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Friday, April 5, 2002

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  • Gloria Lee
    . The Nondual Highlights The Best of the Internet s Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk,
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      The Nondual Highlights
      The Best of the Internet's Nonduality Email Lists, Forums, Web sites, and More

      Editors: Jerry Katz, Gloria Lee, Christiana Duranczyk, Michael Read,
      John Metzger

      Highlights Issue # 1032

      Friday, April 5, 2002

      Today's Highlights Compiled, Edited, and Designed
      Gloria Lee

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      "Interview with God"


      (Be patient with loading time, worth it for the beautiful scenery...)


      It is good for me to see your cool headedness Nina.  It calms me. 
      Visual art is right brain and does not have any defense against scams
      that validate themselves with verbal footwork. 

      This is probably similar to another thread on this board about
      defending spiritualism from overmystification. 

      I grew up in a small town that was so survival based that I never saw
      an original piece of artwork save a bas relief sculpture of the man
      and woman who founded the county I live in until I was 18.  When I
      was 18 I went to the State Fair of Texas and the Dallas Museum was
      there.  That is where I finally saw paintings.  But I had already
      decided to be an artist. 

      I thought I would go to college the next year and be taught from a
      600 year body of knowledge.  Instead I found some people had decided
      the modern era had come and that the previous 600 year foundation was
      bogus and did not pertain.  In Texas these people were intent upon
      making the currriculum come out of the dark ages of art into the
      modern era and would allow no 'archaic' forms of art practiced in
      their classes.  I made the lowest grades possible in drawing classes
      because I was backwards enough to draw the figure before me instead
      of trying something "new" and undefined.
      Well the undefined still resists definition for me. 

      I can't think enlightenment and I can't communicate, which is what
      art is, without definition.

      So Yeah I am too close to the issue and I appreciate gaining a little
      distance and keeping equalibrium.

      College was where I first read Alan Watts and gained perspective
      about the world I came from and the potential for new insights.  I
      don't find the mystification of spiritualism as personally irritating
      as art Nazis, but I understand how some might.

      Art can't defend itself and is innocent.  It is pure.  To me the
      ideal of how the Yogi acts is the ideal Artist also.  In the Western
      world the word artist is to me the closest parallel to the word yogi
      in the East.

      Bobby G.

      MAZIE LANE        from Yearnings list

      That Frangelico Cat

      Someone said that Frangelico wept
      when he painted the Christ,
      or the Madonna,
      or anything alive.

      They say he cried God's own tears
      to see the Beauty,
      the utter Beauty that flowed
      from God's Love to his heart,
      through his hands,
      to God's Heart
      in every tear he dropped,
      he dropped upon that canvas.

      He wept enough Love into that picture
      to save the future futures from ever needing to come about.
      Something about a pardon or a saving, or some GRACE...

      Frangelico is Love living Now.
      Frangelico is you and me,
      and he is Caiti, and he is Michael.
      And he surely is Sandeep, Robert and Richie.

      Each time I ever write a single word,
      a single word written while intoxicated,
      drunk like a hobo on Thunderbird, or Ripple,
      each word from that place,
      it has every possibility of becoming,
      of merging as a tear with Frangelico's,
      with Frangelico's Sea of Love.

      We are the fish leaping in the Sea of Love,
      the Sea of Love are we, the Seeing are we.
      See, we are LOVE, Love leaping like a glad sunfish,
      like a glad-mad happy crazy sunfish in a Sea of Bliss.
      Come Bliss me and I'll really Ultra-Bliss You! I'll Swim You!

      I paint the word for Frangelico.
      Frangelico has painted his tears in me.
      Tears of JOY!

      I cannot get a grip on all this Love,
      It has a death-life Love grip on ME!
      Great, good grief, God's got a Frangelico
      free-basing my Soul.

      She really IS a wild flower.
      You really are the wildest and wilder flower.

      Laughter placed anywhere seems appropriate, to me.
      Gales and vales and mountains of Laughter,
      Laughter descending in your ascending,
      Laughter laughing, Laugh!

      God great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
      I dig Laughter, and God,
      and Frangelico,
      and YOU!
      YES to Love!



      Celestial, subtle planes, visions of angels

      Recently questions have come up about celestial and subtle planes and the truth of their experiences.  Although mention of such things is made in every religious and spiritual tradition, many people doubt such accounts because these are not common everyday experiences in the usual sense.

      These experiences of subtle heavenly and celestial planes are associated with Kundalini Shakti rising and activating of certain charkas.  Many people have such experiences, although typically they come to a mature aspirant after many years of earnest spiritual practice. Such spiritual practices include devotional prayers, meditation, mantra, pranayama, etc. Many people are compelled to engage in spiritual practices by their nature at a young age. Such experiences come to them more easily. Beyond a certain point, however, these things cannot be forced.  Meditative techniques become useful only when the engine of motivation (eagerness for understanding the mystery of life) drives the practice.

      The purity of the state of the conscious mind at the time of meditation determines the superconscious realms that one will experience. The more pure, quiet, and serene the mind is, the higher the superconscious experience.  Serenity of the mind is obtained through understanding and practicing Ahimsa (non-violence) which is the cardinal principle in all yogic traditions. When the mind of a yogi is agitated, the possibility of experiencing lower realms is there as well.

      Advaita Vedanta does not attach significance to experience of celestial planes, visionary experiences of angels, gods, and the Goddess. However, Jnanis commonly have such experiences and acknowledge them freely.  Since Jnanis have no one to impress, they enjoy being devotees as well.

      Many people ask that if someone is on the Advaitic path or Self-Realized then why should such a person sing praises of the Goddess.  Such questioners do not understand the depth of the Advaitic state.  When we even have a neighbor come over, we show respect and offer them tea. We do not say, “you are unreal, get out of my house”, etc. Similarly, when divine beings, saints, or the Goddess appears in the superconscious mind of the Sage, they are shown due respect and devotion and love. It is only the Self loving It Self in different forms. A Jnani sees no point in resisting devotion and love.   

      Love to all




      Have you ever danced in your party dress
      to the rhythm of the copy machine
      making copy after perfect copy?

      Have you ever caught your reflection in the glass
      And asked,
      "Who is *she*?"

      Have you ever walked through the empty streets, barefoot and angry,
      while the warm night rain washed you clean?

      And I wonder, what would happen if I took all those moments just
      before the thought pointed you out, and strung them together in one
      long string... Could I make you an everlasting candy necklace, and
      would you eat bead after precious bead until You became Me?

      In the place where the end meets the beginning, you and I never ate,
      thought, felt, walked, asked or danced.


      Keeping time
      This 4-day-old child is 0.00000000000084 (about a trillionth) the age of the universe.

      SILENT HEART      from Live Journal

      2002.02.15  09.45
      Words are for the Many...

      The language of One...
      ...is Silence...
      One telling One it's One...
      is... kinda...silly.
      Buddha...did not come back..
      for just...his car keys,
      ---Compassion has a special
      relationship to
      ---The Relative....
      Or..what's an Avatar for..anyway--?!

      2002.02.17  11.08

      ...There were several more interesting movies playing ,

      ...All cast with intricate, exquisite characters---,

      ...Characters... involved in intriguingly seductive plots---

      But she needed to go--"Home"...

      To quietly open the window...

      To let in the...

      Silent Light.




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