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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Rice & Alms & Incense 1992 Installation Bowls Catalpa, Chain, Rice & Herbs 48 X 18 X 24 A small shallow bowl, marked by a hand print and layered
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      Rice & Alms & Incense

      1992 Installation
      Catalpa, Chain, Rice & Herbs
      48" X 18" X 24"

      A small shallow bowl, marked by a hand print and layered
      with rice. A medium sized bowl, with a chain attached
      and filled with currency. A large, flat bowl, raised up
      and adorned with four herbs; tobacco, cedar, sage and
      sweet grass. 'You gotta serve somebody'.

      Peter Cooke * 1233 Mount Maxwell Road * Salt Spring
      Island, BC V8K 2H7 * (250) 537-4617  

      #1088 - Wednesday, May 29, 2002 - Edited by Jerry Katz - http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      transcripts of very recent talks with Sailor Bob



      You, can *Be Enlightened*, and never die!

      You, can *Be Enlightened*, and never die! Yes, YOU, can
      *Be Enlightened*, and never die!

      "But, hey, how can I be enlightened, and never die?"

      Well... First, get enlightened, then, (waiting for
      laughter to subside) when Death knocks on your door, and
      says "You're DEAD, you're supposed to be in the
      ground!", just say these two little words: "I forgot!"

      (It goes on from there, you can look it up...Thanks to
      Steve Martin)


      from See What Is list

      personal death

      Recollection conditions expression
      in fashioning what comes to be regarded
      as personal self.

      As personality is secondary
      it commands not by creation
      but by interpretation.

      Personality comprises the items
      of the island of the tonal--
      i.e., everything known.

      Events are flavored
      by alignment of personal tonal
      with tonal of the times
      perforce represented in circumstances of life.

      The tonal of the times varies in scope
      from narrow confinement as personal tonal
      to relative freedom of all-that-is.

      Yet even what-is
      is confined to the known
      for existence itself is engaged by knowing.

      In personal death
      importance dissolves
      as nothingness of nagual.

      Personal death
      doesn't mandate
      dissolution of body.

      One addressed as body
      eventually returns to pick up the mail
      just as one awakens from deep sleep.

      Recollection sparks comprehension
      and personal rebirth.

      When personality aligns with totality
      oneness yields to nothingness
      and eternal nagual.

      Tonal and nagual are simply words
      without prior meaning.

      Let tonal be all known.
      Let nagual be enveloping chaos.

      Tonal is perceptual bubble
      floating within nagual.

      Personal tonal
      moored within tonal of the times
      expands and contracts
      with the breathing of the ego.

      The shrinking of the tonal
      is the task of the warrior
      of himself capable of nothing.



      Once a group of thieves stole a rare diamond
      Larger than a goose egg.

      Its value could have easily bought
      One thousand horses

      And two thousand acres
      Of the most fertile land in Shiraz.

      The thieves got drunk that night
      To celebrate their great haul,

      But during the course of the evening
      The effects of the liquor
      And their mistrust of each other grew to such
      An extent

      They decided to divide the stone into pieces.
      Of course then the Priceless became lost.

      Most everyone is lousy at math
      And does that to God -

      Dissects the Indivisible One,

      By thinking, saying,
      "This is my Beloved, he looks like this
      And acts like that,
      How could that moron over there

      ("The Gift" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

      From Intentional Community REACHbook Postboard

      Seeking Community

      On 05/13/2002, 21:09:52 (IST)

      My wife and I are not seeking an "intentional community"
      per se, but rather we are seeking people who are where
      we are at so to speak, looking to join forces, share
      talents and resources, and possibly live together or at
      least near each other to maximize cooperation.

      What do I mean when I say "where we are at"? Here are
      the criteria. If these things resonate with you, please
      contact us, as we are "one of you". Sometimes the best
      way to describe who you are and where you are at is to
      also delineate who you are not and where you aren't.

      We are not touchy-feely new age consciousness movement
      lingo-slinging love and lightheads. We do not sit around
      TALKING about awareness, rather than actually BEING
      aware as a given. We do not "co-create" or sit in
      circles or dance around sacred fire pits. We do not take
      anything seriously, especially ourselves. Although we
      are not touchy-feely, we are very open, loving, and
      affectionate. Having said that, we are definitely not
      looking for any free-love/polyamory deals. Whatever
      happens, happens, but we are definitely not LOOKING for

      We are clean, neat, non smokers, with no kids (and donít
      plan on ever having kids). If you smoke tobacco and/or
      believe that having children is the reason you are alive
      ñ you most likely are not who we are looking for.

      We are not ecologically obsessed permaculture/organic
      zealots. We view environmentally harmonious living as a
      means/tool and not an end/goal. We don't believe in
      "saving the planet", because the planet doesn't need
      saving. The planet will be just fine. As George Carlin
      says, ìit's the humans that are screwedî.

      We believe that you are either in-love with reality or
      in-fear of it. We believe in FUN as the basis of
      existence, and that if you are not having FUN, then why
      be alive?

      We believe that human civilization is a runaway train,
      that there is no hope to stop it, and that it is going
      to breakdown/derail before there can be any real change.
      We do not believe in "changing the system". We do
      believe that it is possible to live a wonderful,
      adventurous life, maximizing fun/love/knowledge even
      given the current insanity of human civilization. We DO
      believe that big changes are coming between now and
      2012, and we are very excited and looking for others
      like us with whom we can "enjoy the show".

      Does it seem like every single human youíve ever met
      (and seen on TV or read about) is totally full of shit,
      asleep, and quite possibly insane? Do people who follow
      a guru or ìspiritual teacherî make you want to bust out
      laughing? Do you find that even the most supposedly
      wise/spiritual humans say one thing and do just the
      opposite? If these questions resonate so much with you
      that youíre actually nodding your head even though
      nobody is there to see it, then you might be who we are
      looking for.

      We are in our late 20's, with a mobile income source,
      and plenty of nice stuff. We are looking for people who
      are where we are at (and who ideally have land that can
      be used for a "home base"). If you donít have land ñ no
      worries ñ we will eventually find one of us that does.

      Ideally we would like to live on-the-grid with all of
      the wonderful amenities that life has to offer, but we
      would also like to eventually be set up to survive off
      the grid and grow our own food should it ever become

      If you are offended in any way by the listed criteria,
      please be aware that they were worded in a way to
      intentionally repulse you and resonate with the people
      we are looking for. Please do not take it personal -
      there is nothing wrong with you - you just aren't who we
      are looking for.

      However, if the things I mentioned resonated with you,
      please email ASAP so that we can both determine further
      if we are indeed on the same wavelength.

      We are in southern Oregon, so it would be peachy if you
      were near here, but we have the ability to relocate if
      need be.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Paul and Jennifer
      email: zyp000@...

      Email address: zyp000@...
      Medford, OR United States

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