Get it?
      -- Bhag-a-Vad -- Bag-ger Va-nce. ;-)


      I should have added that one of my favorite, albeit
      trite, movies is Time Bandits. Even down to the George
      Harrison music at the end! Sorry...I loved it,
      especially God!


      If you've melted your desires
      in the river of time, choose
      to be a recluse, or choose
      a family, the village job.

      If you know the pure Lord within you,
      you'll be That, wherever.

      - Lalla
      14th Century North Indian mystic


      from Meditation Society of America list

      Meditation technique

      Namaste Dear One -

        Best meditation technique........   in simply two word sentences:

         Be Where These Point!!!!!
         Shut UP......   (not to be taken in a domineering manner)

         Be quiet.......

         Stop Thinking......

         Be Still........

         Go Inward

         Drop Nonsense

         Be Aware

         Totally Relax

          Seek Nothing

          Project Nothing

          Chase Nothing

           Find Nothing

           Allow All

           Be Love
           Question Self

           Be Here
           Drop Illusions

           No Concepts

            Drop Conditionings

            Surrender Ego

            Open Heart

            Stilled Witness



             0 point

              No Center

             No Person

             Beyond One

        the ways and means are endless........    happy journeys to
      no-where  and everywhere........

      Love shanti om ...g..


      from Nondual Parent list

      Dear Dustin and friends,
      Greetings from the Blue Mountains, Australia. Having
      only qualified as a parent by 9 days, and now awash with
      joy, exhaustion and blessing of our son Bodhi, I'd like
      to share some writing that emerged as an inutero father.
      Its 1000 words long. The name we've taken from the
      mantra of the Heart Sutra, which captures my experience
      of dissolution into love as a parent now, and all the
      wonder of Bodhi boy.

      Gate gate, Paragate, Parasumgate, Bodhi. Sva Ha.

      Gone gone, Gone beyond, Gone completely beyond, Perfect
      wisdom.. awakening. So be it.

      with love, Mohan.

      The great story of the heart entering form. You have
      been watching us and waiting. It cannot be an easy
      return. We know you are near us. Dreams and omens herald
      your arrival.

      Walking the earth like a man who has lost his mind, his
      bearings, his sorrow. I am to be a father. The mystery
      and matrix of creation enfolding this love. It is you I
      shall embrace, my teacher, my love, my heart… my child.

      On the Cape in a scorched twilight of leaking turquoise
      and grapefire, the world is euphoria of light, sound,
      water and earth. News of the spiritchild comes at a time
      of great change. I hear Al-Hallaj’s song in the wind,

      “Between me and you

      there is only me

      Take away the me

      So only You remain.”

      I cannot speak with any authority of fathering. I am new
      to this and easily overwhelmed. I am only ever more
      certain of not knowing in the face of these mysteries.
      And that I have been chosen as a father is perhaps not
      so miraculous, yet within the ordinary grace and heroism
      of daily life here is a gift that fills me with joy,
      wonder and intimations of infinity. The blood and bone
      of Being rapidly being formed now, spun in vortices of
      love and light within this beautiful woman. Awash in awe
      and gratitude, the sun falls into the shifting light. It
      is all Her. This Light, this shimmering gold thread upon
      the silky water pulling me into the heart. Don’t expect
      me back anytime soon.

      I can never forget Ben Okri’s searing words…”There were
      always those amongst us who had just returned from the
      world of the living. They had returned inconsolable for
      all the love they had left behind, all the suffering
      they hadn’t redeemed…And for all they had barely begun
      to learn before they were drawn back to the land of
      origins. There was not one amongst us who looked forward
      to being born. We disliked the rigors of existence, the
      unfulfilled longings, the enshrined injustices of the
      world, the labyrinths of love, the ignorance of parents,
      the fact of dying, and the amazing indifference of the
      living in the midst of the simple beauties of the
      universe. We feared the heartlessness of human beings,
      few of whom ever learn to see.”

      This mysterious world.

      Winter light

      Empty cloud

      Across the jade ocean.

      There are many perils to prepare for ensuring safe
      passage to this realm. Before first breath is drawn.
      Birthing units beyond major hospitals are being
      pressured to close. Closure of birthing units is not
      only a women’s issue, it is a family issue, a father’s
      issue, a men’s issue. Here and now economic rationalism
      is driving health policy under the rhetoric of
      networking specialist services. Downgrading rural
      hospitals to meet the heartless agenda of a social
      policy that sanctifies cost savings as the priority,
      rather than communities and human lives. Where is the
      evidence for this rationalisation of these services? Why
      at this intersection of the timeless with time, do we
      abdicate control, and the evidence based success of

      On most recent figures maternal mortality in Australia
      is increasing from 10.1 per 100 000 to 13 from the years
      1991-1996(NHMRC and AIHW) There is no political will to
      prevent the obstetric cascade known as the caesarean
      industry, with the obvious correlation between
      increasing interventions and poor health outcomes for
      mothers. In Qld in 1994-6 mum mortality was 18.2, nearly
      double the national average. In the U.S. maternal
      mortality according to the World Health Organization is
      now higher than at least twenty other industrialised
      nations. In NSW health this year 13 of 25 obstetric
      registrar positions were filled for the seven-year
      training. With the average age of Australian
      obstetricians in their 50’s, and most approaching
      retirement, the current lack of doctors willing to birth
      due to fierce indemnity insurance costs intensifies this
      crisis. When the spiritchild up to the age of 21 can
      litigate against an obstetrician for poor university
      performance due to a forceps delivery we are in trouble
      as a community.

      I look forward to those early moments of embodied being
      as she is drawn from her mother. I will look into her
      eyes and know eternity. It wasn’t long ago that all of
      this was a dream. That such a meeting was possible. That
      such a woman existed, family life, a home. All this
      richness that has flooded me these past months only
      blessing, only blessing. All dream and fragments of soul
      swirling in the winds of destiny have brought me to this
      moment. Mists rising in the shrouded forests, the taste
      of snow on her lips, the smell of woodsmoke, forest
      earth and nagchampa.

      And somehow this little being is transforming me, before
      we have even met. I am humbled by her beauty and her
      majesty. This spiritchild will bring so much light and
      love into this darkened world and divinise reality from
      within it. I am melting with her, and all story
      dissolves in the strength of this love. The spiritchild
      invites completion as a male and an authentic father,
      protecting and nurturing this sacred inheritance. How
      can my heart not be broken open by this miracle? I am
      freefalling through this event horizon of the soul.

      Across the world are celebrations welcoming the return
      of the spiritchild. Tribal people say it takes a whole
      village to raise a child. No two people are up to this
      task. In our culture of separation the nuclear family
      attempts the impossible, and at what cost. In
      traditional cultures men are taught by fathers and
      initiated in the mysteries of presence and supporting
      the mother. Here as a man I am only entitled to one week
      unpaid paternity leave from my employer, yet will I be
      back so soon?

      So join with me my brothers at this moment in my life
      and let us dance and sing together. Celebrate with me! I
      am to be a Father.

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