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Tuesday June 25, 2002

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  • Michael Read
    NonDual Highlights #1115 Tuesday June 25, 2002 Highlights Home Page: Serenity and Joy fill the Universes
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      NonDual Highlights #1115
      Tuesday June 25, 2002
      Highlights Home Page: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>
      Serenity and Joy fill the Universes
      --- In Illuminata@yahoogroups.com  Mace Mealer wrote:

              Who asks the question
              when the answer is apparent?
              Who questions the answer
              couched in silence?
              Who travels to Arunachala
              without leaving it behind?
              Who surrenders to

      from the book As It Is by Tony Parsons.
      The Choiceless Choice
      In presence, I see that I have never chosen or done anything, but that life lives through me.
      And so I have never stopped the sea or moved the sun or taken one step nearer or further away from my birthright.
      In accepting my divine helplessness, I enjoy the freedom of never having a past or a future I could call my own.
      Some people ask, "Who chooses, who directs this wonderful chaos?" But once in the arms of the beloved nothing matters, and I can live as though I choose and rejoice in the letting go.
      From the Avadhuta Gita
      chapter one verse 51:
      When water and water are mixed
      There is no difference.
      It is the same with matter and spirit.
      This is very clear to me now.
      "Rejoice for the kingdom of heaven is within!"
      "Be a lamp unto yourself!"
      "The seeker and the sought are one and the same!"
      Dharma words from master Seung Sahn
      "What we call 'world' is only an opinion. Take away your opinion, then what? What is left? That is the point. Take away your opinion-your condition, situation-then your mind is clear like space. Clear like space means like a mirror. A mirror reflects everything: the sky is blue, tree is green, sugar is sweet. Just be one with the truth-that's Zen style. If your mind is clear like space, then you see clearly, hear clearly, smell clearly-everything is clear. That is dharma. That is truth.
      [from the book One Bird, One Stone by Sean Murphy]
      Treat all with love and respect
      For we all are, by the grace of god,
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