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Saturday, July 13

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  • John Metzger
    ... The Cosmic Christ calls us to renewed worship : Come to me all you who are burdened by lack of praise, lack of beauty, lack of vision in your lives. Look
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      The Cosmic Christ calls us to renewed worship : "Come to me
      all you who are burdened by lack of praise, lack of beauty,
      lack of vision in your lives. Look about you at the starry
      heavens and the deep, deep sea ; at the amazing history that
      has birthed a home for you on this planet ; at the surprise
      and joy of your existence. Gather together---you and your
      communities---in the context of this great, cosmic community
      to rejoice and give thanks. To heal and let go. To enter
      the dark and deep mysteries, to share the news, to break the
      bread of the universe and drink blood of the cosmos itself
      in all its divinity. Be brave. Let your worship make you
      strong and great again. Never be bored again. Create
      yourselves, re-create your worlds, by the news you share and
      the visions you celebrate. Bring your sense of being
      microcosm in a vast macrocosm ; bring your bodies ; bring
      your play ; bring your darkness and your pain. Gather and
      do not scatter. Learn not to take for granted and learn
      this together. Become a people.
      Matthew Fox

      roger isaacs
      Damn... but I must be off topic, the official topic of this news group
      is ... donuts? Right?
      jan b
      As always, that depends on the mind seeing it.
      That is why in ancient times, the emphasis was
      on the modifications of mind which, once activated,
      in their turn destroy the potential for attachment
      (hence, suffering in all its aspects).
      Whereas these days, mind often is treated like a
      fish container. The brand of fish cookies,
      accumulated in the lifetime's gathering it's filled with,
      is irrelevant, "nondual" a label just as "chicks"..

      "modifications of mind" ...
      That must sound like porno for "fixed mind fetishists".
      Heresy for the "there's nothing to realize" folks.
      A lie for the "peeling the onion" reductionists.
      As everything = God = Love, ignorance is Love too!


      What special properties do HUMANS have among mammals?
      Gene, what is the simplest possible way to say it?

      I can only begin to understand what is presented on those sites
      intellectually. The first two sites are by far the most accessible,
      because they are concise models of what you are getting at.
      Personally, they appeal to my visual sense and do not require as
      much 'sorting'.

      What happens if I take those models and overlay them with the content
      of recent posting?
       (Diploid ---> Haploid ---> Diploid ---> etc LIFE+)
       How does what was / once one / And become two / Communicate with
      IT retains the link, so to speak, informationally and vibrationally.
      As IT dictated the structure from the beginning, by cloning itself
      exactly, this is easy.

      The phrase "insurance policy" just popped into my head.

      <inserted from later in Gene's post>
      The Beast
      who suckled
      her young

      Knew one
      who knew
      Of the nature
      of the Spirit
      <back to your regularly scheduled quotation of Gene's post>

      There is a question that is lurking: "why does shame enable the
      control of other people?" The following is not an answer to that
      question, only a clue to an answer:

      Well, the phrase "you no good, ungrateful kid" comes to mind.

      While looking for a birthday card for a colleague, I began
      thinking of this man as a boy and infant and suddenly found myself
      washed over with a tsunami 'thought': perhaps some people have
      children because they feel indebted to their parents. This is a
      complicated thing - that someone would think "Someone did this for
      me. I must pay them back by doing it for someone else." Ok, I'm not
      explaining this well. What does it take to explain this well? Oh - it
      is the lineage thing? That unless children are produced, all parental
      efforts put into 'you' is wasted. Only, it is not something that is
      thought about at all. There was a second trailing tidal wave of how
      having children would be greatly relieving to some people, getting
      rid of the guilt, though perhaps they would call it fulfilling. (They
      have stopped resisting what they had been generated to do.) This was
      all very confusing to me. When the thoughts first hit me, I thought
      this tsunami thought a foreign thing, but the more I swam in it, the
      more I realized that the water was not washing over me, it was
      flooding out from me. The 'thoughts' apply to me afterall, I guess.
      How did what was / once one / Communicate with itself / When it was
      one? / How does one communicate with itself?
      The unseen yet very real / "spirit" / which all mammals / share /
      by virtue of diploid reproductive strategies
      Spirit / Unseen / Yet real / Misunderstood / for eons
      Will we ever come to grips with it directly?
      I was hoping we all at NDS could have a conversation about exactly

      I was going to add ",putting aside emotional...", but then I stopped.

      What if, instead of banishing it, we grabbed that emotion and rode it
      until it squeeled to us the truth of the matter? This would simply be
      another expression of the intellectual conversation one might have
      that would lead one to the very same conclusion. The plus of those
      two conversations existing side-by-side is that one will uncover
      ground that the other would probably not reveal and vice versa.

      So, what is the topic at hand? And how does one best contribute?
       The Beast
       who suckled
       her young
      Knew one
       who knew
      Of the nature
       of the Spirit
      This one
       is called
      Or She-man
       the ancient
       traditions of
      A man dressed
       as woman
      Who knows
       the Spirit
       the ancient

      Sharing of
      Shared with
       ritual imbibing
      of The Sacred
       Amanita Muscaria
      sHe eats it first
       and then urinates
       in a special
       ceremonial bowl
      which then is passed to the populace
       of the village

      as they are gathered
      in a large dark
       sweat lodge
      each drinks but
       when each urinates
       the urine is caught
       in the bowl and
      The sharing continues
      Sharing continues
       the entire community
       is aware
      of one
      of self
      as one
      A riot ensues
       a sexual riot
      It is
       the Shaman
      carries self
      One self
      between seasons...

      To Have... or Not to Have
      Fewer of us have kids today, but debates about childlessness still touch a nerve.

      Nina and freyjartist
      Hello Nina :))
      That is what i noticed as well...that everyone seemed so emotional.
      I was saying to myself, hey, everyone, lighten up a little.
      Yes, when there is a disproportionate amount of reactive energy, I
      wonder about its origins.
      It is interesting how Kheyala refrained from
      getting into the fray and elegantly exited so that she could 
      continue to do her thing where there is no contention about it. 
      She could have stayed and duked it out, fought for a cause, 
      furthered the drama, but she demonstrated that all she really
      wants to do is to share in her own way with those who are open to 
      it and embrace it. Or so it is perceived here.
      I have a choice here. I can decide to stop using Kheyala as a poster
      child for what she represents to me. (And, for that matter, stop
      using Gene as a poster child for what he represents to me.) What do I
      do about this? It is so easy to keep using her person instead of
      trying to understand why what she represents to me is so powerful.

      That said, I wish Kheyala, the person, had not exited. (Who is to say
      that she has at all? <s>) Perhaps it is a good thing that the drama
      was not furthered, but why does it need to be seen as drama? What if
      it were simply one person posting, another person responding to the
      post, and that first person or perhaps another responding to the
      response, the responses gradually building understanding? Ah, but
      maybe rupture can be seen as part of building understanding, too.

      What is the essence of conversation, anyway? (This is a real question
      to myself.)

      I find that when I feel attacked, for whatever reason, I lose the
      ability to be available for conversation. Sometimes it just takes a
      deep breath to return to enough stasis to see through my gut
      clenching resistance to hearing my most honest voice and hearing the
      real message behind what was spoken to me. I have to clear away my
      bad feelings before I can get back into the groove. That takes time,
      and sometimes it looks and acts really ugly.

      The fact is that, despite all the wigglings around 'disidentification
      with the body' (be it flesh or something more subtle), in this
      moment, in my perspective, this body (my flesh, my thoughts, my
      feelings, my...) does exist, if nothing else than as a vehicle, and
      it is something I have to take into consideration. I try to give
      others that leeway, too.

      Which brings me to this question of 'how to communicate'. Do I throw
      out what issues forth from me, hoping that there will be someone out
      there who 'gets it'? Or is there some way of feeling out my audience,
      and reaching out to them with how I write what I write? I know there
      is a lot of interesting tension that plays between those
      two "extremes", and somewhere in the middle there could just be a
      moment of saying "yea! what they said!"

      I am beginning to wonder if perhaps it is much much more difficult to
      observe/see/whatever HOW one communicates than it is to
      observe/see/whatever WHAT one communicates. And when the issue is
      HOW, and all anyone can see is WHAT, then what happens?
      Gene Poole is the moderator and he can do as he pleases,
      i am in no place to judge him. He always made a lot of sense to 
      me, that is why i was a little surprised this time. But, hey, life 
      is full of surprises, init?

      I prefer to take it as an opportunity for exploration...
      However, i agree 100% with Melody (i think) who said something about
      allowing the list its own self-regulating intelligence.
      I cannot see anywhere where the Kheyala posts were doing any harm 
      I can see one place.

      I want to hear the perspective of "Ananda".

      I also want to know why it is acceptable for "Ananda" to remain
      voiceless except for the voice given her by her mother.

      (I do not wish for the above to be personal, I hope that we can begin
      to find other words to represent the things that Kheyala and Ananda
      are representing.)

      In combination with what Gene is pointing to with the questions about
      how a body/bodies communicate with(in) themselves (the
      diploid/haploid piece), here is some of what is forming my concern:

      I have memories of events that happened as early as 1-1/2 years of
      age in my life. They were not formed by photographs, influenced by
      conversations with adults or manipulated out of me during therapy.
      Most all of these extremely early memories are of times when no
      adults were around. I am eating dog biscuits with my dog and am
      surprised when other kids didn't want any. With another toddler, I am
      dragging a "giant" damp doll across wet grass to deposit it in the
      carriage swing of the swingset. The thought patterns are different.
      The motivations are different. The decision making process is so
      clear! I recall exact moments of saying to myself "I can't do this
      anymore, it is not beneficial for me." I know these memories to
      be "mine", and yet, they are memories that belong to "a different
      person". Who was this person, who have I become, and how?
      And by making a big deal about it...it really did get a life of its 
      own. It has been made more enticing. It's like when you tell your 
      kid something like watching a certain show is verboten--well, 
      naturally that show becomes more enticing and the child's interest 
      about it climbs. Which is fine. But it would seem to me that this 
      matter could have been approached differently.
      I am choosing to see that the issue at hand is not verboten, rather,
      there has been a call to look at it more deeply.

      Why am I thinking of a conversation with a friend about worker-owned
      businesses? Because worker-owners must somehow get out of the notion
      that they can be "not responsible for" the outcome of their jointly-
      owned business. They have to get out of the mindset that "someone
      else will do it." In order to succeed as a group, each individual
      must constantly say "I have to do that right now." That's really,
      really hard in a world where things are about "rights" and
      not "responsibilities"... and where people are so used to just
      sneaking by at work for others... doing the "half-assed job".

      I guess what I am saying is that not being responsible for what I am
      posting is what is verboten. I have no right to post. I only have the
      responsibility in posting.

      So, then I can ask myself: for whatever gift I have that I want to
      share, and for whatever talent I have for sharing, how can I take
      responsibility for it?
      Did it seem as the Adventures were taking over the list somehow?
      Did Gene look at it as some kind of contagious virus to be 
      contained before it spreads and infects everything around it? 
      Maybe he sees something i don't (sincerely). Perhaps unseen friends 
      are orchestrating matters for reasons we are not privy to.
      Perhaps all of the above. My sense is that it doesn't matter. :)
      As to the real meat of it for anyone else, i dont know, i have no 
      idea. You are right, it's probably not really about Khelaya and 
      the style/content of her posts. Perhaps all it is is that a good 
      shit-kicking drama is needed once in a while! 
      But i wont create more concepts about why, for
      it is not really possible to get oneself out of one concept
      (illusion) from within another concept. Unless, of course, the 
      concepts will be used for digging only, and then tossed.
      Yes, we are in agreement. This is the digging stage. Everything we do
      on this list is the digging stage. When I am not digging, I am not

      On that note, enjoy your weekend. :)

      Thanks for the message..

      John Duff   CenterofFriends

      Gill Eardley   spiritual-friends
      From: http://www.utah.edu/stc/tai-chi/stories.html

      A young and rather boastful champion challenged a Zen master who
      was renowned for his skill as an archer. The young man demonstrated
      remarkable technical proficiency when he hit a distant bull's eye on his
      first try, and then split that arrow with his second shot. "There," he said
      to the old man, "see if you can match that!" Undisturbed, the master did
      not draw his bow, but rather motioned for the young archer to follow
      him up the mountain. Curious about the old fellow's intentions, the
      champion followed him high into the mountain until they reached a deep
      chasm spanned by a rather flimsy and shaky log. Calmly stepping out onto
      the middle of the unsteady and certainly perilous bridge, the old master
      picked a far away tree as a target, drew his bow, and fired a clean, direct
      hit. "Now it is your turn," he said as he gracefully stepped back onto the
      safe ground. Staring with terror into the seemingly bottomless and
      beckoning abyss, the young man could not force himself to step out onto
      the log, no less shoot at a target. "You have much skill with your bow," the
      master said, sensing his challenger's predicament, "but you have little skill
      with the mind that lets loose the shot."

      Be Kind With Yourself
      The key to spiritual practice is not in following instructions, but in acting with warm-hearted intention.
      By Shunryu Suzuki
      Excerpted from "Not Always So: Practicing the True Spirit of Zen." Copyright 2002 by San Francisco Zen Center. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from HarperCollins.

      A Buddhist Drunk
      By William Alexander
      From "Cool Water: Alcoholism, Mindfulness, and Ordinary Recovery," copyright 1997 by William Alexander. Reprinted by arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston.

      sandeep   yearning

      Dave Mason   livejournal
      (extract from)....The Shoes of Wandering
      by Galway Kinnell

      On this road
      on which I do not know how to ask for
      on which I do not know how to ask for water,
      this path
      inventing itself
      through jungles of burnt flesh, ground of ground
      bones, crossing itself
      and the odour of blood, and stumbling on,
      I long for the mantle
      of the great wanderers, who lighted
      their steps by the lamp
      of pure hunger and pure thirst,
      and whichever way they lurched was the way.
                                 The Wanderer  Ludwig Angerer

      Edition # 1134
      Saturday, July 13
      Edited by John Metzger



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