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Monday, April 30, 2002

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  • Jerry Katz
    [Image] H I G H L I G H T S The Best of the Internet s Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana
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      H I G H L I G H T S

      The Best of the Internet's Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read, John Metzger

      Highlights Issue #1056

      Monday, April 29, 2002

      Today's Highlights compiled, edited and designed by Jerry Katz

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      Question: Does the Grace of the Guru flow automatically
      or does the Guru exercise some control over who receives
      it and who does not?

      Swamy: Grace is always flowing from the form of the
      Guru. If your mind is quiet you will automatically
      receive it. But if a Guru sees that a particular devotee
      is full of devotion or free from thoughts, he may
      respond to the devotee's state of mind by increasing the
      flow of grace towards him. So you can say that grace is
      always flowing, but that sometimes the flow increased
      because the Guru is deliberately projecting it.

      Taken from "No Mind, I am the Self" by David Godman,
      with permission. (One chapter of this book is available
      in, "Power of the Presence - Part Two by David Godman
      from www.kalpatarubooks.com)


      Why would a guru increase the grace for a person that
      was in less need?

      Are they somehow more deserving?

      It's the devotees who have heads full of thoughts and
      anxieties that need it, not those described above.

      The guru's grace doesn't come from the guru anyway, it
      comes from within the devotee. The guru is just a
      figurehead that allows the devotee to believe they are
      getting something from someone. They are, but not from
      the guru. It comes from the devotee's own heart.

      The guru is just the excuse to allow it to flow from



      My Interpretation of Jean Klein's teachings...

      What is Life?
      A child is born...life begins for the child.
      The child sees.
      The child smells.
      The child tastes.
      The child hears.
      The child touches things and things touch the child.
      The child thinks.

      Life is perceptions, body sensations.
      Each moment of life for the child is brand new, each situation is fresh.
      The child remembers an experience of

      Pleasant memories are stored in the child's brain if an experience felt
      good to the child.
      Painful memories are stored in the child's brain if and experience didn't
      feel good to the child.
      The child searches for pleasurable experiences and avoids painful experiences.

      All experiences are new for the child, yet, many of the child's experiences
      appear to be a repeat
      of previous remembered experiences. The child's memory completes
      experiences for him thereby making his life seem repetitious. There is
      memory of similar experiences but there is no repetition.

      Life never repeats itself for the child.
      Each moment of life is new.
       From birth to death, each moment is new.

      The body grows.
      The mind grows.
      The child grows.

      There is an awareness of the body and mind growing.

      There is something beyond thought, the source of thought,
      that is aware of the child, aware of the body, aware of the mind.

      The child is always changing.
      The body is always changing.
      The mind is always changing.

      The body is a vehicle, a tool, an instrument.
      The mind is energy, creation, activity.
      The child is the mind/body creation.

      If the child assumes his identity as the mind/body,
      there is a belief in separation.
      There is fear.
      There is anxiety.
      There is stress.
      There is manipulation.

      If the child remembers his true identity as the Spirit,
      the Silence, The Source, The Awareness, of the body/mind
      sensations, then the child feels connected to the world.

      The body/mind sensations are allowed to come to the child's
      attention rather than the child constantly seeking sensations.

      The pleasure pain cycle stops.
      Life springs up in letting go of desires for life to be something
      other than what it is...in each present moment.

      Body/mind sensations are perceived and let go.
      They are allowed to come
      and they are allowed to go.
      There is no personal involvement in them.
      Life is

      The body/mind is connected when
      the mind allows the world to be
      created moment by moment.

      We are all One,
      not two.

      Duality appears in Non-duality.

      Consciousness and it's object thought are One, not two.

      Consciousness is what we have in common with all other
      objects which appear in our Awareness.







      Here is a link to an interesting web page:


      The Tibetan concept of 'Bardo' can lend a valuable clue,
      to the one who seeks to 'hack to root' of consciousness.

      There are those, who claim that your present experience
      is 'of a Bardo'. If this might be so, we could dispense
      with the assumption that there is a 'baseline' of
      reality, to which one must subscribe. To dispense with
      the hypothetical baseline, could be freedom.


      Being and Knowing: 2 sites of the same coin
      Non-dualism and Radical Constructivism

      by Ton "Chinmayo" Haarmons, who operates the well-known
      Wide Open Windows website.

      "Knowing-as-Being or the Non-dual 'state' is a necessary
      'background' to rejuvenate our experience, as deep sleep
      is needed to awaken freshly in the morning and face a
      new day."

      Chin refers to western philosophers in this paper, which
      is not commonly seen, at least in the list communities,
      with regard to nonduality.




      I have always wondered just how it would be to meet Dan

      Here is a link to a page that has access to streaming
      video of two interviews with him on the topic of
      'Microvita' (what I know as the 'Gypsy Rangers').

      If the link below is truncated by your email client, be
      sure to highlight all of it manually before clicking.

      The ISDN version of the video yields a much clearer
      audio signal, if your (computer) system can handle it.
      Another option is to download the file and play it from
      your disk. RealPlayer® is required.






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