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for Sunday, September 12th 1999

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Tim posted a Vivekananda quote ... The older I get the more I realize there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. It s something I ve known all my life, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 1999
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      Tim posted a Vivekananda quote
      to which Jerry replied:

      > "Oh, how calm would be the work
      > of one who really understood
      > the divinity of man! For such,
      > there is nothing to do, save to
      > open men's eyes. All the rest
      > does itself." (8:261)
      The older I get the more I realize
      there is nowhere to go and nothing
      to do. It's something I've known
      all my life, but it's a knowledge
      I wasn't always stabilized within.

      Dan commented on the "perpetual
      seeker" mentality:

      In order to seek well, it is often
      helpful to use very high-minded
      and ultimate sounding words while
      recognizing that these will always
      be beyond your reach. It is
      helpful to make sure that any
      approach you take continuously
      reminds you that you can only have
      glimpses at best. Furthermore,
      make sure that for every step
      forward, your path brings you two
      steps back. By ensuring yourself
      of a position as perpetual seeker,
      you can appreciate divine unity
      while maintaining the anxiety about
      separation that confirms your
      separate existence as, indeed,

      Tim had an interesting take on the
      nature of the Salon itself:

      The real paradox is that there is
      no NondualitySalon list at all
      here. We are not separate people
      communicating with one another, but
      one being communicating with itself,
      exploring different aspects of
      itself. Thus there is no list here,
      simply an open connection with
      static, and 'We who are I' *are*
      that static.

      Inspired by Aleks, Kristie proposed
      some modest social engineering:

      Hell, let's just move a bunch of
      homeless people into Congress....I
      mean, can they do worse....

      Then we'll declare schools a supreme
      evil and return children to the woods
      and the rivers with time to stare at
      clouds and imagine...imagine....

      Then we'll demolish all the DMV's...
      hell, people drive safe so they don't
      DIE....not because of traffic laws....
      the ones who follow the laws will
      continue to do so and the ones who
      don't, won't....just like now....but
      think how much money we'll save on
      administering traffic fines that don't
      get paid, failures to appear, DUI's
      that drive anyway....people with DUI's
      who don't drive and therefore lose
      their jobs and go on welfare, etc....
      court bureaucrats, etc.

      With the money we save we'll order
      that every household in the country
      receive a new car and a new
      refrigerator every year....that should
      gear up manufacturing in the inner
      cities and take care of that
      problem...it should also stimulate the
      growth of the recycling industry and
      incubator industries for new products
      from old materials.....planned
      obsolescence to the max!!!!

      We'll legalize drugs and put all the
      cranksters to work - they can crank, I
      don't care - building playgrounds or
      inventing new drugs that alter
      consciousness and are harmless....give
      'em what they want....if they can
      manage to get the materials they need
      to make crank, produce a chemically
      difficult product to create and
      distribute it...they have business and
      production skills that could work for
      us instead of against us...if we just
      didn't hate them so...

      Let's see: we could pay mothers to stay
      home and actually count their labor as
      part of the GNP....instead of paying
      welfare and considering it a net

      Oh, this is fun...

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