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Highlights Tuesday Sept. 14th

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  • andrew macnab
    ======================================================================== Kristy: I think that the enlightened one also knows that all others are enlightened
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 1999
      Kristy: I think that the enlightened one also knows that all others are
      enlightened too....even if they don't know it yet.

      Dan: Seeing enlightenment as all and in all, then seeing how people
      actually experience, behave and communicate - "Nobodaddy forgive them,
      they know not what they do."

      Mira - Thank you for having the forethought to compile such a list.
      I feel this will be a very useful guide for all. My suggestions:
      the enlightened one should be able to communicate enough enlightenment
      to the unenlightened one that the unenlightened one realizes that the
      enlightened one is enlightened. The enlightened one should not
      so much enlightenment that the unenlightened one immediately is
      enlightened. This would take all the credit away from the unenlightened
      one, robbing that being of the ability to take credit for realizing all
      reality on his or her own.

      Thank you Dan for clearifying again that the enlightened ones should not
      messing around with the unenlightened ones. Apart from cancelling out
      unenlightened one's ability to take credit for his/her own realization,
      these may even be exposed to severe brain damage. This could result in a
      total loss of memory and concepts, fall out of accumulated knowledge and
      understanding, which could lead to the very undesirable inability to
      differentiate between the enlightened one and the unenlightened one.

      With love,


      Important works of Nityananda are now available on the web
      thanks to M of the Ananda list. They are installed at the
      Nonduality website. Please visit the following link to
      access these new additions.

      <a href="http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/umbada/new.htm">

      Thank you,
      Jerry Katz


      From: Kristie Shelloner <orleans@...>


      I very much wanted to learn to catch salmon in the old way; with a
      spear, when I was living the nomadic life.

      My friend, Michael Whitefox, tried to discourage me, but he didn't like
      argue. He would just grunt and shake his head or smile and point at the
      clouds...."there that one looks like a salmon, let's see if we can catch
      it." But I, being schooled in the white ways of straightforward
      communication and asking for what you want, persisted.

      One cold, clear November day he appeared at our camp with a spear, got
      in my
      car, and waited patiently....he rarely spoke. I got the picture and we
      in and headed for the river where the Chinook were running. We drove to
      rocky beach and Michael and I walked the river banks looking for the big
      silver-red fish that struggle up miles and miles of rivers and creeks to
      spawn in the same grounds where they were born. The run was meager; here
      there lay dead or dying fish, their task completed.

      Michael was very patient and methodical as he watched the waters for the
      giveaway riffle and turn of the migrating salmon. I stayed quietly at
      heels, watching him watch the water. After about two hours he glanced
      his shoulder to me and headed slowly into the shallow water. It took us
      about 45 minutes to move the 20 feet into the river to the spot he had
      identified...where I saw nothing, absolutely nothing. I had my spear,
      though, and I was ready.

      He stood motionless for a long time. My eyes adjusted and I became aware
      a large female salmon cleaning the rocks for her redd...a nesting area
      about 10 feet in length. She swam back and forth waving her fins over
      pebbles, rubbing her belly on the bed. Michael stood a few feet in front
      me and painstakingly re-angled his body so I could see without startling
      fish. Finally, he raised his arms and looked at me, as if to say, what
      you waiting for....she's yours. I was too mesmerized by her motion and
      effort and the incredible nature of this creature, to even move.

      We watched her for about 20 minutes. Something finally startled her and
      rushed to a protected cove of shadows. Michael and I headed back to
      He said, "beautiful fish." I grunted and we walked a little way farther.
      took my spear, removed the knife blade Daniel had attached as a point,
      handed it back and said, "makes a nice walking stick now."

      Love, Kristi
      I'm so glad you enjoyed the story....but it wasn't really about
      fish...(well it was, but it wasn't, you know....)

      To me it's a story about teaching....you can take a horse to water but
      can't make it drink....but you can hang out with it in pleasant company
      while its natural thirst develops...then you can enjoy watching it drink
      its own accord....it does have "natural" thirst, which will manifest
      when it
      is free from resistance. Pushing and pulling at it only sanctions its
      and the idea that it has something to be threatened by.

      Teachers who realize and accept the innate wholeness of the one who
      learning are not affected by the "students" resistance...they note
      it....work with it, not against it....to inspire fear and focus on
      resistance only increases it...But I know you know this....

      Love, Kristi


      warriors of love
      with walking sticks
      for balance-- sure footing. . .
      walking home
      in all directions:
      peace begins here.
      love and blessings,

      strike with a sharp dart of longing love--
      and do not leave it no matter what happens.

      --from the cloud of unknowing.

      posted by aleks
      Isn't it amazing
      how you stare at the water and don't see a fish until something about
      your vision suddenly shifts and there it is, plain as day.


      Yeah, funny about that....shift in vision and there it is plain as
      day....may we be shifty alot.

      Love, Kristi


      Another Navajo song;

      In beauty may I walk
      All day long may I walk
      Through the returning seasons may I walk
      Beautifully will I possess again
      Beautifully birds
      Beautifully joyful birds
      On the trail marked with pollen may I walk
      With grasshoppers about my feet may I walk
      With dew about my feet may I walk
      With beauty may I walk
      With beauty before me may I walk
      With beauty behind me may I walk
      With beauty above me may I walk
      With beauty all around me may I walk
      In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,
      lively, may I walk
      In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,
      living again, may I walk
      It is finished in beauty
      It is finished in beauty

      (trans. J. K. Rothenberg)
      posted by andrew

      I sent a post a few weeks ago asking "What is Grace"? I don't have an
      answer but I do feel that somehow I have to give it (my
      control) up and let this mystery happen. It's coming in a very weird
      way, or I should say unexpected. And I am not one for
      mystery. I much prefer, like Marcia said, "to have everything in it's


      I admit.
      There are no enlightened individuals. They do not exist.
      But I have definitely spent the major part of my life believing that
      I used to read all their books, I watched their behavior, listened to
      they had to say.
      I loved the company of their words, and had a sincere willingness to
      understand what they were trying to convey.
      I was always comparing.
      Comparing their statements, their behavior, to mine.
      Wow. Major differences.
      No way I was ever going to match those saints and get enlightened too.
      But there was a thirst. A force. A pull. Something in my heart that
      wanted to know. Something in my heart that told me that it was quite
      possible to find out for myself what it is like to be enlightened.
      And one day there I was.
      Surrendering EVERY SINGLE idea about enlightenment.
      Giving it all up. The whole construct of beliefs, assumptions,
      shouldbe's/shouldntbe's, you name it. And there it went. I never knew
      'giving it all up' included all ideas about who I was too.
      Wow. Had I been wrong about myself!
      Wow. Had I been wrong about enlightened individuals!
      Total defeat. Death. Burning in hell. No concepts allowed in heaven.
      Then from the ashes......... Enlightenment! Oh?!
      I admit.
      There are no enlightened individuals. They do not exist.
      Yet it was the best concept I ever had.

      With love,

      it's the opposite of being
      scared of your own shadow;
      the shadow is scared of the self!

      The self is the universally present Self, the
      person who is scared is a temporal shadow of that self, seeming
      to exist in time slightly behind the present instant. This person
      is the conditioned person who identifies me or you, and the fear
      is based on the survival instinct, the conditioned shadow-self
      has an instinct which causes it to see all that it identifies as
      other as a potential threat. The universal present is not other
      but the shadowself has a hard time seeing that. Scared to look.
      If the shadowself somehow gets a glimpse of the present Self
      then it realizes that it is not other and the fear is gone.


      A Devotees Ode for Petros

      'Tis a bit myopic
      To see the diaboloc
      When one may frolic
      Amidst the bucolic.
      Why be hectic
      And frantic
      Over time so geologic
      When tis all just symbolic?

      Gloria Lee

      Petroism. Jerry M. Katz Nondualism. These are the future
      world religions, folks. This is it! There's a chance they'll
      actually be worthwhile as long as we don't have a clue what
      they're about. Once we figure out what they're about,
      they'll merely thrive, like maggots.


      lol, jerry
      here's to "our lady of perpetual cluelessness"--
      communion involving the sanctification/ingestion of nothing,
      the only vow/creed being: "i really don't know."
      i think that here i could be a "none."
      love and nuttin' honey,


      >Petroism. Jerry M. Katz Nondualism. These are the future
      >world religions, folks. This is it!

      No! No! No more religions! Especially centered around individuals!

      >There's a chance they'll
      >actually be worthwhile as long as we don't have a clue what
      >they're about.

      No. No more religions. Aren't there enough already? Please, please...

      Forking the evil eye,

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