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Sunday, May 26, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    Appear as you are. Be as you appear. HIGHLIGHTS ISSUE 1085 MAY 26 2002 EDITED BY GLORIA LEE Edited by Willing Slaves From deep within my heart I always
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      Appear as you are.
      Be as you appear. 

      ISSUE  1085
      MAY 26 2002
      EDITED BY    
      GLORIA LEE                 
      Edited by  
      "Willing Slaves"

      From deep within my heart
      I always catch
          the scent of my Beloved.
      How can I help but
          follow that fragrance?

      Last night I was walking through Love's garden
          where a glimmer of my soul
          became a teeming river of light!
      Laughing roses sprang up along the banks.
      Dazzling waters rolled past the thorns of being
          with speed enough to elude the sword of death.
      Every tree and blade of grass danced in the meadow.
      But to an eye without this vision,
          all seemed plain and ordinary.
      Suddenly a great cypress shot up from the ground!
      The whole garden roared with delight -
          the jamines exploded,
          the broad-leafed trees clapped their hands.

      A face of fire,
      A cup of fire,
      A heart of fire -
          all were blazing with joy.
      Surrounded by flames, my soul called out,
          "O God, where shall I run?"

      In the world of Oneness
          there is nothing but yourself,
          there is no room for counting.
      But in the world of things
          there is so much counting.
      You may count a thousand apples in your hand -
      If you want them all to be one,
          make applesauce.
      You may count a thousand grapes in your hand -
      If you want the precious wine
          crush them all together.

      The message behind the words
          is the voice of the heart.
      The source of all activity
          is that utter stillness.

      Now Shams-e Tabriz is in the royal seat
          and all my rhymes
          have lined up like willing slaves.

                 -- Version by Jonathan Star
                    "Rumi - In the Arms of the Beloved "
                    Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, New York 1997

       posted by MAZIE LANE on HarshaSatsangh
      Book Review Reviewed:

      Title: Give Me That Online Religion

      Author: Brenda E Brasher

      I have not yet read this book, but I have a nice
      review in the March-May 2002 edition of
      IoNS magazine #59:

      IoNS: Noetic Sciences Review


      According to the review, this is a book which
      may be useful or at least entertaining, for those
      of us who use the internet.

      If anyone decides to read this book, please
      let me know.

      I will be looking for it locally, or ordering it
      from Amazon, used or new. Or maybe the


      Hey, what can I say; the title is very clever...
      Power of Thoughts
      check out how positive and negative thoughts alter water crystalization!
      excerpt:Continuing in this stream of awareness, Dr Emoto began to study the impact of altering water by various factors of vibration and consciousness. He studied water that had been altered by music - healing music, classical music, heavy metal music - and so forth.

      And the crystalline pictures reveal how water responds to these influences … into complex arrangements of crystalline beauty. This begins to reveal that water is alive - it is conscious and responds to applied force by a rearrangement of its inner crystalline properties.

      this follows above ... very interesting.

      From the above it would seem that we have freewill to generate
      negative or positive thoughts, and that these thoughts also affect
      things around us!
      No rice bowl? read this
      As I have posted this on another group it may spread fast. Some Zen
      teachings are adapted easily, and I began to worry for the
      From my memory this Zen story with the student finding the great
      master and living together with him in the wilderness.
      After a short period of teaching he was told to make food every day.
      The years went by. Every time he asked if the teaching was finished,
      and if he could leave, the answer was no.
      Finally he could not take it anymore. One day after the master had
      finished eating and was sitting in silence as always, he sneaked up
      from behind with a sword. He raised the sword with both hands and
      delivered a strong blow towards the head of his master, hoping to kill
      him and be released from his power.
      Just as the blade came down the master put the empty rice bowl on
      his head, and it was split in two.
      He turned around and said, 'Now the teaching is finished, you are free
      to go'.
      For masters, web-masters, moderators and other authorities
      without a rice bowl, or with hazy out of sight observation:
      Life is tough...wear a helmet!
      SOS Song
      Hi Guys,
      As a friend reminded me that memorial day commemorates all war dead,
      that inspired to add a little song to the theme of "SOS" - the global distress signal
      used in war and disaster...
      Half a day isn't much to compose a song so it is short...
      Sos.mp3   -   right-click to download, then double-click on it...
      Anagrams of "The Lone..."
      the lone ranger - Northern Eagle
      the lone rager - a gentler hero
      the lone search - cleans the hero
      the lone universe - eleventh or in use!
      the lone priest - honest reptile
      the lone nondualist - honest, untold alien
      the lone dualist - situated in hell!
      the lone lover - oh to hell! never!
      the lone white wolf - oh hell! went to wife
      the lone cry - coherently
      the lone sincerity - clothe in serenity
      the lone donut - on the nude lot
      the lone yogi - I the only ego
      DAVID BOZZI on NDS & HarshaSatsangh


      If you haven't figured it out by now, Michael Colgan has been
      somewhat of a 'Ramana' to me when it comes to merging
      science, integrity & genius. I'm happy to share this clip from this
      inspiring human-being, that so-well expresses Interconnectivity in
      a most profound fashion... Love, David
        Dr. Michael Colgan  (as stolen from 'The New Nutrition')
      In the middle of the morning,
      on the second day of Creation,
      in the Archean era 400 million years ago,
      a miraculous combination of gases produced a few simple bacteria.
      My late mentor, Nobel Laureate physicist, Dick Feynman,
      convinced me it could not have been a random event.
      As a scientist, the best way I can describe it is this...
      A hand of intelligence reached into the chaos
      and the precise order of life was born.
      At that time, the atmosphere of the Earth was 98% carbon dioxide
      plus a little methane and nitrogen.
      There was almost no oxygen.
      The Archean bacteria began to "breathe" the carbon dioxide
      and produce oxygen as a waste product, as plants still do today.
      They multiplied across the face of the Earth.
      Over countless millennia, the carbon dioxide dwindled to its present fraction of 1%,
      and the atmosphere grew oxygen rich to its present 21%.
      This new abundance of oxygen made possible human life,
      but it poisoned the atmosphere for the bacteria that made it.
      They had to seek refuge in environments that are oxygen free.
      Today their progeny live on
      in the airless slime of river mud,
      and in the darkest recesses of the human gut.
      These bacteria,
      that eons ago laid the ground work for the creation of man,
      continue to support your life by their biological role
      in your intestines.
      Without them,
      along with some 40 other species of bacteria,
      with a combined weight of your brain,
      you would degenerate and die.
      This prime example of our dependence on ancient creatures
      underlines the precision of the design that binds together all life upon the Earth.
      WIM BORSBOOM on HarshaSatsangh
      These bacteria,
      that eons ago laid the ground work for the creation of man,
      continue to support your life by their biological role
      in your intestines.  Without them,
      along with some 40 other species of bacteria,
      with a combined weight of your brain,
      you would degenerate and die.
      From a gallery of bacteria images at:
      ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~
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