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the Low-lights for Wednesday, Sept 15

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  • Melody
    Hi everyone, As I scrolled thru the nonduality salon s digests for Wednesday, I found myself having a hard time finding any nondual postings. :-) So, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 1999
      Hi everyone,

      As I scrolled thru the nonduality salon's digests for
      Wednesday, I found myself having a hard time finding
      any 'nondual' postings. :-) So, I decided, just for
      fun, to do something different today.

      Today's ND Highlights is spotlighting:

      _The dish and the 'dis' from the NDS_.

      or simply....

      "The NDS Low-lights"

      Have fun!



      Frankly though, I feel uncomfortable in "commune" type settings. I often
      get a sort of elitist, snobby vibe from communalists -- an ingroup/outgroup
      dynamic that is unsettling to me.


      Do you know Papaji's criticisms of Andrew? I have a
      friend who has made it part of his sadhana to find this out.



      I met Andrew in person at a talk at Harvard a couple years ago.
      Personally, I find him a self-righteous prick, but that's just my opinion.



      You want to hear another good one? I met Ram Dass close to 20 years ago.
      He actually came to my house for a party that we threw for the
      acid coloquim up at the university. We had about 100 people show up.
      Allen Ginsberg came too. I found Ram Dass to be a conceited ass hole.
      I went up introduced myself and was nicely talking to him and he acted
      like his shit didn't stink. Talk about a mind blower, and I walked away
      thinking well fuuuuuck you! :-) And the fucker was in my house too,
      my food and drinking my beer. What an asshole.



      A minor Andrew Cohen story - that Luna Tarlo book "Mother of God" is pretty
      intense. She quotes him saying privately to her, "You know, sometimes I
      feel like God." The book definitely is not favorable to
      Andrew!!!! Anyway, at one NYC bookstore, they display that book right
      interspersed with Andrew's books. Some of Andrew's followers (he has a
      small community in NYC) came into the store and demanded that the book be
      shelved elsewhere. After all, they said, the overall organization of the
      book section is alpha by author. "Why is T - Tarlo in with the C - Cohen
      books??" But knowing their business as they do, they kept his mother's
      book right there!



      Ya see, if I were in Andrew Cohen's position I'd be very up
      front and say right off, "I'm God, I'm an asshole, and I
      secretly hate each and every one of you. Now let's get down
      to business." Knowing that, it's possible to have a
      relationship with the guy.


      I didn't sense that he was all that bad when I met him (but briefly), but in
      his writings he is somewhat authoritarian. Yet he does not speak with
      "authority" as I sense someone like Da does. Andrew comes across (to me) as
      someone *trying* to be authoritative but knowing he isn't cut out for it,
      and this gives a whining, needling tone to his demands. In short, I sense
      he doesn't fully "believe in himself" yet. But he is young -- late 30s? --
      and maybe he will mellow with the years. (If he doesn't get worse.) (Damn,
      thinking of Da and LRH, they *do* get worse, don't they?)



      A jerk is a jerk.

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