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Monday, June 24, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
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      from See What Is list


      Is it possible to go back ten minutes and shake hands
      with  yourself? And if you were to do so, would the you
      of the  past not be so discombobulated as to forget to
      throw the  switch that transported the you of the
      present into the past  in the first place? How would
      such a sequence affect the  recollections of the you of
      the present? Impossible  conundrums abound.

      Okay, let's say for the sake of argument that you are
      contemplating such an experiment in spacetime travel.
      The  mechanism for accomplishing this has been developed
      and  is ready to go. It is now eight in the evening, and
      you intend  to transport a timepiece that is located on
      your desk ten  minutes into the past at precisely nine
      o'clock. You realize  that if the attempt is successful,
      the clock from the future will  appear at 8:50, and will
      duplicate the clock of the present,  except perhaps for
      its time. As preparation, the time- traveling clock is
      repositioned on the table at 8:55, to assure  that the
      clock from the future does not try to occupy the  same
      space as the clock of the present as of 8:50.

      If all goes according to plan, a second clock should
      appear  on your desk at 8:50. But then what? At that
      point you  realize that the experiment was successful.
      But now you  have two clocks rather than one, and the
      time to transport  the first clock is just ten minutes
      away. Furthermore, the  clock from the future now
      occupies the very space you had  intended to relocate
      the original clock to at 8:55.

      No worries. At this point, we can explore two possible
      scenarios. In the first, the clock from the future is
      moved out  of the way to make room for the clock from
      the present when  it again returns from the future. When
      the clock strikes nine  the transport is effected, and
      three clocks appear on the  desk of the original 8:50
      you. Obviously this can go on ad  infinitum, and a whole
      passel of you-instances would likely  be hopelessly
      trapped in a very boring dream indeed.

      Now for the second scenario. Having anticipated all
      this,  when the clock from the future appears on your
      desk at  8:50, you realize that the experiment was
      successful, and  that it need not be repeated. You break
      out a bottle of  champagne to celebrate the success of
      an experiment you  never actually conducted, as well as
      the acquisition of a  second clock. Next time out, we'll
      send back tomorrow's  race results at Hialeah.

      What has happened? You intend to send an object into
      the past at a future point in time. You make the
      necessary  preparations, but even before sending the
      object, the  ultimate success of the experiment is
      reflected in its  appearance.

      Quantum non-locality has recently been demonstrated.
      This is a primitive form of instantaneous spacetime
      travel.  Theoretically, quantum transmission technology
      can  readily accommodate anything that can be digitized.
      This encompasses virtually all of contemporary media.
      I suspect that such technology would be just as
      capable  of transmitting living organisms as current

      What think ye?

      ~ tomas

      (c) 2002 thomas murpy


      NEW JB


      In connection with South Korea's winning recently a
      football game, I've seen on TV, a program on the
      enthusiasm expressed at a Buddhist monastary in South

      The monks were elated.. in the meditation hall, a big TV
      screen was hung up..between all the Buddha statues and
      colorful religious milieu.. the game was on.. the monks
      were jumping up and down very happy.. A monk, who was
      interviwed said that he prayed very very much for their
      team to win .. another monk said that he was very happy
      that his country was winning,.. so his country will
      become more known to the world. ... Their president, has
      declared that this was the happiest day in the history
      of South Korea, during the last 500 years. (the event
      also helped to bury the recent jailing of his 2 sons for
      business with drugs, and restore the leader's
      respectability). ... In the streets, people were
      celebrating... a young man.. apparently ecstatic.. and
      with his face painted with his country's flag.. was
      loudly yelling : " MY Country..!... Myyyyyyy country

      And I was wondering, .. whatever happened to Buddha's
      teaching of non- craving, detachement,
      non-identification, and no desire for personal fame..
      etc. ?!

      Well,.. a sign the modern times, I guess.. and its split
      personality .. or perhaps, it has always been like
      this... also 2.500 years ago...




      a swan without mate
      never is a man alone
      always with his fate
      running man's most cherished stuff
      it's called happiness of fluff
      it does come and go
      'nothing' really stays the same
      what moves is the show


      from Shaivayoga list

      J. Krishnamurti
      The Book Of Life
      June 24
      The Central Cause of Conflict
      Do not think by merely wishing for peace you will have
      peace, when in your daily life of relationship you are
      aggressive, acquisitive (seeking acquisitions), seeking
      psychological security here or in the here-after. You
      have to understand the central cause of conflict and
      sorrow and then dissolve it and not merely look to the
      outside for peace. But you see, most of us are indolent.
      We are too lazy to take hold of ourselves and understand
      ourselves, and being lazy, which is really a form of
      conceit, we think others will solve this problem for us
      and give us peace, or that we should destroy the
      apparently few people that are causeing wars. When the
      individual is in conflict within himself he must
      inevitably create conflict without, and only he can
      bring about peace within himself and so in the world,
      for he is the world.

      Gloss: Rather than try to change the world, inner
      removal of rose-colored glasses is the first order of
      business. Jesus once said to a group of hypocrites that
      they should not be worried about removing the speck from
      the eye of their neighbor to correct their vision,
      because they had not yet first removed the piece of 2x4
      lumber from their own eye~M


      from Guru Ratings list

      who gets enlightened!

                      You do you dumb bunny!
                      You are the universal conciousness/god/the big
                      kahuna/etc. etc. etc.
                      Your mind is IT
                      Your body is IT
                      Your ego is IT
                      You eat IT
                      You drink IT
                      You excrete IT
                      Why you think you something else? You goofy
                      in head?
                      Every thing could be fine and fun but no..o..o..o you
                      gotta have some drama.
                      Need a big analysis of self motivation - write a lotta of words.
                      Jumping around like a monkey in a tutu - saying alla time lookie here!
                      Think I don't know what you up to?
                      Hah! See all way through IT!
                      Yessir, you silly!
                      Maybe you should go sit in corner.
                      Think about IT awhile.
                      Figure out why you do dumb - maybe.
                      Maybe get a good look at what you doing - laugh some.
                      Come out of corner and then play - ok?
                      hohoho and hahaha - michael

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