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Sunday, April 21, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    The Nondual Highlights The Best of the Internet s Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk,
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      The Nondual Highlights
      The Best of the Internet's Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read,
      John Metzger

      Highlights Issue #1048

      Sunday, April 21, 2002

      Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
      Gloria Lee

      Search all editions of the Highlights: <http://nonduality.com/searchhl.htm>
      Highlights Home Page: <http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm>

      Editorial Quote for Today!
      ``The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a bit longer.''
      -Henry Kissinger

      Trick Birthday Candles
      Emotion is a dip
      in a lake of lust.

      Liquid passion drowning concrete I
      sinks toward endless bottom deep.

      I can breathe underwater.
      Had forgotten for so long how
      since that mother-rich tube
      from cosmos summoned me
      years ago.

      I love her like a natural field
      by spent lovers.

      Circle cycle
      cycles deep in soil stardust
      rivering back to ocean,
      before coming back to me

      Earthen soul spirit
      bred by animals
      fueled by surreal fire,
      sky and wonder.

      I love me and my sharp fangs
      that devour myself in all it's forms
      to be spread about like sacred stardust fertilizer
      to support me more.

      I am not a bastard to be rejected.

      I am the very essence of this universe
      and all Her derivatives.

      I cannot die.
      I have tried,
      (but I cannot die.)

      In every foolish, evolutional attempt
      to survive
      or put me out

      I come back like trick
      birthday candles.

      (make a wish)

      New format for The Waystation
      Is now a seedy bar on the edge of a low rent industrial area.
      The place is often frequented by tattoo artists and folk with an average fifth grade education, despite the fact that they hold high school diplomas. The tattoo artists get free drinks or they won't show up.
      We also get aging hippies, failed stockbrokers in the latenight crowd and refugees from the god chase.
      On Wednesdays the failed christians hold a support group.
      That's in the afternoon, before the repentent shiites have a big roast.
      Last week a bunch of monks came in got drunk and did a permanent sand painting on the ceiling.
      As usual there is no cover and the buffet is complimentary

      cool, michael. I see there are lots of vacant buildings on the street. Hookers and crack heads. The Salvation Army. A fruit stand run by Asians. Hey wait a minute. I'm looking out my window at Gottingen Street!



      "Last week a bunch of monks came in
      got drunk and did a permanent sand
      painting on the ceiling.

      MANUEL HERNANDEZ      from A Net of Jewels list

      Gems from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Conversations

      "Your personal universe does not exist by itself. 
      It is merely a limited and distorted view of the real. 
      It is not the universe that needs improving, but your way of looking."

      "You can have a complex mind, but it is never real to have a complex heart. There is no complexity in tenderness, no complexity in nurture, no complexity in the nectar of a true, absolutely honest way of being. Where there is an absolute, inner honesty of heart, there is the inner simplicity of a baby."

      -- John DeRuiter 12/18/00

      "You are that which never moves."
      One day Bhagavan was looking at me [one of the kitchen worker] intently and said:
      "It looks as if you are still hankering after meditation."
      I replied: "What have I got except endless work in the kitchen?"
      Bhagavan said with deep feeling:
      "Your hands may do the work but your mind can remain still.
      You are that which never moves.
      Realize that and you will find that work is not a strain.
      But as long as you think that you are the body and that the work is done by you,
      you will feel your life to be an endless toil.
      In fact it is the mind that toils, not the body.
      Even if your body keeps quiet, will your mind keep quiet too?
      Even in sleep the mind is busy with its dreams."
      I replied: "Yes, Swami, it is as natural for you to know that you are not your body
      as it is for us to think that we are the body. ... Why can't I remember always that
      I am not the body?"
      "Because you haven't had enought of it." He smiled.
      from Ramana Smrti

      from Live Journal
      from mystery to mystery . . . .
      "The myriad of named things
      spring from an inexhaustible matrix,
      these point beyond themselves
      to the all encompassing unity.

      The enigma of things deepens
      into the fathomless beyond,
      from mystery to mystery is the gateway
      into the streaming wonder of existence".
      ( Lao Tzu ).

      there is a huge teaching here
      really big
      one of the biggest.

      "from mystery to mystery is
      the gateway . . . "

      the gateways (plural) are found in mystery to
      the gateway.

      we have to turn our face into the wind
      and keep it there . . . .

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