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highlights test.. Jerry does this go through for you?

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    Saturday, July 6, 2002 - Issue # 1126 Editor: Christiana - Home: art courtesy of Fred Casselman http://www.earthecho.com
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               Saturday, July 6, 2002 - Issue # 1126
      Editor: Christiana  -  Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>

      art courtesy of Fred Casselman http://www.earthecho.com

      Writing is a struggle against silence.  Carlos Fuentes


      Michael "lastrainhome" Yearning@...
      My Moon

      Last night I saw the reflection of the moon on the surface of my bath. 
      I filled a cup with water and slowly put it under the reflection.
      By carefully lifting the cup, I actually captured the moon.
      My wife was astounded.
      I put the cup in a hidden place........but this morning the moon was gone.

      Did one of you steal my moon?
      You were the only ones there.
      I'm going to leave the room now..........
      Who ever stole my moon.............
      just put it back...........

      and everything will be forgotten.

      When neither exists......

      When a jar is placed on the ground,
      We have the ground with a jar;
      When the jar is taken away,
      We have the ground without a jar;

      But when neither of these conditions exists,
      The ground exists in its unqualified state.
      Photo Dave Hiebler

      Eric Ashford  truevision@...
       See The Perfection

      We can never have too many notes
      nor can there be enough silence.
      Love is the play of both.
      There never was a song written
      that was not perfect at being just what it is.
      No matter how you say yourself
      it all comes out as God.

      When I started looking for my lack.
      I found only the face of love looking back.
      I was Jesus riding a donkey
      I was the wind pretending to be heavy boots. 
      I was the answer to every question.
      I was the nail in my cross
      and even that nail
      became the flower of every possibility.

      If you can take your own poison
      and stir it into a sleeping potion for the ego
      you become a honey-eater.
      A bee-line of God
      and the heart opens up laughing
      as a bloom for your long nose

      and your French kisses.

      Yes, the bagpipes of this world are full of wind.
      To make beautiful music from such an instrument
      you need perfect fingering.
      Once you did not know how to ride a bike
      now you don’t even think about it,
      but the wheels keep turning
      and you never think of falling.
      Just put your trust in the good vibrations
      that you allow to be your unfinished symphony
      and see the perfection.

      Dan Berkow Gururatings@...  

      (snips from response to a question, see post #2754 for full elegant post)


      Death-what happens when we die

      Recognizing a reincarnating being depends on there being a


      And is not a "recognizer" an identity?


      And if that identity is itself transient and in process, how can it
      claim to know something definitive about other identities which it
      will define as "something that reincarnates"?


      The "heart" of Buddhism, in my humble opinion, may be viewed
      as inquiry into the nature of "transience," which includes inquiry
      into all aspects of identity and concepts of independently existing
      agents (i.e., "someone who reincarnates").


      One could say, then, that talk about reincarnation involves pattern
      recognition. What reincarnates is patterns, and the recognition of
      patterns in ways that are defined and related predictably.


      There is no one incarnating within the patterning called "the
      universe of birth and death" which is not itself an aspect of that


      This is the "point of insight" -- when it is clear that the knower and
      the known aren't occurring separately, that the knower is itself a
      pattern within the pattern being recognized by the knower as if it
      were external. That is, no knower has been internalized. The
      sense of an internal knower is an aspect of the pattern being
      recognized, as if it could be separated into internal and external




      So, Steve is a pattern, it includes the world in which Steve
      appears, and the sense of a knower in Steve, which is just an
      aspect of that pattern.


      It is this point where the knower, the known, and the knowing are
      the same, that one can no longer find fascination in questions
      about reincarnation in my opinion, (which questions require
      separation of a knowing entity, from that which is being known).

      One way to describe this knowing in words, while acknowledging
      that such knowing is beyond words, is to say, "the knower,
      known, and knowing are the same patterning, and thus the
      patterning is known as whole."


      The "wholeness" of knowing won't be found by depending on
      sequential descriptions, causal understandings, although 
                                                                                                   causality has its place in terms of communication.



      For me, the significant question is: what is it to die to oneself as
      a particular entity within the field of the known, the field of


      One wouldn't "come back" from such a death, because it is
      dying to the idea that one ever took the scene as an
      independently existing being in the first place.


      Right now, the body-mind Steve is being activated. It is
      generating thoughts and ideas about reincarnation. But that
      which is animating the body-mind isn't within those ideas. The
      animation of the body-mind Steve occurs as a whole, as totality
      of being -- whereas the thoughts occuring within the body-mind
      are sequential, and involve concepts of things that move from
      here to there (such as an "entity" that moves from birth to death
      through a life).


      art courtesy of Fred Casselman http://www.earthecho.com

      The Jesus Sutras  book by Martin Palmer
      The verses below are from a hymn of the Christian church in ancient China (circa
      A.D. 780). Called The Da Qin Religion of Light Sutra of Praise to the Three
      Powers, this is one of several writings originally unearthed by explorers in 1907.
      These sutras provide a fascinating picture of an early Christian community
      which developed completely apart from the patriarchal structure of the church in
      the West. This ancient church, called by the Chinese "The Da Qin [Western]
      Religion of Light," communicated the teaching of Jesus in terms that were
      relevant to the culture in China at that time -- a culture influenced by
      Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Shamanism. So instead of a human
      sacrifice sent to pay ransom as atonement for our sins, Jesus is presented as
      a beloved Bodhisattva or "Dharma King" who has come to free us from the
      cycle of karma. Instead of "original sin," these sutras talk about our "original
      nature" -- a state of goodness and grace to which we can be restored.
      A new book, The Jesus Sutras by Martin Palmer, tells the story of this ancient
      church and provides new translations of the sutras. 
      The Great Holy Intelligence is as the Void: emptiness and thus
      invisible. The One Sacred Spirit itself is as all-pervasive as the
      heavenly soul is all-pervasive through the body.
      The being and actions of the One Sacred spirit are everywhere,
      no beginning and no end. Creation is like this also - no
      beginning and no end. This power is without boundaries - arising
      from wu wei- actionless action and from creationless creation
      -there being no stage one and state two. So the One Sacred
      Spirit is the embodiment of wu wei, originless origin,and
      insubstantial substance.
      And if I am everywhere in the world, then I don't know how I am -
      If I am truly in my words, then I don't know what I signify.
      Simon,you should know this. I see the Law.
      I see the reality without the distraction of form.
      I hear the Law. I am not distracted by sounds.
      I smell the Law, and I know how to ignore smell.
      I taste the Law - and I am not distractd by flavors.
      I embody the Law, and I can sense it in my body.
      My heart is the Law, so I can feel it all.
      These six principles lead to the highest awakening:
      Through the light of this teaching everyone can be saved.
      This is why I say: no wanting, no doing, no piousness, no truth. 
      These are the Four Essential Laws. They cannot teach you in
      themselves. But follow them and you will be free from trying to
      sort out what to believe. Feel compassion, and be compassionate
      over and again Without trying to show it off to anyone. Everyone
      will be freed this way - And this is called the
      Way to Peace and Happiness."
      Simon: Master, you said that no-wanting, no doing, no piousness,
      and no truth Are the Four Laws which are called the Way to
      Peace and Happiness. But if there is no existence, how can
      there be happiness?
      And the Honored One replied: "That is a wonderful question.
      Now listen carefully while I say this again: Peace and Happiness
      like this can only exist Where nothing else exists. Think of your
      question. And imagine for a moment
      A distant bare mountain ringed with forests and glades Plenty of
      places of shelter and rest - Animals of all kinds are naturally
      drawn to it. Or imagine a great ocean which is fast and
      fathomless: You don't have to worry how its creatures will
      survive. They gravitate there, and find all they need.
      And you, what do you do? You gravitate Naturally to these
      teachings, and through them You will come to live in Peace and
      Happiness. Animals practice true faith and live by these laws So
      they are already there, in that realm. And so you will come to be
      in a place Where nothing else exists or is needed."
      . . . Shower us with Your Healing Rain! Help us to overcome, give life to what is
      withered, And water the roots of kindness in us . . .

      image: Kuan Yin (the author proposes that Kuan Yin was based on Mary)

      Bob O'hearne (hrtbt)  HarshaSatsangh@yahoogroups.com
      Personal experience of the ineffable Light

      i was about six years old. as a youngster, i would often receive
      visits from beautiful beings of Light -- especially happy beings who
      played with me and made me laugh and fill up with tears of Love
      so much that this little boy-frame could hardly bear it! i had been
      raised in a pious Roman Catholic family, and would often wait for
      my parents to go to bed, because i knew that they didn't
      understand, and then i would get down on the floor in prostration
      and fall into Jesus' Heart. Seven years later, at the age of 13, i
      would enter the Seminary to become a priest. i would spend 7
      years there, and when i finally left, i would meet Jesus again and
      be released from the burden of man-made belief in the great lie of
      separation -- that we are outside of God and need to get back, that
      God is "other" than who we are.
      But that is another story, and so let's return to that six year old boy,
      who was dying of complications from pneumonia, and who was
      lying in a hospital bed, his labored breathing finally coming to an
      end with one long, drawn-out exhalation. He finds himself floating
      up above his body, looking down on it as if it is just some worn-out
      clothes that he has discarded, and then he is taken by the hands --
      one hand held by Mary, the other by Jesus -- and he is taken into a
      most Loving Light, such a Loving Light it cannot be described, and
      he is shown that this Light, which he is, and Mary is, and Jesus is,
      is All that there Is.
      There is nothing but this Light, and everything that appears to be
      many beings, and worlds, and thoughts, and speaking, and
      laughing, and even good and bad, and even angels and devils,
      and even the stars and moon and sky and everything is just the
      Play of this Light, and then there was something for which there are
      no words, even though these words themselves are Light, and that
      was the Source of this Light Itself, and it is not what anyone might
      imagine, for in itself it is not a thing -- not God, not Love, not
      anything of words -- and yet from it emerges this Beauty of Light,
      and to it the Light of Love returns, and this coming out and
      returning is happening simultaneously, and as this Light flows into
      the space and time of form it takes on the colors and shapes of
      forms, although in appearance it is clear and white, and in these
      forms it forgets that it is the light, but not for long! The destiny of
      Light is the Ocean of Light, and the Vastness of the Mother of
      And this Light wants to be sung, and celebrated, and reveled in for
      the sheer Joy of Itself, just as the waves love to splash onto the
      shore, and so some of us come here again to sing this song, and
      to share with the Light that has forgotten Itself as Only Light that All
      Is Well. Yes, All Is Well!
      (for the rest of this lovely story, see post #28158)

      Michael "lastrainhome" Yearning@YahooGroups.com
      New Koan

      Recently overheard at the Las Vegas airport:

                  "All of those on standby............................... 

                                                              please standby".

      Photo: Sky Tram worker, in 1955 Buck Rogers' state-of-the-art technology. 
      San Francisco Cliff House

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