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Monday, July 1, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
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      #1121  -  Monday, July 1, 2002  -  Editor: Jerry  -  Home: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>

      from NDS

      dearest sun you cry
      golden tears on pristine sea
      mirrorlike and still
      yearning to dive into drops
      just to play love games with me


      from NDS

      Dissolving into being, The edges of what I call my self,
      no longer clearly defined, I drift outwardly, blending
      into all that is.

      A tree here, a colour there, a flicker of movement, the
      slightest sound, All is emotionally connected, all is
      the moods and emotions of my Self.

      Appearance is just energy pulsating and dancing
      endlessly as Life. Where ever the senses rest I find
      myself yet again, on and on. The sense of Self is
      everywhere though when looked for I find no one.

      All alone I am crowded by my own company, forever
      present in my presence. Nothing that I do or say is for
      others, all that is done is for the joy of Being.

      I slowly am stripped of all that defines myself, the
      edges exploding outwardly. Nowhere is there where I am
      not and where I am not I find also myself anew.

      Within, without no longer have a boundary for there is
      now no reference point, No point of view to hold, I
      agree and disagree with all that I hear, words are only

      What comes, goes and what goes goes nowhere for all is
      here in my Being, always.


      from HarshaSatsangh list

      The Nature of Inquiry

      The question was raised regarding whether Self-Inquiry
      is inconsistent with other spiritual practices.

      Self-Inquiry is not inconsistent with other spiritual

      After Kunju Swami and served Bhagavan for 12 years and
      asked for advice on how to proceed, Sri Ramana suggested
      Japa, Kirtan, meditation, etc. in combination along with
      inquiry. It should be remembered that Kunju Swami was a
      highly advanced yogi, who had already glimpsed the
      nature of the Self and had many superconscious

      Sri Ramana has stated clearly that all other modes of
      spiritual practice presuppose the retention of the mind
      and therefore lead to Realization indirectly when
      through grace the mind is absorbed into the Heart.
      Bhagavan has said that for those able to practice pure
      inquiry, self-inquiry is the direct and best method for

      The Sage of Arunachala, however, did not dismiss other
      yogic practices and his answers to people were
      contextual. Quoting Bhagavan selectively can easy lead
      to the comical situation of making Sri Ramana engage in
      professional wrestling with his own words.

      Love to all


      R.K. SHANKAR
      from I AM list

      Long Live the Feet of the One (Sri Ramana) who utters,
      'Keeping all the burdens (duties and responsibilities)
      upon the (Fullness of the) Lord,  at all times abide
      thinking of His Lustrous Feet with devotion'.


      from Shaivayoga list

      Q: What will happen to the world?

      Bhagvan: The world!

      Q: In the world, much is going on. What about that?

      Bhagavan: Have you found the reason for your own
      miseries so  that you are now going to find out the
      reasons for the  sufferings of others?

      Q: But on such matters you always remain silent!

      Bhagavan: With silence one can affect the whole world.

      --Godman: Power of the Presence, I, p. 235

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