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Friday, June 21. 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    Nondual Highlights #1111 Friday, June 21, 2002 Editor: Gloria Lee photo by Jacques De Rouviere summer solstice longer is the dance on a summer solstice eve as
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      Nondual Highlights
      #1111 Friday, June 21, 2002
      Editor: Gloria Lee
      photo by Jacques De Rouviere
      summer solstice
      longer is the dance
            on a summer solstice eve
                       as light spins shadows
      by Mary Bianco
      SHAWN from HarshaSatsangh
      Gangaji excerpt:

      I thank you. You demonstrated a clear introduction to your Self. Your true
      Self. The core that has never been touched by any experience of wounding,
      that remains free, whole, innocent, pure, radiating peace that is the
      endless experience of one's Self.

      Please don't misunderstand me. I don't have anything against wounds or
      working with wounds. Clearly, it all has its place. Just as you tell
      children certain stories to make them relax so that their growth can happen,
      you have been told certain stories so that you could somehow deal with your
      identification with the traumas of the past. Processing can be very useful,
      but there comes a time in a particular life-stream where you are only
      willing to settle for the truth. Somehow, in your life-stream, you have made
      a prayer for truth, a plea for truth, and satsang has come to you to tell
      you to stop. Stop the commentary. Stop the dialogue. Stop, and then see.

      Maybe the commentary will return, but now you have been given a key, a
      secret. It is a secret that was given to me by my master, Papaji, and by my
      master's master, Ramana. It is the secret of Self-inquiry. It is the secret
      of turning the mind inward to see "who" is suffering after all, rather than
      continuing to follow the mind's outward flow into why, and how come, and
      when, and who did what to whom. It is very simple, and it is a sign of
      maturity that you can allow simplicity. Many people have fought with me for
      hours around the periphery of the wound or the imagery that floats up. Your
      willingness is a beautiful indication of maturity and true prayer to be
      liberated from identification with woundedness.

      Maybe you have been liberated from the denial of the wound before. Now you
      can be liberated from indulgence or affirmation of the wound. Not
      theoretically, but directly through your own experience of yourself as that
      which is eternally whole. Not because I say so, but because you must have
      glimpsed the truth of this. Throughout all of your tales of woundedness,
      still, somehow you glimpsed the radiant beauty that you are. This is a very
      lucky lifetime. Be true to your luck in this lifetime. Be grateful to that.
      Stop paying homage to these wound gods, and start paying homage to this that
      you have realized to be universal consciousness. Then see. See where your
      life will be taken.

      Direct experience is primary. We have tried going about it the other way
      around, understanding mentally and then attempting to make reality follow.
      That is called affirmation or positive thinking, and it can be very useful.
      It is much better than negative thinking. But finally you want direct
      experience with no thinking necessary. Then whatever thought arises of
      worthlessness, you have been given a key. More than that, you have accepted
      the key. You have put it in the lock of the knot in your heart and allowed
      your heart to see itself as universal, boundary-less, and free. Isn't it
      amazing? It is eternally amazing. If it is not amazing, then you haven't
      heard what I am saying. Truth is not something one can ever be blasé about.
      If you are blasé about it, you have conceptualized it into some kind of
      religion. Truth is fresh and alive, always for the first time. What wonder!

      Om Shanti


      ROB from  HarshaSatsangh --------
      II. Observe the eight precepts -- recognizing them as nothing but
      eight falling leaves in an endless forest of softly falling leaves:

      1. refrain from killing living creatures -- remembering that, with
      each breath, billions of micro-organisms spontaneously perish,
      regardless of which ones you happen to cherish.

      2. taking what is not given -- realizing that true wealth is measured
      by what you no longer need.

      3. unchaste conduct -- realizing that chastity or the lack thereof
      are fictional, conceptual attributes superimposed by the conditioned
      mind on that which is without conditions.

      4. false speech -- realizing that nothing can be said.

      5. avoid intoxicants -- such as belief in an independent self.

      6. eating outside the time -- no longer compelled to flee into
      transcendence for the meal that is always right before you.

      7. no entertainments, beautifying -- recognizing the supreme
      Attractiveness of one's own Inherent Nature.

      8. simple sleeping-place -- Resting in the OneHeart.

      VIORICA WEISSMAN from MillionPaths

      Make your question clear for yourself. First live with the question.
      When you really ask yourself a question, it comes from the answer.
      You are not able to ask a question without already in some way
      having the answer. The question comes from the answer, so live
      with your question, wait. You must wait without waiting for the
      answer to appear in the question; wait without grasping, without talking,
      without concluding . Be totally open to the answer; the answer will come
      only in your complete openess . The answer never comes from the brain,
      the brain knows only the already known.   
       ~ ~ ~
         taken from
         Transmission of The Flame
         Jean Klein   
         ~ ~ ~
      Dr. Klein , you keep reminding us there is nothing to do
      and we also keep asking you how to do it. Would you say
      something about that ? 
      Accept as a principle that there is nothing to attain ,
      because what we are looking for is our nearness . What we
      are looking for is the looker . When you know this , you will
      feel how every step you take to attain yourself is a going
      away. Then there is a completely natural giving-up,
      because there is nothing to gain , nothing to lose. See how
      this understanding acts on you. You will find yourself,
      naturally , as you were before you were born. 

       So while you were a disciple of Pandiji's you were never
       drawn to other teachers for clarifications?
       There was no desire at all in me for that. I didn't go to India to find
       a teacher. The teacher found me. There is only one teacher.
       I quickly came to the conviction that there is nothing to teach
       and that what you are looking for doesn't belong to any teaching
       or 'teacher'. So why look for anyone? It is the presence of the
       guru that shows there is nothing to teach because the teacher
       is established in the "I am".  So I realized that only the "I am",
       not a mind or a body, can bring you to the "I am".
          ~ ~ ~
         taken from
         Transmission of The Flame
         Jean Klein   
         ~ ~ ~ 
       JOHN LOGANIS from HarshaSatsangh
      Ah, that is the case, "be handled by COMPETENT professionals ..."

      Many "professionals" are so busy treating the condition and its
      effects, that they fail to deal with the human being who may be
      working with a different neurological system than is "normal".

      In a different universe, my next door neighbor has a child with Downs
      Syndrome. I went next door to speak to the parent about something. I
      was not greeted; I was asked what I wanted; the person to whom I
      spoke turned without a word and went in the back to get someone else;
      the Downs child greeted me, made eye contact and gestured for me to
      sit down on a nearby couch.

      That behavior went totally unrecognized by anyone present (except me
      of course).

      The point being that an impaired neurology did not diminish the
      humanity of the child -- who was more "real" than anyone else in the
      house. The people in the house talk over "Daniel" all the time, so he
      does funny things to "act out", throwing things sometimes, rapping on
      the fence to get the attention of our dogs, etc. Like anyone he wants
      attention AS A PERSON.

      Take that personhood away from someone with any disability and that
      person is diminished -- and their needs are not met, and the needs of
      the disability is not met.

      I would like to hear just one professional ask a simple question:

      BONDZAI from  Nisargadatta
      recommended a Zen website from which this passage was selected by editor
      IMAGES by Charlotte Joko Beck
      Most religions have something to say about images and how we
      hold them in our lives. 'Thou shalt have no other Gods before me...'.
      Yasutani Roshi, speaking to a student, 'You need not be concerned
      about the image on the alter; you should be concerned about the
      image in your mind.'
      My self-centered anger arises when my image of myself is
      threatened. So: what image of yourself do you hold? 'I am a kind
      person.' 'I am a good parent.' 'I accomplish worthwhile things.' 'I
      am an authority on (science, plants, cooking, diet, dogs ...
      Or my image can be the opposite. 'I am a mean person.' 'I am a
      mediocre parent.' 'I never accomplish anything.' On and on. Our
      images are deeply rooted. We love them. They run our lives. They
      are who we think we are.
      Some psychological therapies attempt to replace a negative image
      with a positive one. Effective but only to a point. Our attachment to
      any image, positive or negative--since we will defend our
      idol--leaves us in the long run in a state of slavery; the idol rules our
      existence and we are helpless under its domination.
      All poor relationships (and their constant arguments) are based on
      the defense of images. When caught in an emotional storm, ask
      yourself, 'What image do I have of myself that I feel I must
      Keep in mind the difference between 'I must be a good teacher (or
      student, athlete, musician, therapist, or ...) and just being a good
      teacher. Any defended image invariably blocks the open
      awareness from which effective action springs. And the image 'I
      am one who sees clearly, who has realization, who is enlightened'
      is itself the barrier to true seeing. Being 'enlightened' is being
      without image; undefended and open to life as it is. It is being able
      to feel the pain of the desperately defended images of others. It is,
      of course, compassion.
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