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Saturday, April 13, 2002

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  • Christiana Duranczyk
    H i g h l i g h t s The Best of the Internet s Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2002
      H i g h l i g h t s

      The Best of the Internet's Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read, John Metzger

      Highlights Issue #1040

      Saturday, April 13, 2002

      Today's Highlights Compiled and Edited by Christiana

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      (Editor note: this issue is dedicated to an inquiry on prayer posed by Lisa on NDS. In addition to the responses she received, I scanned the NDS website and culled from the archival wealth resting there. Perhaps it will open a different way of seeing/being with prayer. )
      This thought has been recurring and I hope someone will choose to reflect on
      it. Does prayer work? I remember praying continuosly when my children
      died but never had a sense that a greater power was listening. Fast
      forward-I meditate now as a means to relax, reflect, replenish...many of the
      staff here suggest to families that they "pray" for the health of a sick family
      member or they will say "my prayers are with you". I choose to simply "wish
      them well" and I am sincere in that thinking. Prayer to me suggests that there
      is an entity outside of our energy that is capable and willing to grant favors,
      miracles etc. I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves if we can
      tap the reserve that is already there. God is the whole that we are all a part
      of but I don't think that God is separate from me or you. Anyway, what of
      prayer, maybe I am defining it incorrectly.
      John Metzger
      Between you, me, and the bishop, I'd say pray, but not in the
      conventional sense.
      Bishop John Spong:  
      Prayer is the conscious human intention to relate to the depths of life
      and love and thereby to be an agent of the creation of wholeness in
      one another. Prayer is the offering of our life and our love through the
      simple action of sharing our friendship and our acceptance. Prayer is
      my being calling to the being of another and thus giving that other the
      courage to dare, to risk, and to be in a whole new way, perhaps
      inside a whole new dimension of life. Prayer is also my active
      opposition to those prejudices and stereotypes that diminish the
      personhood and the being of another. Prayer is taking the proper
      political action to build a society in which opportunities can be
      equalized and no one will be forced to accept the status quo as his or
      her destiny. Prayer is the ability to embrace the fragility of life and to
      transform it even as we are victimized or killed by it. Prayer involves
      shedding the delusion that we are the center of the universe or that
      our lives are so important to some external deity that this deity will
      intervene to protect us. Prayer is a call out of childish dependency
      into spiritual maturity.
      So praying and living deeply, richly, and fully have become for me
      almost indistinguishable. We are to live as if everything we say and
      do is a Prayer, calling others to life, to love, and to being.
      The closest I can come to a way of defining how prayer feels now, is
      a conscious complete stop of all sensory-mental input and a deep
      dive of surrender to what remains. I trust our interconnectedness and
      the chaotic order of the universe, and simply open to empty
      willingness: an allowing of love and awareness to flow where needed
      through me. I can also affirm that I have been the recipient on a
      number of occasion of the shared blessing of such love from others.
      It is quite palpable.
      Two (amongst many) pointers are useful for me in this:
      from Stephen Wolinsky's You Are Not: beyond the three veils of
      No frames of reference --
          No references to frame
      from Gene Poole
      It is the points which shift the least,
          which I attend to as guides to going deeper.
      Bruce Morgen

      Christiana's close-to-a-
      definition of "prayer"
      also points toward the
      essence of another word
      often seen hereabouts:
      meditation.  When prayer
      is without motive, when
      its essence is utter
      surrender in what is,
      then it is, to borrow a
      favorite expression from
      J. Krishnamurti, "a
      great meditation."
      Mark Otter
      I find prayer to be useful at the very least to me. When I hold in mind
      a thought of sharing my energy with someone in need, it seems to
      open my heart and calm me down. Whether it helps the person to
      whom I'm beaming my love and support, I can't directly say, but my
      own experience is that I feel more loving and happier. Nonetheless,
      there have been studies done. Here are some links that you might find
      interesting if you have the time...

      Bobby Graham
      There is a lot of support in references I have read that evolution
      occurs where a need is established. Praying establishes a need. The
      more intense the prayer the greater the exhibited need, the faster the
      Jan Barendrecht

      Praying helps a lot - there is evidence of that. It is even more
      promising than can be imagined because the experiment taken were
      with "normal" ppl, not Reiki practitioners, yogis or "practicing"
      It means, any "practice" that lessened conditioning, will increase these
      beneficial healing influences. It is not a coincidence that the early
      Christians, Buddhists (probably all K. awakened) were healers.
      That again isn't a coincidence as self-surrender and love strengthen
      the self-healing ability of the mind-body and like a magnet spreads a
      field aligning neighboring iron particles, the life-force aligns everything
      near it too. Occurrences of synchronicity then are frequent, healing
      influences include stimulating the self-healing ability in other

      Martha Ramsey

      to speak of my own experience, i am finding that as my
      understanding of what sources happiness seems to be shifting, i am
      apparently becoming less interested in putting in requests for specific
      outcomes, even the supposedly highest ("selfless") aspirations. i seem
      to simply be more interested, right now, in seeing what happens as i
      don't ask for anything.
      i do find myself sometimes giving or sending Reiki to people . i watch
      myself with this to see what is going on inside. it feels good to do
      Reiki when someone is hurting and i feel the urge, so why not? and
      sometimes it eases for me the feeling of helplessness.
      the instinct to nurture and support healing seems primal. there is an
      urge to give oneself somehow to the flow of things as a kind of
      sacrifice for the hurting one.
      NDS Archives
      Jerry Katz
      Rajneesh/Osho says prayer "is a communion between you and the
      whole." And he says that "prayer is still a meeting so ultimately it also
      has to be transcended." ... "This requires the subtlest awareness
      possible. If you can be aware of the meeting between you and whole,
      then you transcend yourself and the whole, both. Then you are the
      whole. And in this whole, there is no duality..."
      At the risk of mixing levels of discussion, here's a little story regarding
      prayer, I've come across a naturally nondual woman. She is a
      schizophrenic functioning fairly well on her own with medication, and
      she is naturally a selfless person. When she revealed that she prays
      for the well-being of her friends and loved ones every night, she was
      asked whether she prays for herself. She looked surprised, and
      responded as though she had never thought of the concept and
      embarrasingly said, "No, I never thought of that." She replied not as
      someone who came to the realization that there is no one to pray for,
      but as someone who naturally never thought there was any self to
      pray for. She was startled at the suggestion. This is a woman who is
      always delightful, smiling, laughing and a giver of energy.

      Carlos Dwa

      I am weak -- pathetic really.

      If I were not:
      I would always speak the truth from my heart.

      I would speak to the wise essence of others
      and not to the them that they know.

      I would speak with an intonation
      that shared the fullness of my being
      instead of protecting and hoarding
      what wealth made there lie.

      Prayers would be unnecessary --
      every utterance and thought would be a prayer.
      Meditation would be redundant --
      every step and gesture --
      every movement and stillness would be meditation.

      (c) Carlos Dwa 1999   
      David Hodges
      nbe: facets snipped from a wealth of David's writings. You are
      invited to read the fullness of these writings here
      I hate to say this but Religion is what brought me to the brink. I
      thought that religion was the form within which I could have my life
      and my being but instead religion took me to my cross and left me
      there to suffer. And I prayed a deep prayer, a dangerous prayer. The
      prayer I prayed changed the direction of my life forever. I prayed for
      God to take me deeper. Whatever the cost. Take me deeper, God,
      whatever the cost.
      I'm reading Ramesh Balsekar's "Pointers from Nisargadatta
      Maharaj", and I have come across the following exchange (p.33):
      "Visitor: What then is prayer, and what is its purpose?"
      "Maharaj: Prayer, as it is generally understood, is nothing but begging
      for something. Actually, prayer means communion-uniting-yoga."
      Nisargatta is setting up a progression. I think "communion"
      is what is done when one feels oneself to be separate from Self and
      seeks unity with it. "Union" can be considered to be the NonDual
      realization. So from this I get the following: Prayer is both the
      technique and the resulting realization of NonDuality. Before
      realization, prayer is the self-inquiry, the communion with Self, the
      turning of attention inward towards I AM. In realization, there is the
      uniting. After realization, prayer is yoga, samadhi, simply what is,
      simply Reality.
      Eric Ashford
      Nothing comes between sky. Nothing can divide it. Not night
      nor day or anything within it. There is nothing between the
      seen and the unseen, for there is no such thing as false sky.
      The nature of emptiness is that it can be filled infinitely with
      its own reality. Reality is self-fulfilling.
      To fulfill ourselves is to ask. To pray. Prayer is the great opening. All
      conscious realms of being were prayed into existence, refusing to be
      fulfilled with anything but God. They have doubted the false coin, and
      so have learned that nothing can be depleted within them. They are
      the expansion of prayer, fulfilling its own intent. Love.
      As for me, though it sounds dualistic, I pray for help. And I get it.
      The request that I make to "get me free" of my loops may be just a
      trick, but it's a trick to end my habitual tricks. Like dreaming our way
      out of the dream. Now we are dreaming a dream of waking up.
      Praying for help relieves me of trying to do my awakening. It also
      opens up my mind and heart, and once opening I pray for help to
      keep on.
      My prayers are answered by/as Presence.
      There are agents of Grace - it's just each other living in this world and
      in wholeness worlds. Lord, am I grateful!
      Gene Poole
      The common speech saying 'pray to God' may also be heard
      (experimentally) as 'prey to God'. Obviously, this shift of one letter
      changes the meaning of this phrase; or does it?
      The spoken words of this phrase 'pray/prey to God' are quite similar.
      Is there any possible rational meaning in the phrase 'prey to God'? I
      offer that there is, and significances worthy of note.
      To 'prey to' is to 'stalk' or to 'hunt' what is desirable to the hunter.
      Certainly, I as hunter desire 'God'. Thus I stalk 'God'.
      If I 'prey to God', I am stalking the Ultimate Reality; I am seeking the
      source of myself and of everything; I am following the River of Life to
      it's headwaters.
      The Nondual perspective eliminates obstacles to this migration of my
      self to Self; Nonduality does not state that 'self is God', as does
      'solipsism'; Nonduality offers a picture of wholeness which includes
      all particles, including self, as an undisintegrated existing reality, which
      some call 'God'.
      It is the _hunger which drives the hunt_; it is appetite, desire, and
      acknowledgement of my ignorance which moves me forward. I stalk
      the unknown, knowing that I do not know, what I do not know, and
      knowing also that by acknowledgment of the void within me, that void
      may be filled by God. That is my prayer.

      Swami Krishnananda
      "Prayer can draw in grace by a spiritual attunement of one's being in
      the intensity of feeling, which is the motive power behind prayer.
      Feelings that rise from the deepest recesses of one's heart can
      produce immediate results, because of their proximity to reality." -
      Sandeep Chatterjee  Yearning@yahoogroups.com
      Though I try to bow to him,
      He does not remain before me
      As an object of my worship.
      He does not allow any sense of difference.

      How wonderful is his friendship!
      He has manifested duality
      In the form of Guru and disciple
      Where there is not even a place for one!

      The words, "Guru" and "disciple"
      Refer to but one;
      The Guru alone exists as both these forms.

      Salutations to the holy feet of the Guru
      Whose actionlessness is absolute,
      Without any trace of activity.

      Sarlo recently quoted:
      This was more evidence proving the existence
      of the hologram-that we are not separate, we
      are intimately connected, and we are all a part
      of a fundamental whole.

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