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Saturday, June 8, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Image by Gene Poole #1098 - Saturday, June 8, 2002 - Editor: Jerry Katz - Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm ANNOUNCEMENT Bob Rose s new issue of
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      Image by Gene Poole

      #1098 - Saturday, June 8, 2002 - Editor: Jerry Katz - Home: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm


      Bob Rose's new issue of Inner Traveler is available

      Bob maintains a consistently high quality, loving,
      passionate publication. The writing excels. The graphics
       are very rip-off-able.

      Current NDS contributors include the electric Michael
      Read and word sculptress Vicki Woodyard.

      Read it at

      And for anyone in the Philadelphia area, you can study
      meditation in-person with Bob.



      The above link takes you to my latest Sulekha column,
      where I analyze  the Kashmir issue, and America's


      Rajiv Malhotra
      FOUNDATION: http://www.infinityfoundation.com
      MANDALA: http://www.infinityfoundation.com/mandala/indic_mandala_frameset.htm



      I was wondering what exactly the "Interplay Performance"
      is/was? I am a student of Sufi Studies, and so far,
      that name or program has not shown up. Is it some sort
      of spiritual or satsang group?



      I guess you could call it a sort of spiritual or satsang
      group. It is an improvisational movement and
      vocalization method that is geared to get one (back to
      being) embodied. As far as I can tell, there are a few
      'templates' or 'forms' that the group uses to structure
      interaction, but primarily it is people responding and
      expressing certain 'cues' (stated or unstated) from
      their stories and the stories of their fellow players.
      Though I noticed that each person seemed to have their
      own language of movement and vocalization, these
      expressions are informed by the group and may include
      anything that 'works' - including a big sufi dance
      circle. You just nevah know what might happen.


      Image by Al Larus


      All this talk and imagery about donuts has reminded me
      that, in the mathematical study of topology, a donut's
      shape is called a Torus. In computer science we talk
      about abstract classes, and that a multiplicity of
      objects are created from these singular classes. Well,
      the donut as an object is created from the class Torus,
      as are:

      The Bagel The Cheerio Spaghetti-O's Tires Rings of all
      kinds, like the Ring of Power in "Lord of the Rings" The
      Space Station in 2001 A Space Odyssey

      The torus is a symbol of infinity. It is one of those
      interesting objects where, no matter where you start or
      what direction you travel., you always eventually come
      back to where you started.

      I have included a picture of a torus at the end of this

      To imagine a torus, do this thought experiment: Take a
      rectangular sheet of very flexible plastic or paper.
      Join the long top and bottom edges so that you make a
      cylinder with open ends. Now carefully bend the cylinder
      around in a circular motion until the open ends join.
      There you have it: a torus.

      Even though it has a hole, a torus is all one surface.
      Even if you go through the hole you are still on the
      surface of the torus. To prove that it is all one
      surface, imagine that your job is to paint it, without
      stepping on the painted surface. Picture yourself
      starting out in one place on the surface and spreading
      paint as you go. Eventually you will have "painted
      yourself into a corner" without, in fact, having reached
      any corners or edges.

      The thing that you can do with a torus that you can't do
      with a sphere is that you can go through it without
      going inside it. You can walk through its middle without
      leaving its surface.

      A sphere (think of the sun) tends to radiate and run
      down. It tends to collapse or explode. A torus, on the
      other hand, is self balanced. Energy flows around and
      through it. It is self-sustaining and self-referential.
      There need be nothing else except the cosmic Torus
      (unless it is the cosmic Tortoise that carries it on its

      The torus is one of the great archetypal shapes. Whoever
      invented the wheel was implanting this first crude
      practical application of this shape. Whoever invented
      the donut was doing the same.

      Its shape and power are hardwired into our brains, with
      powerful attractive symmetries pulsing down from our
      race's future.

      The torus shatters the assumptions of Flatland. It
      shatters the notion that the Universe is a linear
      progression in time and a spherical expansion in space.

      In his book "Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the
      Mechanics of Consciousness", Itzhak Bentov says: "We
      have a closed universe that forms an elongated hollow
      torus. Encased within this torus is an inner torus of
      protospace...our psyches, which contain all our
      knowledge, expand periodically into that space for a
      very short period of time at practically infinite
      velocities. The human psyches form an interference
      pattern with psyches of all other consciousnesses in the

      The Universe, says Bentov, is shaped like a donut.
      Space/time is not straight, it is curved. Go far enough
      away from earth and you'll meet yourself on the way

      Bentov postulated that the donut hole on one side was a
      black hole, sucking in light/space/energy, and on the
      other side was a white hole, radiating out all of
      creation and mistaken by today's scientists for a
      one-time event called the Big Bang.

      What I am saying is that, on the other side of the Big
      Bang that gave rise to our Universe is a the hole of a
      very bad-ass donut.

      The torus provides a unique conductive mechanism for the
      pulsing flow of high energy that is the pump and
      oscillator of our Universe, as well as for the
      interference patterns that create Cosmic Consciousness.

      The nearer you get to the radiant hot frictionless force
      fields of the center of the cosmic donut's hole, the
      more the opposites collapse and the original causal,
      absolute nature becomes manifest.

      The torus's hole becomes the valve or gate though which
      the universal plasmoid high-energy pulse alternately
      appears and disappears.

      The flow of the super energy does not fly off elsewhere
      (the donut is All That Is) but instead it flows around
      the surface of the torus in ultra-chaotic quantum
      particle/waves within which are constituted the very
      substance of the Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, planet,
      life, species, and us as people: our society and
      culture, our snack food, our Dunkin Donuts Old-fashioned
      donuts served with a nice hot cup of coffee.

      Perhaps all donuts (and their fat-free cousins, the
      bagel) are universe generators, and our fascination with
      them comes from the fact that our secret mission as a
      people is to create and consume as many of these toroid
      treats as possible.

      So, I suggest that the reason why NDS went off on this
      jag about donuts was that the cosmic super-intelligence
      was (and is) transmitting knowledge to us about its
      nature via the consciousness interference waves on the
      surface of that memetic NDS donut.

      [illustration: a computer-generated torus]


      I am writing a broadway musical about this....working
      title is "A  Torus Line." Anybody wanna be my angel...



      The Donut is merely the Klein-bottles' underage

      One note about topology and revolutionary evolutionology
      (an un-as-yet-tested technology for smearing the
      cortical intellect out to encompass the entire known and
      unknown universe of Being), is that conclusions of all
      kinds (such as: "The Donut is All That Is") would seem
      to be success for the original (ordinary) mind. But it
      is only the LACK of finality, conclusiveness, that keeps
      men driving toward success.

      Hence, The "linear/mobius mind" vs. the "spiraling Klein



      ..the Fourth Way is primarily geared [in the literature]
      towards  developing the third state or
      'self-consciousness' while other  teachings, Advaita for
      instance, speak more to 'objective  consciousness' or
      'seeing things as they really are'.


      This is a clarifying statement, as it touches an
      emotional fire which burns within many, feel/thinking
      something like: "How can I adequately explain myself to
      myself and others, while not appearing to be nuts or

      "Ways" are not available to humans in order to assist
      their innermost "wish" to evolve (which is a legitimate
      genetic need) - they are available to obscure whatever
      possibilities existed for such, forever.

      This is true for the 4thway as well as for Advaita. Both
      douse the fires within, in just the same way that the
      "breath of life" would seem to extinquish an external
      fire, except that the forcefullness of the exhalation,
      when not adequately mediated, intermittently only adds
      oxygen to the blaze, giving one the inner impression of
      activity appropriate to the starving emotional

      What if there WERE no "ways" - what the HELL would
      people do then? They'd have to go it alone, they'd have
      to muster their own inner resources to embark upon the
      journey which seemingly has no beginning, no end, and no
      landmarks or milestones.

      "Ways" are millstones around the neck, and the sooner
      one settles into the firm, unshakingly dominant
      realization that you ARE alone, and you KNOW nothing,
      then the quickening, which is your birthright can begin
      to eradicate the silliness which heretofore passed for "
      pleasing personalities" engaged in "cocktail
      conversations" at the "realizers' convention".

      Image by Al Larus

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