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Sunday, June 2, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    lunatic skywalker #34 by Jacques De Schryver NONDUAL HIGHLIGHTS #1092 Sunday June 2, 2002 Edited by Gloria Lee http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm This issue will
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      lunatic skywalker #34 by Jacques De Schryver
      Sunday June 2, 2002
      Edited by Gloria Lee
      This issue will feature more photographs by Jacques De Schryver,
      the # refers to his online photo gallery.

      Froggy Jacques is a journalist, now teacher,  and he tells some
      amazing stories on his other website. "The Gopher´s Death is an
      account of an incident with synchronicity that happened to me in
      1972, when a rockslide blocked me underwater in a restriction, in
      the cave of the Rupt du Puits, in France, at the very moment when I
      got out of air. I then had an Out Of the Body Experience. And a
      curious kind of `death transfer´ occured which I can just state
      since I am still here."
      excerpts from Gopher's Death: http://jdsetls.virtualave.net/kundalini.html

      It is thus with a realism reinforced by the urge to much later face
      the dull happyness of retreating, that I had accepted that Bertrand
      Leger teach me to drown. If french philosopher Montaigne could
      assess that ‘philosophize is learning to prepare for dying', Bertrand
      taught me that ‘survive in sumps is learning choking and suffocating
      through multiple spasms'. Montaigne and Bertrand were right. But I
      owe more to the later than to the former.

      Efficient retreat

      In this position, nearly motionless, my hands easily grasp the vault
      and I push. I progressively retreat down the rockslide, through two
      or three shovings. Luckily, there are more space here, and I can
      raise myself a little, and even kneel. I grasp my second regulator.
      So, that will have a quick happy end, without any harm but a non
      justified fear, since it was again a mere training for drowning. In
      short, an egg-brain fright since at that time, I still am a student. By
      pure nagging I suppose, Murphy's law adds its recurrent
      paragraphs. The second regulator is entangled around the first in a
      way I dont understand. It is a shielded Aquilon model, quite robust,
      and the diameter of the hose is about that of a thumb. Though I push
      or pull, it doen't come. It still sticks to my chest. Impossible to
      raise it to my mouth. Then I feel the first serie of spasms.

      Things are now coming strange. As I tinker desantangling the second
      regulator off the first, I perceive myself as dedoubled. Incongruous
      thoughts flutter around, as if I were both myself, similar though
      different in the same time. The second myself is floating up. He (it
      ?) looks with grand curiosity at the first ‘I', from behind and up,
      left side, as if three feet away from my shoulder at a 45° angle. The
      first ‘I' thinks in the same that it is not possible that the second ‘I'
      be behind, for there is only water and rock. So I know that
      something is not going right . Curiously, this element of knowledge
      puts me in the confident mood of the one who is in control. I
      definitely know events are now unexpected and I am carefully
      looking at them. I feel soundly logical and zenly detached, since I
      realize it is impossible that I am two, though time is suspended.



      purple summer hat
      blowing like drunken wheel
      chased by woman
      in purple blouse

      kirlian09_photo from web



      This is a description of a new list someone has started

      THE OTHER SYNTAX! is a forum for those warriors, seers,
      stalkers and dreamers who are interested in the works of
      Carlos Castaneda and company. Our party, our lineage
      invites members to post memorable events from Carlos
      Castaneda literature, to include 'related' works by
      similar writers. There is no discussion of the quoted
      works because it is felt that both the seasoned
      warrior-traveler and the beginner benefit in their own
      ways - respective to their individualizing processes -
      from the passages given, when discussion about them is
      not indulged. Members are encouraged to keep private
      conversations and opinions to themselves. Private
      discussions are encouraged. The creator of THE OTHER
      SYNTAX! has found that going quietly over the material,
      highlighting memorable events and retyping for the
      enjoyment of others is a way to travel the Path With
      Heart while practicing Impeccability and Inner Silence.


      Portrait by Jacques De Schryver


      ZENBOB on HarshaSatsangh

      Bon Jacques:

      Your warm glow is welcome. your comments about sharing the
      presence of those you have known and found important in life, in
      dream or meditative states seemed to synchronize with many of my
      own recent experiences.

      When we are in a receptive state, and also contemplative,
      reflective...we seem to bring to the surface the most important
      experiences and persons of our lives.

      I do not think that the sense of this understanding is necessarily
      limited to our own memories and being...it is important to have an
      inner memory or appreciation in order for higher levels of
      communication to come about...but I believe that higher levels of
      communication occur for those who are receptive.

      For one thing, when we have such "unexpected" contacts...where
      daily life and thoughts in no way invoke the person or persons who
      appear in our minds, our meditations or dreams, who are we to say
      that such "sudden" appearances are not the desired state of those
      others in some higher level of common consciousness?

      They are a wise comfort to me, Jacques, as I am sure they are to
      you, too.

      Native Americans and other Shamanistic cultures revere this sense
      of connection and believe that if there is an individual person, that
      they are made more complete by the process of taking into
      themseves the essence or spiritual being of these others. They do
      not believe that others necessarily need be passed into the spirit
      world in order to provide this sharing of spirit--but that deep
      bonds and spiritual sharing in life actually can "clone" a part of one
      person's being into another person. Then, even after that person
      passes to another state of existence, that bond remains and
      communication can continue to take place.

      In western society, I think we tend to believe that death must be a
      precondition for this altered state of communication--no spirit
      communication without a spirit from beyond.

      I no longer adhere to such a limited view, and truly believe that we
      actually do absorb something from others who we value and share
      spiritual bonds with.

      Oddly, I have had moving and profoundly real experiences in the
      dream state, where things of very valuable insight and strong
      emotional sharing have occured with others--others whom I know
      only in the dream state! This alternate existence is so persistant and
      realistic that I often wonder if it is not the result of living multiple
      existences in alternate dimensions or some thing.

      I would be interested in knowing if others have had any experiences
      along these lines. And, also, by the way, some of the data
      comunicated by these others, during such states, has been validated
      as authentic, real, and of such content that I in my waking state
      could not have known this data by any means.





      HOLLY BARRETT on HarshaSatsangh

      This is sure how I experience it! There seem to me to be many
      distinct levels of dreaming -- from information processing down
      (out?) to strange and marvelous worlds, indeed. I regularly return
      to (and have relationships with) worlds, people, even creatures that
      are unknown to me in waking life. I've also had some success with
      the exercises in Carlos Casteneda's The Art of Dreaming --
      particularly the one where you look down at your hands and wake up
      in the dream to lucidity and control. The Toltec idea is to
      increasingly understand the dream qualities of waking life so that all
      states are seen as a continuum. But mainly these events just happen,
      beyond my volition.

      Also, the psychological roto-rootering that comes with kundalini
      awakening was seen clearly in dreams. Holly


      Bubble Spider by Jacques De Schryver


      DAN BERKOW on HarshaSatsangh

      Alan Watts described what he considered a personal awakening
      experience, a release of any continuing mental contents or sense of
      identity apart. However, that he described such in text and to
      friends is mentioned not to validate or invalidate him or his teaching
      -- but simply to say it's a mistake to think that he was saying that
      he lacked insight and thought he needed more. He frequently talked
      about the self-deception involved in attempts to get to
      enlightenment or claim a certain state as enlightenment. He saw such
      attempts as attempts to get "one-up on oneself," attempts that could
      never succeed.

      His self-proclaimed position as "entertainer" was a way to avoid the
      paradox of selling water to the river as a guru.

      His difficulties with alcohol indicate addictive tendencies. This
      raises the question of whether or not "seeing beyond 'me'" releases
      addictive tendencies.

      Watts claimed that he saw "everything as it," and thus could say,
      "my addictive tendencies are it, too."

      If one doesn't need someone else to be enlightened, then the
      question of whether or not Alan Watts told the truth becomes

      If enlightenment is the nature of the source of all, and if it is all, if
      it is totality, then there is no concern with whether or not Watts, or
      Chogyam Trungpa, or anyone else is or isn't enlightened.

      Only resting in this truth, prior to being or not-being, is the case.
      All images appearing and disappearing, Watts and Pope Paul and
      Virginia Wolfe are images appearing and dissolving ...

      From my perspective, Watts wasn't saying that he was a perfect
      human being, nor that there is an enlightenment that makes a person
      perfect -- but that perfection is the ordinary, is the way things are.
      Now, can a person dealing with alcoholism use this as a defense, to
      assist denial and avoidance? It may well be the case. Which seems to
      point to the limitations of making insight into a belief system,
      including the belief that no beliefs are necessary.

      The efforts to claim that certain people are the source and other
      people aren't just divides truth into more of it over here and less of
      it over there --

      When one is not trying to locate truth, one rests in one's own being
      as truth ...

      Love and namaste, Dan


      Blues portrait #43 by Jacques De Schryver



      JODY RADZIK on HarshaSatsangh

      Chris: "When we look back into history at the numbers of known
      sages, saints, and messiahs, we can see that awakening has been

      Jody: Only when you make exclusive to the group "awakened" only
      those who have make a big enough splash to get recorded by history.
      There have been millions more who just were enlightened without
      telling anyone or gathering large satsangs. They didn't get recorded
      and so we didn't hear about them, but they were there.


      Carnival by Jacques De Schryver


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