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Tuesday, July 2, 2002

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  • Michael Read
    #1122 - Monday, July 2, 2002 - Editor: Michael - Home: ... In GuruRatings@y..., sivababanatarajgiri wrote: May all
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      #1122  -  Monday, July 2, 2002  -  Editor: Michael  -  Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>


      In GuruRatings@y..., "sivababanatarajgiri" wrote:

      May all that are sentient be free from anger,
      free from suffering,
      free from delusion,
      free from thought and intellect.

      May all that are sentient be happy,
      be fulfilled and enlightened,
      joyous alert and responsive.

      May all Be.

      Hari OM.


      In Meditationsocietyofamerica@... Michael Read wrote:
      Tom and Jerry in the foreground,
      And so i ask the Universe for Something Good
      Something to reveal the Joy of Being
      Something to ease the Burdens of life
      Something to bring me Closer to God's Own Love
      Something that will Teach me to Love
      Something that will Confer Bliss, Conciousness, Truth


      Ah, Yes!

      What a Mystery this Love is!

      loveya - michael

      ps I used to get the Mickey Mouse theme song <grin>

      In NondualitySalon@y..., "Kheyala" wrote:

      A:  [tears in her eyes]  Mommy, I am having a bad thought.
      K:  What is it?
      A:  I don't know what it is!
      K:  Would you like some attention?
      A:  [she nods] Uh huh.

      I give myself fully to her and in less than one minute, she is off!

      In NondualitySalon@y..., "murrkis" wrote: (responding to Jerry Katz)
      Jerry Katz  wrote:
      > yes. It's like any Fundamentalism. If you
      don't follow the program
      you're going to hell.

      Here, there is a necktied man who frequents a downtown park. He
      carries a bible and belts out a litany of sins that will get you a
      ticket to hell. Next time I see him, and work up the guts to get
      close to him, I will suggest he include Advaitism. Though I am
      guessing it may already be included.

      Here, there is also another man, this one in a burlap sack dress tied
      with a brown rope at the waist. He alternately sits on a little
      folding chair or kneels on the sidewalk beneath the obelisk that
      soaks up the force of the main street that T-intersects at that
      point. That obelisk beams car energy straight up to God. 50' of
      redirection. At the foot of it all, one of God's soldiers, sittin',
      kneelin' and grinnin' for the Lord. I notice he has invested in a
      pair of gardening kneepads and a sunhat that ties beneath the chin. I
      guess the lesson in that is that when you're in it for the long haul,
      you gotta take care of yourself.


      In Nisargadatta@y..., Anand Eswaran wrote:
      Dear Dan,

         I dont like agreeing with you (even in cases like
      these when I couldn't possibly disagree) simply coz it
      brings beautiful exchanges to an unnecessary
      end.(beginnings /ends are only in causality , after
      all) :-)

      Commenting just
      as an statement of resonation ...

        Two different apparatus exposed to different
      experiences in different points of space/time . Will
      they ever match resonant frequencies? :-)

      >True, very
      >This "mind of comparison" is taken as
      > the bedrock of
      reality in social consensus terms.
      >That is, comparing Joe with Sam for
      > similarities and differences, I decide who
      > to hire, who to
      fire, who to retire, and
      > in times of war, who is friend or foe.
      Although "pseudo" this mind of comparison
      > becomes the basis for deadly
      serious behaviors,
      > and is the basis of education beginning at
      > a
      very early age (who is smart or stupid, who
      > moves ahead, who gets left
      behind, who is
      who is good or bad, etc., etc., etc.) ...
      >Talk about building up a heavy (albeit

       ABsolutely true. Duality/comparison/ social neuorses
      is an inevitable fall-out.
       The root of the  problem is that of misidentification
      of YOU with the "individual" who uses the
      "mind"(personal ownership).

      >Only as a linkage for
      perceived continuity
      > in temporally defined sequences. Continuity
      of an "I" center, as well as for the sequence
      > of behavior and
      which is always around an observer.

          Yes, and it is always the mind that attaches
      coherence to temporally disjoint sets of perception ,
      thus-rendering thought-processes/ rationality.

      > Do you have
      the courage to stand for absolutely
      > nothing (including the

      It hurts Dan/Anand , the make-believe personalities.
      But THAT ( that which calls itself Dan) is THAT,
      unstained by Dan's/Anand's equally-make-believe
      "ouches" .

        The misidentification/resistance/problems is always
      for the mind.


      >Phenomenal occurrence, taken as relevant by
      > observer of
      phenomena. Which observer must
      > likewise be phenomenal, otherwise how
      > experience register?

        Hence profoundest maturity is total immaturity,
      where there is spontaneous perception without
      accumulation of experience .

      >You would have to
      take that using the same faith
      > which would lead you to take N/the B/the
      > as saying something true about reality --
      > or

       FYI till I met a fellow-seeker who set me on the
      "Path" (though now I realize that there is nothing
      called the PAth which would again have to be causally
      related to the "Goal" : nirvana ), I was a confirmed
      atheist. :-)

      >To knowing what I've
      >To thinking there must be some way
      > to apply what I've read,
      so as to realize
      > Something Important.

      Causality again! That's the problem with having a
      mind. Sometimes, I wish I were born brain-dead!:-)

      >Yes, it hurts to give up one's own
      > as ever having been, nor ever
      > having been one's
      >Yet "right now" it doesn't hurt.

      Yes, and even if it did, it would but hurt Dan(who is
      really not)

      Daffodil-Namastes ,

      In Yearning@y..., Maryam wrote:
      It is soooooooooooo simple
      So simple we miss it.
      Like looking for your glasses
      whilst they're on your head

      What could be simpler than
      Have you ever been out of this moment?

       right now

      we can never .....NOT... be Presence...
       we can never..... NOT... BE

      no matter how it looks
      WE ARE.

       holy shit
       its so simple

      chasing enlightement
      what a bloomin' joke

      peaceful states
      experiences of oneness
      drowning in bliss
      all states.

      what has always been here
      whilst this phenomena
      comes and goes
      is Presence- Awareness
      never went anywhere
      always HERE
      no matter what is going on

       BEINGNESS AS IT bloody IS
       all -inclusive
      always right here
      right now
      can't be anywhere else

       far out...
      so so simple

       how could i ever have thought
      i was NOT.

       resting as this moment
      accepting this moment
      surrendering to this moment

       reveals THIS MOMENT
      What IS this moment ?

      Have a look for yourself.

       Its so simple
      Its sooooo simple

       and Stay HERE.


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