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Sunday, July 7, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    all photos in this issue by Alan Larus #1128 Sunday, July 7, 2002 Editor: Gloria Lee Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm ALAN LARUS on HarshaSatsangh Some
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2002

       all photos in this issue by Alan Larus
      #1128 Sunday, July 7, 2002
      Editor: Gloria Lee
      ALAN LARUS on HarshaSatsangh
      Some Sunday Water
      No, but the entire issue of consciousness seems to be cropping up
      everywhere. I received this email pasted below a couple of days ago on the
      National Federation of Community Broadcasters listserve.

      "One of our Independent Producers will be conductng a book tour
      throughout the U.S. in late fall / early winter.  She is interested in
      visiting non-commercial radio stations across the country as she
      travels.  The book explores the journey toward spiritual awakening.  Any
      stations who might be interested in interviewing the author, please
      reply back to our email address."

      Very interesting and viz. the many methods thread, I met a man yesterday, a
      former ironworker and hell's angel biker, who "found the Lord" thirty years
      ago. He says in "an instant all the hatred was removed from my heart."
      Whatever language we use to describe shifts, they seem to be occurring in
      varying degrees quite often.

      Last night I went to a Lakota style sweat with Hupa, Yurok and Karuk people,
      as well as a handful of white people.

      I never fail to leave a sweat without a renewed respect for the human
      spirit, whatever its state of enlightenment. Here, in the sweat, men and
      woman come who struggle with such horrendous life situations it is
      astonishing to me that they try at all.

      The sweat leader lost his father, his two brothers, his uncle and his
      grandfather to drunk driving accidents.  They struggle with rage and loss,
      articulated throughout their lifetimes in drugs and alcohol, and grief and
      regret at what their own actions have caused...their children, their
      families. And then they stand up and walk again and become role models in
      their communities...Hosanna!

      They don't ask for enlightenment. They simply ask for healing for each
      other. It is beautiful and simple and so humbling.

      House of Trolls
      I took these pictures yesterday in the valley Romsdalen.
      This is the edge of trollveggen / the troll's wall.


      MANUEL HERNANDEZ on ANetofJewels

      Gems from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Conversations

      The "here" is everywhere, and the "now" always.
      Go beyond the "I-am-body" idea, and you will find that space and time are in
      you and not you in space and time.
      Once you have understood this, the main obstacle to realization is removed.

      MILES WRIGHT on RamanaMaharshi
      Sorry for tardiness in responding to this.

       "I also agree with your perception of the two-step process.  Inquiry
       starts with the mind, then moves past it."

      While this may be argued from the theoretical standpoint, in order to draw
      attention to misplaced identity, it has no substance in reality. Even to say
      that Self Enquiry has one step is to miss the point. When the Self is
      sought, the mind is nowhere. Atma Vicara is process and goal. Absolutely
      nothing happens without the Self. Realisation is to get rid of the delusion
      that you have not realised. The Self is always realised. This is not
      dependent on any theoretical school of thought, whether advaita or dvaita,
      nor with any practice.
      It is simply the true state of affairs.

      Ever Yours in Sri Bhagavan,


      "Telepathy is possible not because thought can travel in space but
      because space is actually in thought." Paul Brunton.

      If space & time (and everything else) is a manifestation of Mind,
      then... anything is possible. I have no doubt that things like
      transmission of energy & healing (even at a distance) are possible.

      But... while such special effects are possible... it's also possible for
      the small mind which concerns itself with personal gain and loss to
      become identified and attached to these special effects. Manifestations
      whether material or psychic (or space or time) are just
      manifestations.... and not the Source. Personally, I'll aim for absolute
      inner stillness and just say "not this" to identification with any

      ALAN LARUS on HarshaSatsangh
      Some Cows
      gazing at the mountain cows
      eating strawberries 
      somewhere along this road 
      it turned into a fairytale
      with a singing gull
      a shining universe
      the neverending story
      and a broken skull
      between eerie indiana and the twilight zone
      finding rainbows end
      where you my friend
      must have seen their knowing eyes
      and heard them say
      strange meeting you here
      again and again
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