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Thursday, June 20, 2002

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    NONDUAL HIGHLIGHTS #1110 Thursday, June 20, 2002 Editor: Christiana Duranczyk Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm
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      #1110 Thursday, June 20, 2002
      Editor: Christiana Duranczyk
      note: Jerry Katz may be offline for a few days awaiting a pc cable line fix
      Hi Sebastian...
      You asked me:
      ~~~I've spent a while perusing some of your writings
      and am finding a kindredship with your path and
      evolution / transformation / realization. Circumstances
      for me were somewhat different (I have six children).
      Now I am going on 50.
      Very briefly I took this route... early teens - an incredible
      longing for 'truth' - psychedelic drugs - experiments with
      yoga and kundalini and meditation and "who am I?"
      meditation - sucked into Jesus movement, born again,
      new testament felowships, - psychologies -
      metaphysics - ascention stuff - channeling - ACIM -
      Almaas and Diamond Approach - transformative
      relationship - divorce - Advaita teachers - memetics -
      on and on
      Anyhow- getting to my question... recently having read
      UG and seeing your mention of him, and resonating
      with this ... 'understanding'... how do you view or hold
      "devotion to a guru?" in the light of this?
      The title of the post is a reverence to Trungpa and his
      teaching about how some people become Suns, other
      planets and others moons... Are there Suns who
      want/need no planets and moons? Is it pretty much
      futile to 'try to teach' (as UG says)? Anyway... please
      'share' :)> ~~~Sebastian
      GP: There does exist a natural 'community' which is
      unlimited, infinite clusters of galaxies.
      A galaxy becomes a conscious member of this
      community, only when the eyes of the moons, planets,
      and suns have opened; only then, does the galactic eye
      open; and upon this event, does the galaxy become
      aware of the already- existing community.
      Understandably, we sentient Beings must open our
      eyes, for our planet to be able to put aside defensive
      measures, and to open the planetary eye. Upon this
      event of the opening of the planetary eye, the moon is
      seen; it is recognition of the moon, which teaches the
      understanding of the principle of reflection.
      Similarly, a person who is able to defer defensive
      measures, is able to suddenly perceive what is already
      there; infinite universe of awareness, at first mainly
      represented by the array of 'sentient Beings' such as
      humans. This is a good start.
      The moon, for a human, is visible only by the light
      reflected from the sun, by the moon,.
      In this manner, are we able to recognize our own castoff
      and orbiting denied psychic contents.
      The Guru is the sun, whose light allows us to see what
      is already there, but hidden by our own denial. There is
      no need to worship the sun; but there is a need to pick
      up on the clue, that there is a vast universe of stuff
      which is invisible only until seen.
      The trick of UGK is that he knows how to speak in a
      way that can be received by anyone. He understands
      that people defensively speak their own language; he is
      able to be received, in spite of this blockade. As one
      who deflects worship of himself, he is able to appeal to
      the devotional type of person, without the sentiment of
      attachment cloying the issues.
      Umans need shocks, not comfort, to be able to open
      their eyes, but the paradox is that while comfort allows
      dropping of defense, in that moment, is when the real
      shock occurs. The real irritant is within, not outside of
      ourselves; when we relax, our denied materials
      suddenly appear, and that is the shock that we need.
      It is the already-existing community of aware sentient
      Beings, which you will see; but this sentience is the
      ubiquitous factor, rather than space or time. It is always
      OK to open your eyes; when you do, you will see eyes
      looking back at you. Do not be afraid, for it is you.
      Welcome home.
      ==Gene Poole==
      PS: On the issue of 'trying to teach':
      I teach a class every Saturday morning. My approach is
      to remove obstacles, rather than to introduce
      "Trying to teach" typically ignores the existence of
      individual identity configurations, and is a 'one size fits
      all' approach, doomed to fail, and provoking conflict
      which can surface as issues of 'lack of devotion' to the
      Removal of obstacles involves teaching that it is
      permissible and harmless to strip objects of meaning.
      By this approach, what is made invisible, can be
      allowed to become visible.
      Upon seeing what had been invisible; that is to say,
      what had been denied... one is allowed to see in an
      uninhibited way.
      Seeing in an uninhibited way, obviates and transcends
      all teachings.
      G: not that it matters all that much but here is my
      personal life story........ just so there is no confusion....
      Namaste - I am now currently 52 years of age. You
      could say that my only subject now is Truth.... and here
      is my personal story..... Born in the US i was a searcher
      for truth at a young age.. while my parents were not
      overly religious i attended a Science of Mind church a
      few times... my father was an avid Edgar Casey fan...
      even as a young child i was drawn to the Saints and an
      inner search....there were some abilities as a child such
      as being able to become light enough not to sink into
      snow drifts and to be able to call birds and other
      animals .... These abilities receeded upon taking on
      conditionings .. at the age of 18 i joined an esoteric
      christian order.... during the evening rituals while
      kneeling at the altar Father Blighton layed hands upon
      my head. At that moment a bolt of gold light went
      through my body...it was like lightening hit... absolute
      gold... i entered a state of samadhi... (at the time i had
      no idea of what samadhi was) this samadhi lasted a
      period of 3 days.(The samadhi was consisting of the
      feeling of being conected to ALL of creation yet
      separate as a witness and not involved ) ... along with it
      there came seeing energy... auras around people and
      a purple aura around the cross on the altar and gold
      around one on the wall. .... Father Blighton said that i
      had just entered the first stage of enlightenment ( i do
      not believe there are stages of Enlightenment, although
      it was the foundation to my spiritual walk).... ..... upon
      leaving the order things subsided for a number of
      after leaving the order i stayed with the Krishna
      Consciousness movement for about a year..... during
      this time i learned much about Bhakti ...... One day
      when Srila Prabhupada was coming in from his
      morning walk ..... i was standing with some flower
      malas and waiting for Darshan.... while walking by his
      eyes fell upon me and he motioned me to follow him....
      this was highly unusual as only initiate devotees of high
      standing were afforded private interveiws with him..... i
      never took initiation but was sincere and indeed leaded
      towards the Bhakti inclinations... when we arrived within
      his private quarters he asked me to place the mala's on
      his Radha & Krishna deities... and with this he looked
      at me point blank and said "Within This lifetime you will
      reach Self-Realization"..... it is apparent that there was
      a knowing within that my path was not to stay within the
      krishna movement.... and yet he wanted to share this
      with me.... to spur me on.... i put my hands together in
      Namaste.... thanked him..... and left the order..... my
      time there had come to its conclusion..... i am ever
      greatful for the lessons learned while there...... From the
      Krishna Consciousness movement the interim years
      were spent in Internal Contemplations and in search
      and understanding various religious texts.... Much
      wisdom came as my prayer was always to Know the
      Truth.... My singular prayer was for Truth above all
      things..... At the age of 29 i decided to sit and
      meditate... sitting on the floor suddenly there was a
      vibration at the end of the tail bone... mulhadara
      chakra.... then suddenly extreme heat rose up the
      spine....going to bed that evening i could not sleep... i
      complained to my husband that the birds were making
      so much noise it was impossible to sleep.... it sounded
      as if a hundred were in a tree all chirping at once.... i
      was informed it was the middle of the night and there
      were no birds.... thus started what was to be long years
      of pain and numerous kundalini created
      manifestations..... this lasted until completion in the year
      1999.... during the time of manifestation it felt as if i
      would spontaneouly combust the heat being so
      intense... and the nervous system felt as if it was short
      circuiting everywhere at once.... there were
      spontaneous mudras (hand gestures) and kriyas that
      happened.... energy moved through the body
      uncontrolled.... at one time it felt as if ice cold water
      were poured into the heart area.... there were dreams
      of fires and snakes...
      for many months and years.... the mental modifications
      included extreme depression.... then feeling the pain of
      the world... then as one absolutely dead... these were
      all lasting over one to two years in duration... siddhis
      came such as the ability to feel whatever was
      happening in another persons body and the ability to
      heal pain.... this process continued to unfold until
      coming to india and being pulled into a nirvakalpa
      samadhi.... beyond subject and object a merging within
      the Self..... from that point the old self with its fears
      died.... what emerged was liberation - knowing what IS
      the Essense of ALL LIFE...... A Merging of Shakti into
      Shiva had occured....
      i am now a speaker of truth.... and willing to help others
      through thier kundalini awakening experience....here is
      a list of happenings... during the process:
      1. Seeing lights internal and external
      2. extreme heat up spine
      3. nervous system extremely sensitive feeling as if
      4. natural kriyas(vibrations of body - body movements
      and energy in patterned movements)
      5. spontaneous hand mudras
      6. various sounds heard internally
      7. knowledge on various subjects would be known
      immediately in whole...
      8. siddhis of various natures came and went
      9. expanded consciousness
      10. ended when Self was reached while in Nirvakalpa
      Samadhi... or THAT which i term the Formless
      Constant (when subject and object end in absolute
      quiet mind)
      11. now resting in Anand...and the Peace Which
      passes understanding... simply a stillness remains in
      the Mind.... no thought a resting Silence.. ( true Mouna )
      the manifestations of kundalini that were long and
      difficult ended when Nirvakalpa was entered into.... the
      false ideations of the limited ego self (or that which
      seeks to control its limitations) ended or that which
      sees itself as the form which is within life and death
      was transcended....the experience of kundalini ended
      within Self-enquiry... it took everything to its natural end
      which is simply the beginning....... this is backed also by
      Ramana Maharishis findings also...
      In the end all relative knowledge that had been
      aquired.... all the mysteries and ceremonies .... all the
      Love and Devotion... all the sacrifice and suffering...
      everything that had been held was released.... the
      powers.... the ideations.... the conditionings... All was
      surrendered to the Divine and in one brief moment -
      that was ever eternal.... Exitance was unalterably
      changed.... i no longer saw the transient as separate
      from the Eternal..... no longer see the outer show as me
      and Thee..... the me in the end that personality which
      moves exists not - matters not.... it is simply the
      ideations of limited mind created by the encapsulation
      of the Formless within form...... but the Sprit is ever
      FREE of form..... there is no Death.... THAT is and
      always has been the ONE Eternal Nature..... and we
      are simply sparks within THAT DIVINE BEING.... there
      is no you and i separate... there is Simply THAT
      BEING.... empty in nature.... containing all things yet
      holding nothing..... That spark of Life is ever untouched
      by any of the mental modifications or ideations of
      form....Life is now lived in the Eternal Now....... thankyou
      for allowing this story to be shared....
      You may reach me at crystalkundalini@...

      The formal word for non-duality is advaita - just in case
      you want to do a web search. You can also search the
      archives of the nondualitysalon and the ndhighlights.
      Well, lately they are more into donuts. :-) But there are a
      lot of good folk there.
      The essence of nonduality is that there is no separation
      from god. That everything existing in any dimension in
      any time in any place is already god. This is also the
      essence of every other religion.
      God is usually described as a being who is infinite in
      power, knowledge and action. And the goal of our
      existance is to either please, cajole, and otherwise
      worship this being in order to reap great rewards - at
      least to many religious views.
      Where Advaita takes a radical turn from most other
      religions is that there is only one being and that being
      already is everything and everybody.
      Advaita teachings often make reference to
      understanding who one is. The understanding, simply
      put is: you are already god.
      Advaita also teaches that "you are already god" is a
      concept that will be dropped along with all other
      concepts of god when the concept called a seeker
      opens up and the understanding occurs not as an
      intellectual system but as the living reality.
      And, like any other religion, there is always somebody
      to tell you when you are doing it right and when you are
      doing it wrong. <grin>
      So, here's my advice to those that are still seeking.
      Stop and start over. Whatever path or religion you
      follow now, take a break from it and pretend that you
      are coming to it the first time. Pretend that you have
      never heard of it before - tell yourself that in truth you
      really don't know anything about it.
      When I did it came as such a shock to realize that I
      really didn't know anything. I did have a beautiful
      working conceptual belief system that I took great
      comfort in but, I could no longer see it as being the truth.
      I had to go back and reread the words of Jesus and
      Buddha. I also found and devoured a small
      uncommented copy of the Bagahvad Gita and delved
      back into Zen. This time I found myself returning time
      and again to words that kept pointing to the immediacy
      of truth.
      I was also doing several hours of breathing meditation
      daily. Just letting the mind focus on the breath without
      trying to control the breath or fight with the mind. It is a
      technique to bring concentration to a quiet, still and
      lucid focus.
      I was also doing several hours of Qigong practice
      This went on for about two weeks night and day. No, I
      didn't stay up all night every night. I slept when I was
      tired and ate when I was hungry.
      You see, after thirtyfive years of on again off again
      seeking, for some reason a decision was made that
      now was the time to do it. This descision was made on
      faith alone. The faith that from childhood told me that
      god was real. This faith was based on the great beauty
      of creation and the joy of laughter, I think. Yes.
      The process took about two weeks - milage may vary.
      During that period I did not have any visions, see light
      forms, hear celestial music, travel to other dimensions
      or perform any miracles and other such spiritual
      goodies. All things I had done or experienced before
      At the end of this time I was reading a passage
      attributed to Buddha where he said, "When I attained
      pure and perfect enlightenment, I realized that there
      was no such thing as pure and perfect enlightenment!
      Marvelous! Marvelous!" When I read those words
      everything dropped away. All of the beliefs and
      concepts dropped, my poor little mind just rolled over
      and died (aiiieeeeee!) and I didn't exist anymore as
      Michael Read. There was only awareness and love.
      The seeking ended and life began - so to speak.
      nothing higher nothing lower no you no me just this
      so what's for breakfast? - michael
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