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ND Highlights Monday Sept. 13

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  • andrew macnab
    An index of authors can be found at the end of this posting. ... 1. ... I don t blame the dude for quitting the spiritual scene as it does get kind of
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 14, 1999
      An index of authors can be found at the end of this posting.


      > This fellow last nite was looking at all my pictures on my wall of
      > some of my friends, some of which are somewhat famous teachers.
      > And he said that since he met his teacher that he doesn't know about
      > any other teachers or teachings, that he has dropped out of the
      > spiritual circuit so to speak. I said, well that is like
      > saying that once you meet one friend, that's enough, and you don't want
      > any more friends. He said, hmm, good point.

      I don't blame the dude for quitting the spiritual "scene" as it does get
      kind of tiresome prostrating to all those different teachers. That's the
      problem with teachers, you can't just be their FRIEND, you gotta be a
      disciple or whatever. It must get lonely at the top!!


      > Sometimes, in these cases, I get a sense that one is violating some
      > unwritten social propriety by talking like a "guru" instead of just agreeing
      > with the seeker's attitude. The seeker is embarrassed not at the truths
      > offered (which he might agree with if they came from the mouth of his
      > teacher or a book) but at not knowing what to say to someone who seems to
      > have the "answer."

      I suppose. When it's a teacher it's ok. They can hang out in the
      but at a dinner table with a friend who is basically showing them school
      is out,
      they freak. I suppose when you think about it, that's why people put a
      teachers *hat* on, because no one wants to listen to them otherwise!!!
      Like my friend Cathy, how I told her the story of Maitreya, and how the
      Buddha said
      that in years to come, the Maitreya, (which means friend), would be how
      the teaching
      is spread. It goes from friend to friend, not from guru or teacher to
      Very simple.


      Why if "All" is potentially all present, and "one" is asking, why can't
      <anyone> answer?
      I see more fearfulness than godlessness in most people. Just fear wins,
      term :-)

      That nonduality is a slippery rock, and anyone's who walked
      along rocky shores knows there are all kinds of ways of
      approaching a slippery rock.


      >Yes why do people do this??? I mean why study for years
      >and years about nonduality and then not be willing to see it, basically just
      >SEE it when someone shows it to you? Instead they run away.

      Because in a microsecond all those years and years of studying will be
      to have been fruitless and a complete waste of time.

      It sounds as though it's possible to know the limitations of
      the enlightened one and to predict their preferences. I'm
      sure some realized ones remain solitary and silent and
      others draw crowds and can't shut up. Somewhere in between,
      no doubt, there are those who participate on mailing lists.
      There's the same absorption into the Absolute.

      Maybe I'm missing something critical, but just as God has
      long ago stopped being the guy with the long flowing beard,
      the realized one has ceased being the guy wearing the loin
      cloth and sitting in a cave. God and Guru are those things,
      yes, but everything else as well. There's no limitation that
      I know of. At least I don't feel qualified to state what
      they are.

      Translation of the Bhagavad-Gita, by Barbra Miller.

      The Seventh Teaching,
      Knowledge and Judgement

      Lord Krishna:

      Practice discipline in my protection,
      with your mind focused on me;
      Arjuna, hear how you can know me
      completely, without doubt.

      I will teach you the totality
      of knowledge and judgement;
      this known, nothing else
      in the world need be known.

      One man among thousands
      strives for success,
      and of the few who are successful,
      a rare one knows my reality.

      My nature has eight aspects:
      earth, water, fire, wind, space,
      mind, understanding,
      and individuality.

      This is my lower anture;
      know my higher nature too,
      the life-force
      that sustains this universe.

      Learn that this is the womb
      of all creatures;
      I am the source of all the universe,
      just as I am its dissolution.

      Nothing is higher than I am;
      Arjuna, all that exists
      is woven on me,
      like the web of pearls on thread.

      I am the taste in water, Arjuna,
      the light in the moon and sun,
      OM resonate in all sacred lore,
      the sound in space, valor in men.

      I am the pure fragrance
      in earth, the brilliance in fire.
      the life in all living creatures,
      the penance in ascetics.

      Know me, Arjuna,
      as every creature's timeless seed,
      the understanding of intellegent men,
      the brillance of fiery heros.

      Of strong men, I am strength,
      without the emotion of desire;
      in creatures I am the desire
      that does not impede sacred duty.

      Know that nature's qualities
      come from me?lucidity,
      passion, and dark inertia;
      I am not in them, they are in me.

      All this universe, deluded
      by the qualities inherent in nature,
      fails to know that I am
      beyound them and unchanging.

      Composed of nature's qualities,
      my divine magic is hard to escape;
      but those who seek refuge in me
      cross over this magic.

      Vile, deluded sinners are the men
      who fail to take refuge in me;
      their knowledge ruined by magic,
      they fall prey to demonic power.

      Arjuna, four types of virtuous men
      are devoted to me:
      the tormented man, the seeker of wisdom,
      the suppliant, and the sage.

      Of these, the disciplined man of knowledge
      is set apart by his singular devotion;
      I am dear to the man of knowledge,
      and he is dear to me.

      They are all noble, but I regard
      the man of knowledge to be my very self;
      self-disciplined, he holds me
      to be the hightest way.

      At the end of many births,
      the man of knowledge finds refuge in me;
      he is the rare great spirit who sees
      "Krishna is all that is"

      Robbed of knowledge by stray desires,
      men take refuge in other deities;
      observing varied rites,
      they are limited by their own nature.

      I grant unwavering faith
      to any devoted man who wants
      to worship any form
      with faith.

      Disciplined by faith,
      he seeks the deity's favor
      this secured, he gains desires
      that I myself grant.

      But finite is the reward
      that comes to men of little wit;
      men who sacrifice to gods reach the gods;
      those devoted to me reach me.

      Men without understanding think that I am
      unmanifest nature become manifest;
      they are ignorant of my higher existence,
      my pure, unchanging absolute being.

      Vieled in the magic of my disipline,
      I elude most men;
      this deluded world is not aware
      that I am unborn and immutable.

      I know all creatures
      that have been, that now exist,
      and that are yet to be;
      but, Arjura, no one knows me.

      All creatures are bewildered
      at birth by the delusion
      of opposing dualities
      that arise from desire and hatred.

      But when they cease from evil
      and act with virtue, they devote
      themselves to me, firm in their vows,
      freed from the delusion of duality.

      Trusting me, men strive
      for freedom from old age and death;
      they know the infinite spirit,
      its inner self and all its action.

      Men who know me as its innner being,
      innner divinity, and inner sacrifice
      have disciplined their reason;
      they know me at the time of death.

      "song of the young war god," a navajo song.

      i have been to the end of the earth.
      i have been to the end of the waters.
      i have been to the end of the sky.
      i have been to the end of the mountains.
      i have found none that were not my friends.

      *War God's Horse Song*

      I am the Turquoise Woman's son.
      On top of Belted Mountain
      beautiful horses - slim like a weasel!
      My horse with a hoof like a striped agate,
      with his fetlock like a fine eagle plume:
      my horse whose legs are like quick lightning
      hose body is an eagle - plumed arrow:
      my horse whose tail is like a trailing black cloud.

      The Little Holy Wind blows through his hair.
      My horse with a mane made of short rainbows.
      My horse with ears made of round corn.
      My horse with eyes made of big stars.
      My horse with a head made of mixed waters.
      My horse with teeth made of white shell.
      The long rainbow is in his mouth for a bridle
      and with it I guide him.
      When my horse neighs, different - coloured horses follow.
      When my horse neighs, different - coloured sheep follow.
      I am wealthy because of him.

      Before me peaceful
      Behind me peaceful
      Under me peaceful
      Over me peaceful-
      Peaceful voice when he neighs.
      I am everlasting and peaceful.
      I stand for my horse.

      (trans. Louis Watchman)

      I think that the enlightened one also knows that all others are
      too....even if they don't know it yet.


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