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Saturday May 25, 2002

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    Saturday, May 25, 2002 NDS Grid Highlight #1084 Edited by Christiana Duranczyk The Forms-generator Hai Dee and Gene Poole on NDS HD: Life (as we know it) is an
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      Saturday, May 25, 2002
      NDS Grid Highlight #1084

      Edited by Christiana Duranczyk
      The Forms-generator
      Hai Dee and Gene Poole on NDS
      HD: Life (as we know it) is an electrical Grid system surrounding this planet, made magnetized by Mans' presence.
      GP: The grid system... consists of statistically stable probabilistic
      HD: Man is plugged into Life at the base of the spine.
      GP: And at the base of the skull...
      HD: Mind, is an electromagnetic goo-field that conducts the primal grid energy.
      GP: The mind which is created by the grid, informs the grid which creates the mind...
      HD: He just doesn't SEE the grid,
      GP: No, he sees the GUI (graphical user interface) which represents likely and
      unlikely probabilities (choices).
      HD: nor the wiring, nor what flows through it, because his thought
      overlays it so effectively, filling all possible gaps; it covers/colors
      (texture mapping) this wireframe existence along 3dimensional
      planes (rational "reality").
      GP: Being commands probability in the local universe; what is
      considered possible, becomes possible.
      Mind... itself the product of infolding, collapsing quantum waves,
      exerts control over the local universe, by causing (choice)
      selective collapse of quantum wave forms.
      The 'non-living' universe exists exactly in proportion to sentience;
      space, matter, and time (non-living) infolded, blossom as
      nonspatial, timeless sentience; this sentience commands matter
      and a human body is formed. This does not imply that a body is
      necessary for the existence of sentience, but that sentience
      makes bodies...
      Sentience invisible stabilizes probabilities;
      the 'non-living' universe is the feedback display of the success or
      failure of sentience;
      ability to read the display optimizes stability;
      the human body is the 'most local' aspect of display; correct
      response to changes in display play out as increased stability in
      the entire universe...
      HD: Red, blue, and green energycircuits connecting at 6 specific
      places in the established grid. The rod-and-cone-structing
      "What you see is what you get!"
      GP: What you do not see, is what 'gets' you...
      The universe 'peoples' like clouds 'rain'...
      image:Theologue http://www.alexgrey.com/
      Greg Goode GuruRatings@...
      If a teacher or anyone else bases their belief about enlightenment
      upon a perceptual or psychological experience that happened to
      them, then however intense it was, it can't be "it." Because they
      are still being deluded by that same fictitious "self." They are
      granting reality to the same separate "self" who, earlier, was the
      one believed to be seeking, enjoying and suffering. And yet it is
      this supposed core of separate self-hood (in "themselves" and all
      "others") which enlightenment illuminates never to have existed in
      the first place! The peace and freedom in this is unimaginable,
      beyond all description! As peace, it is peace behind and within all
      events, so close as to be identical to all that is. As freedom, it is
      not that a personal entity is free of *stuff*. Rather, it is freedom
      from the entity. All is open and Love....
      JK: ** Is True Enlightenment an experience like other
      G: would have to say it is a definite happening.... it cannot be
      mistaken.... it is more real than what you see before you.... and yet
      it is Not of this realm not a relative experience... it is Not simply
      another way of seeing or a new perception or a new concept that
      you gain insight to..... it is a life altering shift where you are pulled
      into a Knowing of That a being of That which is Eternally the seed
      of Existence.
      JK: *** Is there a substance to it?
      G: well now this is difficult to answer.... as i term it the Pregnant 
      Void.... it is Absolute and Real.... yet you cannot term it
      "substance" as such.... it is nothing that may be held or handled....
      although it is termed light it is beyond any seen light... light is a
      first emanation.. but within Source or the Constant or Pregnant
      Void or Linga or God it is beyond any mind identifications that
      may be made..... we can say Eternal but it is without time.... we
      can say Now but there is no past - nor future - so also there is no
      now..... but trust me one that rests within That KNOWS that it is
      Real.... there is no doubt.... and there is nothing else that is
      comparable to it..... you can say all knowing but there is nothing to
      be known.... it is like total intellect or mind but without any
      knowledge... yet it is total and complete..... simply it IS......
      JK:** A vibration to it?
      G: no. vibration happens within the projection... within Source it is
      Still...... no personality... no form.... no knowledge... Pure.......
      Whole......... total Life Propensity..... Absolute Potential... while it
      permeates all of existence it is never touched it never deviates
      from its original Being... and i speak not of Being as an identity....
      it cannot be put into words that can truly give the dual mind a real
      feeling or taste of what it is..... just like you can say sugar but there
      is no sweet taste in the mouth.....
      JK:** What is it the Enlightened One resonates with that lets him
      or her know another is Truly Enlightened?
      G: . well now this i can answer..... Source or Self or the Constant 
      is ever the same.... it has Never changed.... therefore each that
      are drawn within that Reality have only a singular experience.....
      although the attempt to describe it is filtered through mind each
      will be describing the Same Source.... and it is easy to tell those   
      that speak from mystery and awe and Knowing... versus those
      that have read others explanations..... you may be able to fool
      other scholars.... but the Ones that have directly been pulled within 
      it..... Never really leave... it becomes like superimposed on the
      relative world... it is nothing that you become separate from... it is
      who or rather what you are at core level.... the rest is simply
      projections and reflections.... those that have had and live within
      that reality know that the personal life comes and goes different
      lives different shows.... but the Heart of Being remains ever Pure
      and Untouched.... a Calm is entered... it never leaves.... life and
      death are simply parts of an ongoing show.... they hold no trauma
      or importance other than a new unfolding or chapter is going to
      make an appearance.....
      *JK: * What conveys the 'taste'?
      G: the projection.... the perception.... the inherent stillness... no
      matter what the outer play there is an inherent stillness..
      We renew our physical body just as we regrow hair and nails. We
      are on the move. Five years ago we didn't exist, all our atoms
      having been replaced in the interval. Here today, completely gone
      in five years, renewed down to the last single atom, we endure
      only in the shape, form and pattern that are assured by our
      genetic blueprint.
      Our replacement parts come in constant flow from the earth itself. 
      The carbon atoms in my body were once of the earth and shall be
      again, only to be exchanged for more of the same.
      Biodance- the endless exchange of the elements of living
      things with the earth itself - proceeds silently, giving us no hint that
      it is happening. It is a dervish dance, animated and purposeful
      and disciplined; and it is a dance in which every living organism
      These observations simply defy any definition of a static and fixed 
      body. Even our genes, our claim to biologic individuality,
      constantly dissolve and are renewed. Our dissolution is a silent
      flow occurring outside our awareness. we are in a persistent
      equilibrium with the earth.
      A strictly bounded body does not exist. Our roots go deep; we are
      anchored in the stars.
      The biodance, the constant renewal of our body from the world
      outside, stands in playful contrast to our ordinary idea of death.
      We do not wait on death, for we are constantly returning to the
      earth while alive. Every living moment a portion of the billions of
      atoms in our body returns to the world outside. This constant
      streaming is so pronounced, so necessary for life, that the very
      notion of 'boundary' begins to appear as an arbitrary idea rather
      than a physical reality.
      Bhagavad Gita, Ch.13, Verse 29:
      "He sees, who sees that all actions are performed by Nature
      alone and that the Self is actionless."
      Although the present Western conception regards life and
      humans as perfectible, the Advaita sees the Source as the cause
      of everything that happens. That means that the cause of illness
      and healing does not lie in the physical realm, but in Source, the
      unmanifested energy. The body has the power to regenerate
      itself: it is inexpressibly miraculous that you can cut into it with a
      knife or a scalpel, and the flesh will grow together again! .
      According to the Advaita Vedanta, healing does not exist as an
      activity in itself: after all, as everything in the manifested world
      emanates from Source – from the Unmanifested – so, too, does
      As with Advaita Vedanta, the core principle of Jin Shin Jyutsu is
      that the cause or basis of all life depends on an all-inclusive
      energy. This universal energy circulates endlessly in the universe
      and in each organism.Jin, meaning the 'human' being; Shin,
      meaning 'divine nature , or God'; and Jyutsu, 'art'.
      This universal life energy manifests itself in different degrees of    
      density. Our health depends on its unobstructed flow and diffusion
      within the body.
      The vital energy flows through the body along certain pathways, 
      which bring about Bodily cohesion. An unobstructed flow of
      energy nourishes and harmonizes, obstruction leads to physical,
      mental and emotional disharmony; this, it should be noted, is
      mostly the consequence of an emotion. But, how ever great the
      disturbance, in each being there is always a subjacent harmony.
      Breathing is 'the basic form in which life's energy expresses
      itself,' says Mieke. "‘Exhalation is nourishment on the nonphysical
      level. It is the energetic charge – the non-observable part of the
      energy – that we take to ourselves when we breathe out.
      Exhalation ensures the transformation of energy that takes place
      in the physical body during inhalation. During exhalation, the body
      is inactive – in other words, it is doing nothing, and you are in
      your" state of being" . This "energy" of being has not a certain
      frequency, it is always there, without "form", preparing – so to
      speak – your body for the inhalation. And as soon as the
      inhalation begins, the adapter is on, and a change follows on the
      physical plane. The supply is the unmanifested energy that you
      really are; during the inhalation, a switch is thrown, and, suddenly,
      there is physical energy.Then you are in the "I AM"manifestation,
      and the body- /mind can do its work.
      Exhalation is the receiving phase, something impersonal, while
      inhalation is the having-phase, and is very personal."

      teawhiskers Live Journal
      This Present
      I look today to this present, and feel at peace.
      It is a peace that goes beyond all understanding.
      A quiet contentment with what is before me.
      It is silence.
      It is a knowing.
      It is a resting.
      Strangely, it is enough.
      Once, I would have been ill-at-ease with just this nothingness.
      Now, my cup runneth-over with this splendid fluid of life.
      So delicious, so quinching.
      My thrist is gone, and my swallow is quiet.
      Each breath is easy, and flows in and out without distress.
      The breath.
      Where would I be without the breath?
      Dead within, without.
      Not merely physical, but in all aspects.
      Focus, stability, promise and such.
      I pick up my pleasant task and work effortlessly.
      Without watching the clock.
      I tire not.

      Eric Ashford on Ram Dass truevision@yahoogroups.com
      Again Ram Dass seems to mirror my experience of acute and
      chronic physical suffering.More evidence of a divine synchronicity
      as a learning matrix? I think what Dass is saying, as honestly as   
      he can, is that while one is in that suffering phase, saying -I Am  
      not the body, is just part of the way we may deal with it. The other
      part, may be to enter into the pain space also. This is what I had
      to do in order to support my affirmations of- I Am not the body. In
      other words I had to be the body/mind space and feel its reality in
      me in total awareness. Not running away from it in an attempt at
      transcendence, while at the same time, affirming its lack of reality
      to this conscious I. A merry dance between two states of
      consciousness. Like Dass I also, in the past, have ignored the
      bodies call to assist in my total awareness of this I.
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