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Saturday, May 11, 2002

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    NDS Highlights Issue #1069 Saturday, May 11th, 2002 Edited by Christiana Duranczyk Highlights Home Page: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm Image above from
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      NDS Highlights     Issue #1069
      Saturday, May 11th, 2002
      Edited by Christiana Duranczyk

      Highlights Home Page: http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

      Image above from http://imagerybyaimea.tripod.com/home/id6.html


      Ellen Davis http://hometown.aol.com/ellentd/myhomepage/diary.html
      Self-doubt is a destructive use of memory.
      A mind of light is a mind that has fallen to its knees before
      the Heart and is open to the Silence that breathes through it.

      Jerry Katz NDS
      When I was told I had e-q-u-a-n-i-m-i-t-y
      I baked a cake.
      Brought out hats and whistles
      The girl next door And her mom with the big floppy hat
      Instant coffee
      Fred, Jim, Raj,
      Two dogs that chased each other
      The tatoo artist
      A guy whose bird flew out the window
      Everyone got sick on cake. There was no Cremora for the
      The tatoo artist hurt everyone
      The girl next door died in my arms
      The dogs ran away
      A record got stuck
      And that guy went on about how his bird had flown away.
      I knew how he felt.
      Everyone was bummed out.

      Jan Barendrecht has returned from foot surgery and a challengng
      hospital experience. Welcome back, Jan! May your healing continue.
      Bobby Graham: Dear Jan: It is good to have you back. I'm sorry for
      your discomfort. What ever is there for you, you seem to make
      an adventure. You are a good example. Thanks.
      Jan: Thanks for the welcome... Life always is an adventure, the art
      of living is to smile even when in pain as there isn't an owner
      (of it) - it's one branch of a tree, sometimes the leaves being
      blown away, at other times bearing fruits.
      There is the saying that ignorance can be dispelled, but
      some 'results' of ignorance remain...
      That is a saying, generally true: the knowledge of the
      me-meme by itself doesn't evaporate the illusion of a 'me'.
      Another example i read yesterday: Most likely, life-forms on
      earth were cradled in sweet water, not in the salty oceans....
      That knowledge dispels all illusions like "the body needs an
      extra supply of salt" or "tears are a reminder of the longing
      for the cradle of life, the ocean". New Hygienists have known
      this experientially for many years but will the recent evidence
      change any recipe in the next edition of popular cookbooks?
      Very unlikely...
      Dr. Harsh K. Luthar - Harsha Harshasatsang@...
      It seems that the Science of Self requires a different
      approach than the Science involved in discovering the
      complexities of the Universe. Both sciences rely on
      consciousness, attention, and awareness as instruments to
      attain some type of knowledge.
      Sciences involving the discoveries of the Universe focus the
      attention outside to perceived objects (time, space, matter,
      laws of motion, gravity, mass, etc.). Science of Self,
      however, is a totally radical departure. Here the attention,
      consciousness, or awareness itself becomes the center of
      attention. It is not focused anywhere other than itself.
      When attention and awareness are focused on objects of
      perceptions, the relationships between those objects
      according to universal laws become clear. But the
      relationship between the subject and the object cannot be
      determined due to the difficulty of separating the subject and
      object (even by some super subject - God). When
      attention/awareness become self- focused, that is called
      self-inquiry. When attention lights up attention, awareness
      lights up awareness, consciousness lights up
      consciousness, Self is Realized as Sat-Chit-Ananda, the
      Ultimate Subject that swallows up Space, Time, Universal
      Laws, and all the Universes.
      viorica weissman submitted to NamoRamana@yahoogroups.com
      Q: Is there not an unchanging Self and a changing self ?
      The changefulness is mere thought . All thoughts arise after
      the "I" thought , See to whom these thoughts arise . Then you
      will transcend them and they will subside . That is to say , by
      tracing the source of the "I" thought , you will realize that the
      perfect "I-I-I" is the name of the Self.

      Richard Clarke RamanaMaharshi@yahoogroups.com
       Who am I? Paragraph 3
      Alton: This Self deepening experience you referred
      to can only be described in some way after the fact, because
      if there are no objects there can't be a knower? Then my
      experiences of having my third eye open and going up and
      me asking "Who am I" and getting a rush like someone
      getting a drug injection, were bogus spiritual experiences?
      Thanks in advance if you want to answer this. If your answer
      is yes to the aforesaid, then shall I abort those experiences
      or just continue to ask to whom is this experience and then
      follow with "Who am I".

      Richard: Even though the objects are not `who I am,' they are
      known, there is still knowing. Sages say that Enlightenment is
      not a place of voidness. When the ancients described Being as
      Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being-Consciousness-Bliss) this definitely
      includes the knowing principle (Consciousness).
      This is confusing because we are talking about what cannot
      be conceptualized or comprehended by the mind. We are
      talking about what knows the mind, and is so perfect that it
      `reflects' the state or mood of the mind flawlessly.
      In terms of your experience of "rush," I would bet this is what
      the Sages call "subtle experience." An example of this would
      be a kundalini experience, bought about through
      manipulating breath. It is still something known. Who gets the
      rush? Do not get caught up in even the best subtle
      experience. As long as you can see it, then it is objective to
      you. And the seer is never to be found in the seen. This
      means `back to the inquiry.'
      For years I held to a constant experience that I thought was
      the consciousness of being. This was in what some call the
      heart- center. I have come to understand that what we seek
      is not something that is physical. This changed my practice
      and has taken it deeper.
      This is confusing to the mind. On one hand we are told that
      there is Consciousness (and this is our actual experience in
      our highest spiritual experiences), and on the other we are
      told that it is not anything. Not anything physical, sensory,
      prajna, thought and mind, subtle energy. Yet in your own
      experience, there is always this be- ing. For whom is this?
      Chatterjee K Yearning@...
      pregnant with moments lived in warmth and amor, you
      smiled . . . at life stirring within.
      A draft stole in some dreams: dreams of a distant touch -
      soft, careless, and warm; And a voice - wispy and ethereal,
      came crawling by, mumbling: Mommy . . . !
      drawn from the deep, tears welled up, spreading like mists
      over the canvas of your dreams swabbing the colors with wet
      your curls, dark and flowing, wafted around in careless
      arrogance - The arrogant pride of Goddess, dancing in joy -
      in pure joy, of creation.
      the draft came back, one day, laced with fragrance of your
      breath and showed me these quiet moments you had spent
      with dreams of my becoming
      Mother, I offer you my obeisance, and my being . . . to walk
      upon and, a soft, mumbling prayer: Mommy . . .!!

      I am Protennoia.
      I am revealed in the immeasureable.
      I move in every creature.

      I am the life within every Power
      and every eternal movement
      and invisible Light.

      Those who sleep I awaken.
      And I am the sight of those who dwell in sleep.
      I am the Invisible One within the All.

      Whenever I wish I shall reveal myself of my own accord.
      I am the head of the All.
      I exist before the All and I am the All.

      It is through me that Gnosis comes forth.
      I am the real Voice.
      The Word originated through my Voice.

      The Voice that originated
      exists as three permanences:
      the Father, the Mother, the Son.

      I anointed Christ.
      Through me the All took shape.

      I am the Mother, the Light, the Virgin,
      the incomprehensible Womb,
      the unrestrainable and immeasureable Voice.

      I am the Mother of the Voice
      speaking in many ways, completing the All.
      It is in me that knowledge dwells --
      the knowledge of things everlasting

      The Children of the Light know me.
      I cast into them the eternally Holy Spirit.

      I am the Light that illumines the All.

      I came down to the world of mortals
      on the account of the Spirit that remains
      in that which descended and came forth
      from the innocent Sophia.

                                   ~~freely extracted/adapted from
                                Trimorphic Protennoia

      John Metzger NDS
      My sister told my mother I was interested in nonduality, she
      printed out some pages from Francis Lucille. After a birthday
      supper today, she read these lines and asked me, who is
      the King:
      "Yes. Be ready. Be available. You are available when you
      understand that there is nothing that you can do on your own
      to get to the King. When you acknowledge your total
      powerlessness, you become an empty room. As soon as
      you become an empty room, you are a sanctuary. So the
      King can enter, take the throne and grace you with immortal
      I don't remember exactly what I said but after including that
      she could consider St. Francis of Assisi a Christian
      nondualist, she seemed to like the idea of God and creation
      not being seperate. It seems in retrospect that for a few
      minutes we were caught in a transcen-dance of conventional
      theism, or , we were in-lightened by a grace of inclusiveness
      and life that we hadn't ever shared together before, we were
      not a we but kinda sorta an anonymous
      consciousness/understanding; or maybe it was just the fresh
      Dad farted, which punctuated the freedom with laughter.
      the paradoxical conundrum of life is to live the nondual within
      duality, to use duality to express and embody, honour and
      celebrate the nondual. anything else is itself duality. this is
      what spiritual practice is for. the first and fundamental
      expression of duality is the dance of shiva otherwise known
      as shakti or prakriti. Shakti is not inherently separate from
      shiva. Shakti is shiva manifesting, his dance. Shiva is shakti
      at rest, her essence. the shivanataraja icon shows a femaile
      form dancing the world into existence. shiva, pure
      consciousness, has no form apart from shakti, shakti is the
      form of shiva. Nataraj is the great mother. the father cannot
      be represented by form. to worship the father, other than by
      way of the mother, is foolish and dangerous, as our
      civilisation, and others, attests.

      snips from.. A Philisophical and Personal Quest by Georg
      While pursuing a nondualist contemplative practice, the
      dimension of the polarized Divine remained an enigma to
      me. Then, one day, as a natural outcome of my inner work, I
      found myself opening up to the experiential possibility of the
      Goddess. Suddenly the bare theological bones of my
      consideration were wrapped in the flesh of immediacy: I
      encountered the sacred presence as a maternal
      force—sustaining, nurturing, protecting and enlivening me
      as, on the human plane, only a loving mother could do. Tears
      of recognition and gratitude rolled down my cheeks. I knew
      something momentous had happened on my contemplative
      As a nondualist by conviction I had to concede that the
      sacred, or Reality, could be neither masculine nor feminine
      in its absolute condition. However, this was clearly not my
      experience. In my encounters with the sacred, I have usually
      experienced a predominance of qualities that could be
      described as tending toward either the masculine or the
      feminine. This does not disturb me, though, as it does not
      entail any irreconcilable contradiction. For, I do not
      subscribe to the kind of radical nondualism characterized,
      for instance, by Shankara's Advaita Vedanta. When pushed
      to state my philosophical credo, I am more apt to vote for the
      qualified nondualism taught by Shankara's great rival
      Ramanuja, who lived several centuries after Shankara. Like
      Neoplatonism, Ramanuja's metaphysics does not regard the
      world as an illusion but sees in it a manifestation, a lower
      gradation, of the ultimate Reality. Thus, I came to understand
      my experiences of the sacred presence as a maternal force
      as having an objective referent that could be called
      Goddess, or Mother, while at the same time being colored
      by certain predispositions within my own psyche. But what is
      that Mother?
      As experience shows us time and time again, this universe
      is far more wondrous than the rational mind likes to admit or
      feels comfortable with. Our human lives are too brief and too
      important to deprive ourselves of the grace that is available
      in the world, including the grace of the Divine Mother.
      David Bozzi
      It was business as usual.           
      Like any other day.  

      and nailed to the world.

      Wore my barbed wire crown
      on ego hill.

      Was whipped by lashing tongues under shade.

      Strung up.
      ...then left to die.

      Ignorance is cruel like murder.

      The next day
      I remember hiding.

      Stuck in a cave.
      Like a reluctant infant.

      Then an earthquake heaved me out.

      There was light and rain.
      Then sleep.

      Deep sleep.
      The kind you can't remember.

      Then there was a long dream that seemed liked forever.

      I was living in a house.
      It had property lines.

      No one was allowed past
      a certain point.

      Beyond this point
      I begin a journey.

      A healing journey.

      Where everyone I see

      is me...
      You want to walk up the real hill. You want to see the real
      sunset. You want to go in the real ocean, not the pictures of
      an ocean. You don't want to sit reading a book. So, you get
      ecstatic and you get Full, the Divine begins to find Its way
      back into the world, and then you're put into a kind of crazy
      state. You've spent your whole life trying to find It within; you
      find It, you think you've arrived, and then the Divine will take
      that experience away completely. Why? So the Divine can
      finally confound you into it's own mystery. You'll be
      confounded, not awakened. You'll be loved to the extreme.
      The Mother wants to enjoy you.

      Grace and gratitude to all mothers..
      and to all children who make us mothers
      we are all matter of the great womb.

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