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Thursday, July 11, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    #1132 - Thursday, July 11, 2002 - Editor: Jerry - Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm AL LARUS [Image] This is a pile of singing stones they tell about
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      #1132  -  Thursday, July 11, 2002  -  Editor: Jerry  -  Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      AL LARUS

      This is a pile of singing stones
      they tell about a man
      his bones
      the calf
      he had inside this fence

      what's left is seven roses
      just hanging on

      Today i read the list of past

      when they were born
      and what they left behind

      one man left half a hammer
      and half an millstone, old
      it said




      New List: NONDUAL PARENT

      This group exists to facilitate discussion and
      conversation related to parenting in the context of
      contemporary nonduality. Child-rearing philosophies,
      approaches, and stories are welcome, as are questions,
      suggestions, advice, exercises, tips, tricks, hints,
      recipes, poems, or photos related to parenting in a
      nondual context. All parents and children of parents are



      Excerpt from An Interview with Richard Miller
      By Erin Michie
      from <http://www.nondual.com/michie.html>

      EM: Do you have any parenting tips?

      RM: Yes, I do. Every button that our kids push in us is
      our opportunity to come back to ourself and inquire:
      "What's my belief about myself that he or she is helping
      me see?" We must inquire, rather than tell them what to
      do. Though ultimately, we have to do that too because
      that's part of parenting. But we simultaneously inquire:
      "What's going on here? Why am I upset? What's my

      One day my family was going to the beach. Everybody was
      in the car and my young boy said: "I'm not going." I
      said: "Wait a minute. We're all loaded in the car, we're
      all going to the beach. You're coming." And he said:
      "No." He didn't want to go. I could feel myself getting
      upset. But in that moment there was also an immediate
      and spontaneous inquiry. I knew he wasn't the one
      upsetting me, it was my expectation that was upsetting
      me. If he stayed home, I, or my wife had to stay home
      with him, because he was too young. That's the
      responsibility of being a parent. Realizing my
      expectation, I said to him: "Okay. If you're not going
      to the beach, then I'm staying with you." I had let go
      of my expectation that things should be different. I was
      okay staying. Then, after about five minutes, he said:
      "Let's go to the beach."

      EM: You must have really meant it!

      RM: I did because I had let go of my expectation and was
      relaxed again. I was back in the now of the present
      moment, without expectation. I also told him there
      wasn't going to be any TV. So the beach became a better
      alternative in his mind!

      There was another time... My son has a medical condition
      that requires an MRI every other year. We were going to
      get the MRI and he said: "No, I'm not gonna go." In my
      mind we didn't have a choice. But he didn't want to go.
      So I said in all sincerity: "You know, I don't want to
      go either." And he immediately said: "Okay. Let's go."
      Again he knew I meant it, that I wasn't playing. I
      didn't know what we were going to do, I was just open to
      the truth of the moment. And he responded to that
      openness. Our children always respond to our openness,
      never to our expectations.

      It's the "I don't know" that's so vital, where we are
      truly open rather than blinded and upset by our
      expectations. It's true that the mind needs expectations
      to set up a progression of unfolding. I'm coming to
      Calgary, I need to get the ticket, and I'm expecting to
      go, so the mind has set up all these things. I was
      expecting to do the MRI. But then life says: "No."

      In that moment of "No," the mind has to tear up the
      expectation. Then we're back in the unknown. The ability
      to do this in the immediacy of the moment keeps us from
      engaging in strong reactions. Upset? What's the
      expectation? Tear it up. Back in the unknown. Now we're
      open again. To me this is the impact this realization or
      understanding of the truth of nondualism has on the
      body/mind. It's practical.



      There is only one state - Balsekar

      There is only one state. When corrupted and tainted by
      self-identification, it is known as an individual. When
      merely tinted by the sense of presence, of animated
      consciousness, it is the impersonal witnessing. When it
      remains in its pristine purity, untainted and untinted
      in primal repose, it is the Absolute.


      [The above is also vintage Nisargadatta.]

      Understand the above intuitively without any concepts
      blocking the way and  you need no other teaching!



      fizzy freedom
      bubbling beauty
      laughing love
      juicy joy!
      when this is understood then who can judge?!
      the drama of seeking ends when the heart opens
      then it is seen that there are no others
      no separate self
      no higher self
      no one who is not the universe made flesh
      at play in the fields of eternity - michael

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