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Monday, May 13, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] Nondual Highlights Issue #1071 Monday, May 13, 2002 Edited by Jerry Katz Highlights Home Page: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm
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      Nondual Highlights

      Issue #1071

      Monday, May 13, 2002

      Edited by Jerry Katz

      Highlights Home Page: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm


      from NDS




      from Guru Ratings

      There are plenty of enlightened folk  who stay just the
      same as they were before, attending to  their lives as
      if nothing happened to them at all.

      Then there are others who enjoy the status of being
      enlightened and all the perks that come with being
      publicly declared. People fawn over you as if you were
      God. They beam when you look at them. They get all a
      flutter when you give them personal attention. And they
      give you money.


      Then, there are others who are naturally teachers or
      writers or  counselers or storytellers and so for them,
      attending to their lives  as if nothing happened at all
      includes teaching or writing or  counseling or telling
      stories from their perspective as people who  have
      realized their enlightenment!

      There are those to whom "nothing" has happened, who
      think to  themselves, "who do I think I am?" who may be
      denying what they know  in practice to be a beautiful
      thing! They may not be charging money,  or not
      "teaching" because deep down they feel unworthy of
      it--the  flip side of being enamoured of the adulation
      and money.

      If all these folks kept quiet, I might think you had to
      have a  lineage or a funny-sounding name or have spent X
      amount of time in  this or that country, or with this
      guru or that guru, or have had an  obvious, one-time
      "enlightenment" experience, or call yourself God,  in
      order to see what's already here.

      So, thanks to the regular folks. Who are not opposed to
      the publicly  declared.


      from Live Journal

      Gurus, Spiritual Teachers, and Other Scoundrels  I've
      read that according to the Buddhist tradition, the way
      to enlightenment is through the Buddha, the Dharma and
      the Sangha. I believe that it is thought that it was the
      Buddha who first achieved enlightenment, and then began
      to teach the Dharma or how to become enlightened...and
      then came the Sangha or the community of people or
      followers of Buddha and his teachings.

      It would seem, no matter what direction one would take
      that you would still need all three of those things to
      find whatever you see enlightenment to be. I am not sure
      there is a real true way to define it. But I believe you
      need the teacher, the wisdom and the community.

      I believe the wisdom can come in many ways. Prayer,
      meditation, study, etc. The community would be the like
      minded people you encounter along your spiritual
      journey...your "soul friends" so to speak. The teacher
      could be a minister, or a rabbi, or a monk, or Zen
      master or some other form of spiritual training
      leader/guru. Only you can choose the teacher and the
      community based on the wisdom your inside represents.

      I know that teachers can ask for mega dollars or a love
      offering/donation...or nothing at all. I don't think I
      have a problem with a teacher charging for spending one
      on one or group time with a individual...if it is a
      teaching thing. However, I think that it is not
      appropriate to charge for (lack of a better word)
      worship or prayer or some other form of devotion/ritual
      event/open talk/satsang type thing. Donations maybe.
      People pay to "learn" things. We have colleges,
      universities, etc. But just because we pay to obtain
      knowledge... we can not receive a guarantee that we will
      be "enlightened" at the end of a class or course, any
      more than a professor can say you will be a "Scientist"
      after a class with him. That is sad to offer, and even
      sadder to believe. I think anyone who is pursued by such
      a teacher should think twice before putting their money,
      time and heart on the table. Don't you?

      I think the best teachers are the ones who keep a low
      profile, and maybe don't even consider themselves to be
      teachers...or at least "in your face teachers". I
      believe you can start where ever you are...and if you
      are open, you will be lead to the next step, and the
      next step and the next step. Enlightenment can be found
      anywhere, any faith, religion, or teaching. I think it
      is a matter of trusting your own intuition.


      from Live Journal

      Nothing special

      Zen Master Seung Sahn, my teacher,  always teaches that
      enlightenment is 'not special'.  Keeping a mind before
      thinking - when driving, only  drive, when walking only
      walk, when playing tennis, only  play tennis - that mind
      is what we call enlightenment.  Enlightenment is a teach
      word only; best not to attach  to it.

      He also points out that few people only drive when
      driving, only walk when walking, etc. "Enlightenment is
      easy to get, hard to keep".

      Another things he says is that wanting enlightenment is
      #1 Bad Zen Sickness.

      The important point for people who walk the Bodhisattva
      path is not just enlightenment - but how to unite
      enlightenement-mind with the ego and the body to take
      actions that will serve other beings.

      I think the NY City Firefighters who rushed headlong
      into flaming skyscrapers to help other beings are a high
      order of Bodhisattva, speaking cross-culturally.


      from Live Journal

      some teachers will tell you
      that enlightenment
      is only for the elite few--
      if you are reading these words
      it is your birthright to know
      you are UNborn
      eternal and undying
      and free beyond imagination
      find out that all teachers
      are only arising in your own
      perfect awareness
      if you believe those teachers
      then why not BE the elite few
      (it is even better than they say)
      you are actually
      the only one


      from NDS


      Knowing yourself as the Self is the ultimate intimacy.
      Unconditional  love for yourself arises. You don't do
      anything but sit in the  silence, inviting peace. I
      usually say, "I am in God's presence now,"  and relax
      into the silence that is always immediately there.

      It took me a long time to get to this place. I studied
      truth for  years and years and then one day I had
      effortless access--sort of like  an atm machine with no
      limits. I have had no enlightenment  experience; rather,
      one crisis after another over a period of many  years.

      Lately I have been reading many accounts of people who
      have awakened  and I know that I am not there yet. "Are
      we there yet...are we there  yet?" ask the spiritual
      seeking children in the backseat of the  enlightenment
      limo. Those who have arrived have a lot to say about
      the silence. Much of it is helpful and most is not.

      The most helpful information comes from those who do not
      wax overly  eloquent. Although I have read tons of
      tomes, usually they did not  have the energy contained
      in some of the pithier statements. I  guess it's like
      the guy said, "if I had had more time, I could have
      written you a shorter letter."

      Find an energy statement that works for you and work it.
      Here are a  few of my favorites:

      Let it have you.
      Let everything unfold.
      I choose to love myself.
      And finally, meditate on the word inevitability.

      We will get there when we get there--inevitably.


      from Live Journal

      this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to

      Albertaworld is weird.
      I want to start my own business.
      But can't.

      trying to get job at Kew Gardens
      probably won't get it.

      fuck knows what i'll do - i don't want an office job

      i want to start my own business
      but mum says i'm too young
      and it's impossible.

      why is everything i want to do impossible?

      getting to university with one GCSE - in English,
      to study a 4yr MSc in Astrophysics
      when you're 16 - 2 1/2 years younger than everyone else
      with NONE of the recognised qualifications

      now THATS impossible.

      the impossible is almost scarily easy to achieve.

      believe me - the last (almost) 18 years of my life
      have been "impossible".

      i'm going on an Aromatherapy course

      I want to make notebooks.
      handprinted recycled paper notebooks
      with hand-dyed silk covers
      and ropebound pages.

      silly, huh?

      i want to write books and poetry
      i want to travel all over the world
      i want to do something that matters

      impossible? naive? uneconomical?
      i'm used to being called all these things
      and i'm only 17.

      ...i want to know everything
      i want to go everywhere
      i want to fuck everyone in the world
      i want to do something that matters...

      me and jon are still together.
      despite being 500 miles apart.

      i feel all weird down in this beat city.

      thirsting for the stars and waterfalls.

      my gran - living with her
      because i get a free room -
      won't let me hang prayer flags in my room
      or put posters up
      or light candles
      or burn incense.

      basically she is preventing me from being a Buddhist
      which is fairly annoying.

      thankfully i have the Amadeus centre
      and the knowledge that divinity comes from within...

      saw Lorna at the weekend.
      hung out at Amadeus last night
      met some cool people
      and saw others that i've not seen since Spokane.

      it's all good.
      i miss my boyfriend.

      do i?


      i just miss feeling like someone chose me over everyone else.
      it's a selfish love, ours.

      goodnight, faceless strangers.

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